Thursday Update on True Love 3rd September 2020


Thursday Update on True Love 3rd September 2020

Akash seeing Ambika in one of the mirrors kept in front of him. She is trying to wipe off the color from her face. Everyone is running here and there to take shelter from the rain. Akash turns to look at her but she runs upstairs with the bag in her hand. Akash follows her but loses track of her. She smirks as she sees him going in a different direction. She leaves from there.

Vishnu comes to talk to Yuvi but he is not there in his cabin. He checks with the peon who asks him to wait here. Vishnu waits for him. I will go only after talking to him today. Anything can happen at the site because of that electrical wire. It is very important for him to know this. He decides to wait outside but just then the landline rings. He goes to pick it up as it might be Yuvaan sir’s call. He picks up the call and is shocked to find Mukta’s photo on his table. He asks the caller to call back in half an hour. He is startled to see her pic here. This pic looks so old. But what is it doing here? I don’t think he has any good intentions. He is definitely planning something wrong and big. He takes Mukta’s photo out from the frame. I must tell this to Mukta right away. He then decides against it as she is already upset for Meethi.

Mukta tells Maiyya that the news channel declined to give them the video tape without police permission. How will we get police permission? Maiyya is sure they wont get it as Chaubey is in police. Pavitra doubts if he is behind all this. He wouldn’t let us know anything. Mukta gets sad thinking they wont get that clipping ever. We wont be able to prove that Ambika is alive. Who will trust us? Akash enters telling her he will trust her. I saw Ambika with my own eyes today.

Mukta asks him about it and he tells her he saw Ambika in the temple. I tried to catch hold of her but was unable to. Maiyya knows she wont be caught this easily. Mukta suggests to tell the truth to everyone but Akash denies. We wont do anything like that. We cannot as we don’t have any proof. This has been planned very cleverly. Till the time we don’t find a proof Ambika will be considered dead in the eyes of law. All the proofs including your dad’s statement proves Meethi guilty. We cannot do anything for now. Maiyya wonders how will he get Meethi out now. Sankrant comes there clapping for his mom.

You aren’t worried about the burial of your younger DIL but are worried for the bail of your elder DIL. Do any of you know it is Ambika’s birthday today? This is my own family! He looks at Mukta. Ambika was your sister even though step sister but aren’t you sad for her? Mukta tells him she is alive. But Akash gestures her not to. She tells Sankrant firmly that Ambika was indeed her step sister. If it was my real sister who had died then also I would have supported Meethi as I know she is innocent. Sankrant continues to drink alcohol. Akash tries to stop him from doing so but Sankrant warns him or he will be hurt.

Maiyya frees both of them as she knows Sankrant is drunk. Akash requests him not to ruin his life by drinking alcohol. Sankrant pushes him. You had slapped me here itself that day. I dint say anything to you that day as you are my elder brother. I used to respect you a lot. But you are neither my brother today nor do I respect you. We share nothing. My family is dead for me. Mukta tells him he will regret breaking his ties with his brother. Sankrant asks her not to talk about relations. You couldn’t be with your sister who will you be with then! He walks out from that house.

Rathore calls Mukta but she disconnects. He recalls what she said to him outside police station. It starts raining. He goes to get drenched in that rain. He remembers what he saw in the fort and shouts loudly at God. What do you want? What is your problem with me? You again snatched everything from me! You must be happy now to see me standing alone. Someone comes there holding an umbrella for him. It is Tapasya. You aren’t alone. He hugs her. Mukta gets to know from Jogi that her mom is back. Jogi tells her that she left all her work (NGO) in America as soon as she heard about Meethi. Mukta needed her badly. She is upset to know that her mom has gone to meet her dad. Jogi asks her to trust her mom for she wont do anything wrong. Mukta agrees and apologizes to him. Tell her to wait for me at home as soon as she is back. Tappu is going to meet Meethi directly from there. Mukta and Akash are leaving for the police station too. He too agrees to come. She tells him that the news was right. I and Akash are trying to find some proof after which we will get Meethi out of jail. He encourages her to try her best.

Tappu gives coffee to Rathore. It is as per his taste. He asks her if she thinks he can be wrong. She knows everything that has happened so far. Ambika is your daughter. It is just that the past shouldn’t affect present. Whatever had to happen has happened. I know you are sad to lose your daughter. You must have said what you saw. But I know Meethi. She cannot even think about it forget about doing so. She is Icchki’s daughter has Ammmo’s values. At times what we see is half of the truth. He is stuck in that only which is why this is difficult for him. I have faith in Meethi that she cannot do it and my heart believes it. But I was there. I saw them fighting with my own eyes. I heard Ambika screaming and then what I saw made me think / feel differently. If it wouldn’t have been Ambika then also I would have given the same statement. She gets a little hurt on the finger and he is concerned for her. She assures him she is all right. At times what we see is not true. What we hear or feel isn’t true. Go deep there is something hidden here.

Tappu hugs Meethi who speaks of her innocence. Tappu knows it already. You are the brave daughter of a brave mother. Your mom had to face a lot many storms in her life too but she never gave up. be strong. Jogi gets emotional seeing Tappu comforting Meethi. Title track plays. Jogi remembers the past times when Iccha and Tappu were together. Both the ladies notice him and he goes to meet them. He assures Meethi that the truth will come out. Bad times come but lie cannot last for long. You will have to be strong.

Jogi comforts Meethi saying bad times come. This is a test for you. Don’t worry. Tappu checks the marks on Meethi’s hands while they talk. Lies can’t last for long. You will have to be strong. Meethi nods. The lady inspector comes to tell them their time is up. Tappu goes to talk to her. This uniform is there to protect people. If you cannot be with truth then you cannot respect this uniform also. The inspector says I haven’t worn it for nor respecting it. Plus I am supporting the right only.

Tappu tells her that she wont bear it if her daughter gets another scratch next time. I have played all these games in my childhood what you doing now. The lady constable gets angry. You cannot talk to a police officer like that. Do you want to be with this lady in that cell? Jogi speaks up now. Some people like you are so arrogant about their uniforms and threaten the ordinary people. Don’t do it. Don’t be under this misconception that we will be scared of you. Tappu tells Meethi not to be scared of anyone. We all know truth comes out in front of everyone. The lady inspector leaves in a huff.

Yuvi comes back to his cabin. He is talking to some Mr. Khanna. Looks and how a person actually is are two different things. Meethi Chatterjee looks innocent but can she not be the killer? Her mother was a killer too. He looks at the blank photo frame and is shocked. He ends the call and starts looking for the photo. Vishnu looks on from outisde the door. Yuvi is about to call someone when Vishnu walks inside his cabin. Yuvi is not pleased to see him but tells him to come later. I am busy right now.

Vishnu asks him if he is looking for something. Maybe I can be of help to you! Yuvi denies. Do you have some important work? Vishnu seeks his permission to get some repairing work done on the site. Yuvi is taken aback. What was the need to come to me to ask this? You could have gotten it sanctioned from Mr. Sharma. You can go for now. Vishnu goes out of his cabin but he cannot help turn and look at Yuvi. He is looking so frustrated. He couldn’t even say what he was looking for. I am sure his intentions aren’t good. I will have to find it out. I will have to find out why he is so interested in Mukta.


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