Friday Update on This is Love 24 January 2020


Friday Update on This is Love 24 January 2020

Karan asking Rohan why is he drinking. He asks him to have lemonade and then take medicines. Rohan asks him to go and get alcohol. Karan asks what are you doing. Rohan says I don’t want to listen to your lecture. He pushes Karan and locks him. Karan asks him to listen. Karan gets a call. He asks Malhotra to come home right away. Yug sees Vishal and Ranbir.

They wish him happy birthday. Yug asks did you remember. They hug Yug and ask him to come for the surprise. They show the cake. Ranbir says our friendship will never break. Vishal says you will always be close to our heart. Yug says thanks, you guys love me so much, you shouldn’t have got this cake here, Aaliya shouldn’t know anything. Aaliya and Amma come.

Aaliya asks what. She sees cake and says this birthday cake for Yug. She says he is Adi, not Yug. Ruhi sees Aaliya shouting and says we shall go downstairs and see. Ruhi says he is Adi, not Yug, he is making you Aprils fool. Raman says he is very naughty. Simmi asks Aaliya to come and have coffee. A man records them. Raman says I have some work in society office. They go. Raman throws the cake. He catches Yug and says if Aaliya gets hurt, I won’t spare any of you, she is mentally disturbed so I m tolerating you in the house. He goes.

Ranbir says sorry Yug. Vishal says we just wanted to celebrate your birthday. Yug says sorry and thanks for coming, go now. The man says Raman Bhalla loves his daughters a lot, I have sent their pics, Aaliya is undergoing psychological treatment. Sahil says she is weakest weak, catch her first, now listen what to do now. Aaliya gets a call. She says yes, I m Aaliya Bhalla, what nonsense, Adi’s accident, how, where are you, I m coming. She runs out of the house. She says you called me. The man says you are Adi’s wife right, come with me. He takes her in the car. Ruhi calls her out. She follows and calls Raman.

Her phone drops. She says I will tell him later, its imp to get Aaliya. Aaliya asks driver to take her to Adi fast. She shouts Adi. The man faints her. Ruhi comes and asks him to leave Aaliya. He shows a knife. She says leave her. Manish injects her. She gets hurt and asks who are you. Manish says Sahil would be happy, we got Ishita and Raman’s daughters. Simmi says I will go to Aaliya’s room and give her juice. She doesn’t see Aaliya. She goes to ask Yug. She asks where did she go, I don’t understand. Raman asks what happened. She says Aaliya isn’t at home, please do something. Karan asks Malhotra is he sure that Rohan is here in this shady area. Malhotra says yes, I have seen his car parked outside the bar. Raman says call Ruhi and ask. He calls Ruhi and says strange, she isn’t answering. Karan says Rohan’s car is here, its a red-light area, what is Rohan doing here. He sees goons taking Ruhi. He gets shocked.

Raman says I hope you are not behind this, tell me where are my daughters. Yug says I love Aaliya, trust me. Raman asks where are they. The man asks Ruhi to get ready to entertain them, else he will inject more drugs to Aaliya. Ruhi says no. Karan says I have to tell Raman. He looks on and calls Raman. Raman asks what, I don’t believe you, you are lying. Karan says I swear on my mum, come fast, they are dangerous. Sahil says now we will show how much it hurts. Mihika takes the phone. She asks why is Karan sending you the location map. Raman says Karan is saying he has seen Ruhi and Aaliya in some red-light area. Yug asks what, how can they go there. He thinks if Karan is behind this, I won’t spare him.

Ruhi says please let us go. Manish says don’t waste our time, wear this dress and get ready for your auction. Ruhi says you are Sahil’s men, we have not wronged you, let us go. Manish says Muskaan is murdered by your family. Karan says they are Sahil’s men. Ruhi sees someone at the door. Manish says check there. A lady comes and says Sharma ji has sent me here to make some girl ready today. Manish says make Ruhi look good, she is going to be auctioned today. Ruhi says you can’t do this, its a misunderstanding, call your boss, you don’t know my dad. Manish says you don’t know what we are capable of, we are keeping an eye on your family, if you do drama, we will kill them. Karan gets shocked.

Ruhi asks have you gone mad, we haven’t done anything. Manish says give another injection to Aaliya. Karan’s phone rings. He worries and runs. Goons checks outside. He says nobody is here. Manish checks the lady’s makeup kit. Ruhi shouts Aaliya. She says my phone has fallen down in the car. Manish says don’t try to fool me. Ruhi says we are not such girls. Yug asks do you think its some joke. Karan says don’t be mad, I m not joking, I came here to find Rohan, I heard Ruhi’s voice, don’t waste time, come here fast. Yug asks how did Aaliya and Ruhi reach there.

Karan says Sahil’s men kidnapped them, he thinks Bhalla family member killed Muskaan, he wants Muskaan, be careful when you leave else his men will get alert. Raman says I won’t leave Sahil. Yug says we have to take each step carefully. Bala comes and asks what happened. Raman says I need your help, Yug call your friends fast. Raman, Bala and Yug meet Ranbir and Vishal. Ranbir asks why did you call us. Raman slaps him and scolds for getting the cake. Vishal says we came to celebrate Yug’s birthday. Bala says you can’t imagine what Aaliya went through. Ranbir says but we already apologized. Raman says she is missing. Yug says don’t do this, Aaliya is unwell. Mani comes. Raman says I will give you both to police. Mani says tell me where is Aaliya, I will take you to police. Ranbir says don’t take us to police station, please, we haven’t kidnapped Aaliya. Raman says we will go to their house. Yug says I know their house. The man looks on. They all leave. The man calls Manish.

Manish tells Shamshad that they are foolish, they don’t know that Ruhi is also missing. Shamshad says send their auction pic to Bhalla. Sahil says when Bhallas breaks down, they will tell the truth, who had killed Muskaan. Manish agrees. Karan calls Yug and says your plan worked, come fast. He says I will waste their time until they arrive, I hope my plan works. CONTINUE READING FROM NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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