Thursday Update on True Love 24th September 2020


Thursday Update on True Love 24th September 2020

Mukta is shocked to see the pics of Akash fighting with Vishnu. A tear escapes the corner of her eyes. Everyone asks her what happened. Mukta recalls the last fight between Akash and Vishnu and how Akash had threatened Vishnu to be careful of what he says. She drops the photos in shock. All the family members look at them in shock. Mukta is all the more hurt as she realises that Akash just lied to her about not meeting Vishnu today. Tappu and Nani come there too. Tappu picks up the pics and they both are stunned to see the photos. Just then Meethi comes there. Damini is about to say something to her when Mukta stops her. A chant plays in the background. Mukta takes the photos from Tappy and confronts Akash-Meethi about it.

You both do recognize this man here (Vishnu)? You both said you dint meet Vishnu today then how did this happen? Why did you lie to me? Akash tries to tell her but the time is gone now. Jogi tries to stop Mukta but she wants to know why Akash hit Vishnu. You have done it twice, why? Where did you both call him? Why did you lie to me Meethi? Akash accepts he hurt Vishnu but listen to me once. This time Tappu talks. I thought you guys will clear the misunderstandings and learn with time but you guys have started fighting outside. I dint expect this from you Meethi. Akash makes it clear that Meethi is not at fault. Plus nothing big happened that Vishnu cannot come home. Mukta is all the more angry with him now. You are a liar. Why dint you tell me on phone? Akash and Meethi are at a loss of words.

Vishnu is lying unconscious in a room. Yuvi comes there and is happy to see the state he is in. Your wife must be looking for you and you are here under my scrutiny. Now your wife will be in a similar situation. Now things will happen as I want them to. If I would want it then you will live or otherwise your game will be over. He smiles at Vishnu’s helplessness.

Akash apologizes to Mukta for he cannot tell her anything as of now. Once Vishnu is back then ask him yourself. Jogi wants to know after all this is their right. Damini too is getting restless now. Meethi too is unable to say anything. Akash folds his hand in apology. Throw me out or beat me but I wont be able to answer any of your question. Mukta tells him to stop acting or this time she will raise her hand. Meethi is unhappy with her remark and so is Tappu but Mukta tells everyone not to stop her. I want to know where is Vishnu. I want him home right now. Meethi cannot take it anymore. She tells them that they met Vishnu in the brothel. Everyone is stunned by this piece of info.

Kajri is about to collide with Sankrant. They exchange pleasantries. he asks about her wound on the neck but she assures him it is nothing serious. She wants to rest so he nods his head. She leaves for her room.

No one is ready to believe it. Meethi tells them that Vishnu was trying to take a girl out by force and we saw her then. Akash couldn’t control his anger and raised his hand. This is the truth and. Nani starts clapping for her and she stands next to Damini. The husband and wife has written such a story. Who can believe Vishnu can do that? She instigates Mukta indirectly. Everyone here believes Damini and her family more than anyone else. Jogi requests her to listen to the whole thing once but she isn’t in a mood to. I am tired of their lies but not anymore. I had told you all that if it happens (fight) for the third time then there will be a storm.

Everyone registers this with a shock. Tappu begs Akash and Meethi to tell the truth. Meethi replies that they have no enmity with Vishnu. Akash had even gone to check but Vishnu had left by then and we thought that he would have been home by now. We came here to tell this only. Nani calls them both gods. What were you two doing there? Mukta doesn’t want to know it but she only wants Vishnu. She is not ready to believe them but she wants to see the truth for herself. Tappu is against it but Mukta is adamant. Jogi offers to go with them. Jogi and Mukta leave with Akash and Meethi. All the family members are upset over whatever is happening in the house.

Vishnu is still lying unconscious. Akash reaches there. Mukta and Jogi show Vishnu’s photo around but in vain. Meethi recalls what had actually happened between Akash and Vishnu while Akash finally spots the guy who had told him that Vishnu left for home. Akash confronts the guy but he is drunk and lies. That guy calls him a liar. Mukta too feels that Akash is lying. Maharani comes out after hearing the commotion. Meethi is shocked to see Munna.

Nani is upset with Akash. No one listens to me. I had already told you to close the doors for Akash but no one listens to me. Damini points out that the doors of this house has never been closed for anyone. Nani reminds her how that had happened with Tappu for a small mistake made by her. Justice is justice after all. Damini wants to know the complete story first so that they can actually decide upon who’s wrong. Nani taunts her about siding with her granddaughter’s husband. Tappu tells her to stop it. I am worried for Vishnu right now. Don’t know how and where he will be. Nani is sure only Akash would be knowing the answer as only he had seen him last time.

Maharani is upset with them for making so much noise. who are you all after all and what have you come here for? Jogi tells her politely that they have come here to look for their son in law. Maharani answers that anyone who is thirsty comes here. Mukta goes to confront her and shows her Vishnu’s photo. He is not like other people who will come here willingly. Someone must have called him here. Maharani shows the photo to Munna saying he had indeed come here. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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