Friday Update on Young Love 24 January 2020


Friday Update on Young Love 24 January 2020

Anandi asking Shiv, if his staff get any proof against Anoop. Shiv says no. Anandi says misunderstanding is cleared now. Shiv opens his laptop and starts working. Meenu asks where is Shiv. Anandi says don’t know. Shiv comes from outside and brings the bag. It falls on the floor. Everyone get happy. Shiv says Anandi wanted to eat Imli so he brought a variety of fruits. Later he does Pranayam with Anandi.

Shiv then makes her eat food with his hands. Anandi comes to her room and sees the light off. She sees Amol and Shiv holding two puppets and giving her message to rest. Amol says Papa feels alone. Shiv says he wants Anandi to take care of herself. They cheer her up. Next morning Shiv brings clothes for Anandi and says is loose in size as she is carrying twins. Anandi asks him not to tell everyone that she is carrying twins. It is shown that days are passes by. Doctor tells Shiv that 6 months is completed and everything is fine.

Meenu asks Anandi what is she wearing in the marriage function. Anandi says don’t know and asks for their help. Shiv says Anandi sidelined me from now. Anoop says it is not an easy task and you should be happy. Daddu asks him about the terrorist news.

He asks about Rajeev who is going to search him. Alok says he needs to announce something. Daddu jokes that are you going to Singapore for holiday. Alok says no and tells them that they have decided to shift to Singapore. Everyone get shocked. Alok says it will take time, but they have decided. They request everyone not to stop them as their decision is for everyone’s betterment. Daddu is tensed.

Later in the evening, Daddu talks to Alok and yells at him for his decision to leave him at his older age. Alok says he is going because of Anoop. He says I took care of yours all these years and now it is Anoop’s turn. He wants to take care of you. Anoop is having right on Shiv, which we don’t have. Anoop will be happy if we leave and Shiv will give attention to Anoop and Meenu. He says he is doing this for Anoop. Daddu hugs him and cries.

Shiv gets Rajeev’s call. Shiv assures his support. He tells Anandi that Rajeev is in Jaipur. Anandi says she is feeling unwell today. Shiv says if you are not well then it is ok. I won’t feel bad. He asks her to rest and he will go alone. Anandi tells I love you. Shiv kisses her on her forehead and says I love you too. He comes and tells bye to his unborn kids. He feels baby movements and refuses to go. Anandi says you will get more opportunities and asks him to go. Shiv says ok and goes. Anandi asks him to come soon. Anandi thinks he is still innocent like a child. She laughs.

Shiv comes to the wedding and gives the bouquet to the groom’s parents. Rajeev also comes there. Shiv informs the groom’s parents that he called Rajeev here as they need to talk about the terrorist. He asks Rajeev about the terrorist info. Rajeev shows his photo. Shiv sees his photo.

The terrorist is seen talking to his aides and asks did you get this place only to hide the weapons. I can’t think about my plan and gets tensed. He says he can’t hide like a rat. He looks out from his window and thinks to kill the people in the marriage venue. He says he will do the blast. Shiv talks to Anandi. Shiv asks her to rest as she didn’t come with him. Anandi asks him to come and do the house duty. Rajeev gets a call and he leaves. The terrorist collides with Shiv. He recognizes him and gets shocked. CONTINUE READING FROM NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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