Friday Update on This is Love 13 March 2020


Friday Update on This is Love 13 March 2020

Ishita saying its Raman’s message from unknown number, maybe his phone got damaged, so he messaged from someone’s phone, he wrote I will come back soon…. no one believed me, now they all will know, I m so happy, everybody needs to know this right now. Aaliya asks are you sure. Ishita says his name is written, are you two not happy that Raman is coming back. Yug says of course we are happy. She says this is proof that he is alive, its a good news. They say no…. She asks what no, won’t we tell everyone. Yug says we will tell them tomorrow morning. Ishita says see mummy ji’s health, she has a right to know that Raman is coming back. Aaliya asks can I see this message. Ishita gives the phone.

Aaliya checks and says it has come from a random number.

Ishita asks why will anyone message me from Raman’s name. Aaliya says maybe someone else has sent it. Ishita asks why are you so negative, what happened to you. Yug asks Aaliya are you mad, you should be happy. Aaliya says sorry. Ishita goes. Aaliya asks who has sent this message, its tough to handle Ishita, I will call Amma and Appa. Yug says I will call Shagun. Bala says who is going this. Amma says maybe Raman is alive, he didn’t board the flight. Ishita says Raman will love his fav food, we will shock him today, Ruhi you dance on DJ music, okay, what’s the problem, are you all not happy that Raman is coming back. Arijit says my message would have reached Ishita by now, she would be happily dancing, trust me. He drinks.
Bala says we can understand Ishu’s condition, we went to airline office, MD has shown us passenger list, we got Raman’s bracelet at crash site. Aaliya says Raman would come home directly if he was alive. Amma says I felt so. She cries. Aaliya says we have to handle Ishita. Arijit says I wish I was there to see this drama. He goes. Ishita says I feel so much peace, Raman is coming back. Shagun and Mani come. Ishita says the good news is Raman is coming back. Mani says its good, its from some other number.

Shagun says we should call Raman. Mani says no, let me check. Ishita says yes, call him. Shagun calls and says phone is off. Ishita says maybe he isn’t in network area or maybe he borrowed someone’s phone, or phone battery is dead. Ruhi cries and goes. Karan goes after her. Mani says yes, this happens, I went helpless on a trip when my phone battery got dead. Shagun says we will try in morning. Ruhi says how shall I explain her that Raman won’t come, I feel helpless. Karan says I wish I could find out who is playing these dirty games with her. Aaliya comes and hugs Ruhi.

Ruhi asks I feel tortured seeing her. Yug comes and consoles Ruhi. Karan asks when did Ishita get this message. Aaliya says we were with her. Karan asks why didn’t you explain her. Yug says its tough to do than saying. Bala comes and says shut up, Ishita is unwell and you both are fighting like kids, come with me. Ishita says we should talk to inspector, he can trace number and we can reach Raman. Mani says sure, but its late, we may talk to Raman tomorrow.

She says I can’t wait to know about him. Mani asks Simmi to get juice, lets celebrate, its a good news. Simmi and Mihika go. Simmi adds Ishita’s medicine in the juice glass. Ishita says I don’t want to drink it. Mani asks her to drink it, we should celebrate. Ishita drinks. She says its very tasty, thanks Simmi. Mani asks her to go and sleep now. Ishita says I m much excited, I m suddenly feeling sleepy. Mihika takes her.

Shagun says Mani you didn’t tell the truth, what will inspector do this. Bala says inspector will find the person who has sent the message. Shagun says we are playing with her emotions, she will cry but accept the truth. Mani says calm down, we have to find out who is doing this. Shagun says that person is taking advantage. Mr. Bhalla says she is right, we have to call counsellor and tell Ishita. Mani says we have to continue this drama, we shall leave now. They leave.

Bala and Mihika come to Ishita’s room. Mihika gets her phone. Bala says I took the number from her phone to inform inspector. Karan says that person would have destroyed the sim. Yug says let police find out. Karan says we won’t be able to find him, I m surprised how Ishita made you project head. Yug says I deserve it, why are you jealous. Bala says enough, I thought you are sensible. Ruhi and Aaliya also argue. Bala says you both don’t start now, I m going to police station. He goes. Mihika says stop it both of you, Ishita will wake up, I have no energy to waste on you, think of Ishita’s condition once, go to office and fight, I don’t want all this at home, get out of here. CONTINUE READING FROM NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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