Friday Update on Young Love 27th November 2020


Friday Update on Young Love 27th November 2020

Shivam looking at Nandini and Anandi’s pic, and says you have kept 15 gifts for me for those 15 years. You would have thought about me while selecting a gift and had hope that you will get your Shivam this year. He hears someone coming in the room and hides beneath the bed. Nandini comes to room cryingly and closes the door. Krish searches for something near Nani maa. Nani maa asks if anything is fallen. Krish says I am searching for your fallen thinking. Nani maa says today’s kids are teaching us, and says when everyone laughs at someone, then it means her bad time has started.

Nandini recalls Anandi and her words when they first met in the jungle. Nandini says you said that good things happen if we do good, and get happiness, but these things are not happening with me. I try to forget everything, but some people make me remember. Shivam/Shankar hears her. Nandini says she is broken.

Jamuna comes there and tells Nandini that it is God’s mistake even today. She says my daughter can’t do any mistake. She asks Nandini to cry and lower her heart feelings. She says I know you lose your strength hearing people taunts, but your parents are always there for you. She says if Nani saa tells you anything then think that she is a guest and you are our daughter. She says where are your bangles which I gave you. Nandini recalls mortgaging the bangles. Jamuna says I will give you. Nandini says I will wear it on my marriage. Jamuna says okay. They go out.

Shankar thinks I can’t come infront of Nandini, but will protect her being her brother. I will never forgot the values given by you mum….He comes to Nani maa and says you was talking so much. I will make you taste of your own tongue, and makes her eat mirchi. Nani shouts mirchi/chilli. Nandini comes and asks Shankar what he has done? She brings water and makes her drink. Nandini scolds Shankar for doing bad. Shankar says maa had taught same to everyone, you have learnt, but I haven’t. Once he goes, Nandini asks Nani maa, shall I get you something. Nani maa insults Nandini and asks her to go.

Nandini thinks why did Shankar do this? Dr. Amit recalls Nandini falling on Krish. Nandini comes to him and asks where are you going? Nandini says I know something is bothering you. Dr. Amit says nothing. Nandini holds his hand and asks him to come with her. Dr. Amit smiles and goes with her inside. Naina Bawre plays…..Krish announces that Dr. Nandini will perform now. Everyone claps for her. Nandini says no dance. Krish asks her to live life on her own terms. He says music. Nandini dances on the song Ladke Oh Re Ladke…………….with Krish…..Dr. Amit’s dad pushes Amit to dance with Nandini. Dr. Amit dances with her. Krish captures her dance moves on his mobile. Dr. Amit scolds Krish for taking Nandini’s video without her permission. He says it is a cheap thing and can ruin her career if goes public. He deletes the video.

Krish asks what is cheap in it? He says people’s mentality is cheap here. Krish says I don’t care and says I just care about Nandini and her future. He says do you want you put this video viral. He says it is cheap to do her private life public. Krish says how her medical profession be affected. He says Nandini is sister also, and asks him to calm down. He says I shot that video so that I could give it to Nandini after the function is over, and not to make it viral. Dr. Amit’s dad tells him that he is jealous and it is first step of love. Nandini comes and says sir….Dr. Amit says Krish said right and says I will live life with my wish, and will give happiness to everyone. She looks at Krish. Dr. Amit gets more jealous. Nandini thinks I feel like I have met him for a reason….and wonders what? CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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