Friday Update on Young Love 13 March 2020


Friday Update on Young Love 13 March 2020

Ganga talking to someone. Mannu comes home. Ganga asks why did you came late. Mannu says he was with a friend and studying. Sarita comes and returns his book. Ganga gets irked. Sarita says Pooja saw the book after you left. Ganga asks her to sit. Sarita says she have to cook also and leaves. Ganga asks why did you lie to me. Mannu says sorry and says he went to Pooja’s house. Ganga forgives him and asks what did you buy? Mannu shows the tshirt and jeans which he brought for himself. Ganga thinks Mannu lied to me because of that Pooja.

Anandi is teaching karathe to the girls. Nidhi comes. Anandi tells her to practice as well. She says she learnt it in her school. Anandi asks Pooja to compete with Nidhi. Pooja attacks Nidhi, but she overpowers Pooja and win over her. Anandi says very good Nidhi. Pooja tells Vidya that Nidhi knows karathe well.

Ganga tells that she ordered some machine for the lab. Jagya says he checked everything and says you invested 28 Lakhs for it. We already have that machine. Ganga says it is outdated one. Jagya says you didn’t ask me before finalising the deal. Ganga says it is a bitter truth that you don’t have time for me. Dadisaa comes and calls Ganga. Ganga tells she didn’t get time to talk to Jagya now a days. Jagya says we shall have food and takes Dadisaa. Ganga comes to the kitchen. Anandi sees her tensed and asks is everything fine. Ganga tells a woman shall not forget that she is always 2 steps back from men. Anandi gets thinking.

Kamli is crying in her room. Nimboli brings food for her. Kamli says she will die if her parents get her married to someone else. Nimboli says don’t say like that, and asks her to think about Gopal. Kamli says Gopal can’t see her with someone else and cries. Nimboli tells her that she meets Pampo somehow. She tries to make her understand that she have to eat to be fine and meets Gopal. She assures that Kanha ji will help her meet Gopal. Nimboli makes her eat the food.

Jagya talks to Anandi while having dinner. Anandi tells about the supplier. Dadisaa says they will buy themselves. Jagya says we can compare and buy online, asking her to check the prices. Dadisaa says she will see. Jagya says he will check the supplier’s list. Anandi thanks him. Jagya says there is nothing wrong in taking second opinion before finalising the deal. Dadisaa senses tension between them. In the night, Ganga gives milk to Jagya. Jagya says he don’t want and asks her to keep it in the fridge. Ganga says it is hot and will get spoiled. Jagya says you are an expert. Ganga says she had sent the mail. Jagya checks and says you have cancelled the order. Ganga says I rectify my mistake. Jagya says when did I ask you to cancel the order, I just asked you to take my opinion before doing anything.Jagya asks what you wants to prove that you don’t need anyone’s interference. He says I will not interfere in your decisions.

Akhiraj Singh calls Harki and asks her to get ready. Disa calls him and requests him to think about the alliance again. She says groom is very much elder than Kamli. Akhiraj Singh says he knows better about her concern for his family and Kamli, and requests her not to say anything. They are about to leave, just then they see groom’s father coming home. Akhiraj Singh greets him and asks him to sit. Groom’s father asks him to take back sweets. Akhiraj Singh says it was fresh yesterday. Groom’s father says relation have gone sour. He tells that her son has got ill after reaching home, after having salted water, chilli powder juice, also he fell down because of the greesy stairs. Akhiraj Singh says he is not aware and says he will catch the culprit. He asks him to sit. Groom’s father calls him betrayal and says your daughter was a child bride. She was married before. He breaks the relation and throws the sweets.

The groom’s father breaking Kamli’s alliance with his much older son. He throws the sweet box and leaves. Akhiraj Singh shouts for Kamli and Nimboli. Vasundara tells Nidhi that she will send mineral water cans etc. She says Shiv’s Niketan is low class place. Nidhi says she is not a kid and can take care of herself well. She asks her not to irritate and cuts the call. Sarita comes and sees her drinking wine. She asks what you are drinking? Nidhi says she was just drinking water. Sarita says alcohol is not allowed here. Nidhi says it is her need and asks to give alcohol bottle. Anandi comes and stops Nidhi. She asks Sarita to inform Nidhi’s mum that she is expelled from Shiv’s Niketan and asks to take her home. Nidhi is shocked. CONTINUE READING FROM NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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