Friday Update on Young Love 25th September 2020


Friday Update on Young Love 25th September 2020

Shivam seeing Dadisaa collapsed on floor. He calls Abhi. Abhi is shocked. They try to make her drink water, but she couldn’t. Shivam tries calling Dr. Anant’s number, but his phone is not answered. Shivam says how we will take her to hospital. Abhi says we have to take her anyhow. They take her on cart. Kamli comes to the Police station and informs Inspector that she heard her mum talking to Akhiraj, and she knows about his place. Inspector hears her. Harki makes Kundan’s favorite dish and waits for him. Inspector comes with constables and arrests her. Kamli feels bad and thinks humanity is beyond everything. Shivam tries calling Anant, but he doesn’t pick the call. Shivam and Abhi pull the cart. Anant comes out of OT and talks to a patient’s family member. He sees Dadisaa’s missed calls and calls her.

Shivam picks the call and tells everything. Anant says he is coming there and asks them to keep walking. Kundan comes home. Pushkar informs him that Harki is caught by Police. Kamli says he is saying truth. Kundan is shocked. Inspector asks Harki, why she is supporting her criminal husband. Harki says she have never talked to her husband. Inspector says your daughter heard you talking to your husband. Kundan comes to the Police station. Inspector asks him to go home else he will arrest him too.

Kundan says my mum is innocent. Kundan comes out and calls Akhiraj. Akhiraj takes the call and asks him to say. Kundan tells everything. Akhiraj asks him not to worry. Just then Inspector takes the phone from his hand and calls again. He asks Akhiraj to surrender and say where is he? Akhiraj breaks the phone angrily. He asks Badri to get another phone for him. He says he will teach a lesson to Jagya. Abhi and Shivam pull the cart with much difficulty. They see ambulance coming. Anant comes with ambulance and takes Dadisaa with him.

Akhiraj calls Jagya and asks him to return home, as he is sending his wife’s dead body there. Jagya says we are doing as you said, and asks what went wrong? Akhiraj says you got my wife arrested. Jagya says I haven’t done anything and says if your wife is in police custody then she will be freed now. He asks him not to do anything to ganga. He calls SP and asks him to free Harki. Nimboli asks why Harki was arrested? Jagya says she might have done something bad and that’s why she got arrested. Harki says she is innocent. Inspector says you and your son are guilty and supporting Akhiraj. Harki says we are innocent. Inspector gets SP’s call and he asks him to leave her. Inspector leaves Harki with a warning. Harki comes out of police station proudly and thinks she will deal with Kamli now. Anant tells Mannu, Shivam and Abhi that a heart specialist will treat Dadisaa. Dadisaa is seen in the ICU.

Harki coming home and angrily calling Kamli. Kundan asks are you fine? Harki tells him that Kamli is the one who is responsible for the insult. Kamli comes out. Harki says time has come to rectify my mistake and slaps her. She hurts her. Kundan brings a stick and hits on her head. He tries to beat her again, but Pushkar stops and holds the stick. He hits Kundan. Harki asks Pushkar to leave her son. Kamli cries being in pain. Harki curses Kamli and Pushkar for hitting on Kundan’s head. Kamli cries.

Nidhi, Shivam, Abhi and Mannu pray to God. Abhi cries and misses Jagya and thinks he would have treated Dadisaa well. Anant says God is with us and she won’t let anything wrong happen to her bhakt. Pushkar applies ointment on Kamli’s wounds. Kamli says she is fine. Pushkar is worried about her and says we shall leave far from here. He says we will be saved from outsiders, but who will save us from this family.  CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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