Friday Update on Young Love 4th September 2020


Friday Update on Young Love 4th September 2020

Jagya and Ganga checking Nimboli. Ganga asks Mangla to take out the blanket from Nimboli. Mangla says no and thinks she is responsible for Nimboli’s condition. Ganga makes her understand that it is needed to lower the fever. Mangla tells Ganga to save her daughter. Anandi says Jagya and Ganga will not let anything happen to Nimboli. Ganga says we shall call Dr. Anant as we are going out. Shivam wakes up and thinks where did my mum go. Anandi and Mangla are at Nimboli’s side. Mangla fears that Nimboli might tell about her mum….Anandi asks did anything happen in the temple. She says I tried talking to her, but didn’t get a chance. Mangla says she was very happy. Anandi says I feel something happened with her, and says you might be hiding from you. Shivam comes there and asks Anandi why did you leave me alone. Anandi says Nimboli is having high fever, she needs me and asks him to sleep alone. Shivam angrily goes. Nimboli is still unconscious.

Mangla asks Anandi to go to her room and says she will take care of Nimboli. Anandi says I can’t leave her and says she needs her mum. Mangla says Nimboli needs her mum and that’s me. Shivam couldn’t sleep and recalls Anandi insisting to stay with Nimboli. In the morning, Kundan asks Chagani to give water. Kamli says there is no water in the house and asks him to bring it from well. Kundan asks how dare you? Kamli asks him to bring water, else wait for the well to come near you. Kundan gets angry. Guards get angry. Kundan stops. One of the guard receives an important phone call. Kundan tries to disturb him and plays music on his phone. He shows his phone and tries to befriend them. The guards fall prey to him. He shows his smart film and offers to show adult film to them. The guard look at the film. Kundan thinks they are trapped now, and thinks it is just a start.

Nimboli wakes up. Anandi tells her that Dadisaa came to see you. She says Jagya and Ganga went to Delhi and kids went to school. Anant says he will give her injection. Nimboli refuses to have any injection. Mangla asks him to give tablet. Anant says okay and shows a puppy toy. He asks her to focus on the toy for 15 mins and then it will jump. He injects injection while she is busy playing. Nimboli asks will you not give me injection. Anandi says he gave you injection. Nimboli says she didn’t feel any pain.

Dr. Anant tells that Nimboli’s fever is down. Anandi says she will sit by her side. Pushkar’s chacha slaps the goons who went to kidnap Pushkar. He says shall I forget Pushkar’s land and wealth. His wife says no and says we shall remind Harki now about the gift which we had given her. She says Harki will help us getting Pushkar’s wealth.

Dr. Anant tells Anandi that somewhere something is wrong and tells Mangla is hiding something from us. He tells when he was seated at Nimboli’s side. He heard Nimboli saying that her mum held her hand tightly and hurt her. Anandi is shocked. Anant says when I asked Mangla about it. She was shocked and said that Nimboli is saying just like that in fever. Anandi thanks him and says why will Mangla hide anything from us. She wants to unite Nimboli and me, but Anant is still doubtful about her. He says I will come to see her in the evening. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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