Friday Update on Young Love 6th March 2020


Friday Update on Young Love 6th March 2020

Anandi getting a call from the Inspector informing her that they got the news about a girl from Jhalra village. He says she might be your daughter Nandini. Anandi says she is coming right now. She then calls Dadisaa and informs about Inspector’s call about Nandini. Dadisaa asks where is the girl? Anandi is teary eyed and tells her that she have to go there now. Dadisaa says I will also come with you. Anandi says no, you are not well. Dadisaa says ok and asks her to call her after meeting Nandini. Anandi happily says yes. Sarita says congrats to Anandi. She leaves.

Nimboli is about to drink water, but Harki stops her and reminds that water is not allowed to drink while fasting. Nimboli apologizes to her. Harki makes her do the kitchen work and asks her to bring the ingredients for the puja. Nimboli tries to remember the list. Harki asks her to bring those items from Disa. She asks her to get fresh raw milk, kajal, mehendi etc. Nimboli nods. Harki gives her instructions and warns her not to forget even one thing. Nimboli nods again. She asks where is my new clothes for the puja. Harki scolds her and leaves.

Dadisaa prays to Devimaa and requests her to make Anandi meet her daughter. Nimboli is seen dressing up for the festival. She wears bangles, anklet, etc and smiles looking in the mirror. Anandi is seen in her car, on the way to Jhalra village.

Nimboli looks at the food plate and smiles. Geeta comes and scolds her for staring at food. Nimboli says it is for Kamli. Geeta says she is keeping fast so can’t eat it. Nimboli says she saw her eating in the morning. Geeta says now she is fasting according to the rituals. Nimboli says you have to be hungry like me. Geeta says I am keeping the fast since years, with honestly. She scolds Nimboli. Nimboli asks her about her new clothes and says maasaa brought it.

Geeta thinks she brought it as you kept fast for her son, else she don’t have anything to do with you. Nimboli takes the plate and says she will give it to Kamli and goes. Kamli is seen talking to Gopal and says she can’t meet today. Nimboli comes and asks her to have food. Kamli closes her eyes. Gopal hides. Nimboli asks what you are doing here? Kamli says she is looking at the wind. Kamli looks at her clothes and compliments her. Nimboli says maasaa brought it. She leaves.

Anandi is happy thinking she will get her daughter Nandini. She sees women walking keeping pots/kalash on their heads and walking. She thinks Nandini must have grown up and gets teary eyed. She recalls the small Nandini. She recalls Akhira Singh snatching Nandini from her hand and his words. She thinks she won’t let her daughter go far from her. She prays to Devimaa to make her meet her daughter. Driver gives horn as a girl is walking on the way. Pampodi calls her Nimboli. Anandi sees her face as she turns. Anandi smiles to see her carrying pots on her head. Nimboli with much difficulty tries to walk. Pampodi asks her to come. Anandi glances at her. Nimboli too looks at her. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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