Thursday Update on True Love 26th November 2020


Thursday Update on True Love 26th November 2020

Minister and higher officials reach the embassy. Back in India, Maiyya and her family, Vishnu and his family do Ganpati puja. Asgar and Meethi continue serving the guests. Akash escapes from the hiding place. Ashfaque realises that he can carefully break away the wooden pawn of the staircase. Ammi and his other family members notice him. he is finally able to free it. Akash reaches the embassy ever so carefully. He realises that no one will let him go inside owing to his appearance / condition. Ashfaque removes his hands from the staircase and moves around carefully but one of the guys point gun at him. ashfaque fights with him and then runs out of the house. Everyone is somewhat relieved. Ammi prays to Allah to help Ashfaque.

The program starts in Indian embassy. The speaker talks about maintaining peace between India and Pakistan. They have gathered to honour the Indians and Pakistanis living in vice versa countries for the same. Akash tries to enter the embassy stealthily. Meethi is waiting for him. Ashfaque hides and the guys go to check for him in the opposite direction.

Asgar tells Meethi that the right time to do their task would be when the chief guest will light the lamp on stage. Meethi wishes that Akash reaches there soon. we have very less time. A guard stops Akash. Akash overpowers him and hits him on his head. Chief Guest lights the lamp and goes back on stage. He will be welcomed with garlands now. Asgar tells Meethi to pick the garland. Don’t think to act smart at all. She obliges. A chant plays in the background. At the same time, Mukta feels something bad and her hands start to shiver. Vishnu observes this. Maiyya too feels as if her son is in some big trouble. Save him. Meethi proceeds towards the stage while Asgar goes inside. Mukta tells Vishnu that she is feeling as if Meethi’s life is in danger. Meethi continues to walk toward the stage when someone holds her hand. It is Damini.

Meethi is shocked to see her there. She takes Damini to a corner. Why did you come here? Damini knew that she was in some problem. I came to take you with me. Meethi tells her to go from here. Damini cannot understand why she is talking like this. Meethi shows her the bomb around her waist. I am a human bomb. Damini is shocked. Meethi tells her to go. Asgar points his gun at Damini’s back. Whoever you are leave Meethi’s hand. I won’t think before shooting you otherwise. No one will get to know anything. Meethi asks Asgar not to do anything to her Anni. He tells her to go away from her Anni or it will be her last day today. Meethi immediately moves away. she picks the garland and leaves after telling her Anni to go from here. Damini tries to shout her name but Asgar covers her mouth and takes her aside.

Ashfaque wants to go inside but the guard stops him. he wants to meet Ansari. He is shocked to know that the function has already started. Call Ansari asap as a bomb blast is about to happen here anytime. Call him, he knows me. guard calls Annsari asking him to come to gate number 1 asap. Nilofer prays for her husband’s safety while Ammi prays for everyone. Don’t know how many people can lose their life because of my elder son. Save them all.

Ashfaque tells Ansari about Asgar. Maybe he has made Meethi a Fidayin.i swear I am not lying. The security is tightened. Akash comes inside dressed as a Pakistani policeman.

Police comes to rescue Ashfaque’s family and the goons surrender. Ansari is briefed that a woman is lying unconscious at gate number 4. It is Damini. Ashfaque’s family is happy / relieved as they are free now. ammi hugs her DIL’s and thanks Allah.

Akash comes there and is surprised to see Anni. Ansari and Ashfaque come there and see him. ansari looks at him in shock. Akash knows that he has many questions. I will answer them all but first make an announcement here that there is a bomb here. It can explode anytime. Vacate this place or so many people will die for no reason. Ansari nods finally and gets into action mode. Akash tells Ashfaque to take Anni outside. I will meet you there only. Ashfaque agrees.

Meethi yet again proceeds towards the stage. She notices Akash coming in and is signals him about what lies ahead.

Asgar is outside only. Akash notices him and follows him. ansari too is looking for Asgar. Meethi is confused / tensed as to what to do now. Asgar moves to a far corner and takes out the detonator. Akash holds his hand before he can press the button. It falls far away as they both get into a fight. Asgar finally takes out his gun and aims at Akash.

Ansari comes on stage to tell the problem to the speaker but is shocked to see Meethi standing nearby. He makes an announcement that there is a bomb here. You all should vacate the hall asap. Everyone starts running towards the exit. Akash beats Asgar and throws the gun away. asgar is badly hurt. But he finally falls near the detonator. Akash is shocked to see it in his hand. Asgar tells him to go save his country and its people. He presses the button and Meethi realises that the bomb is on now. akash looks at the embassy worriedly.