Friday Update on This is Love 6th March 2020


Friday Update on This is Love 6th March 2020

Ishita asking Raman about his meeting. He asks which color saree are you wearing, we can have twinning. She asks what are you hiding from me. He says I have to go to Mumbai tomorrow, minister had called me and asked me to come, its good for the villagers, it will be good for many lives, I have to go. Ishita says its Aaliya’s marriage tomorrow, you remember what we promised Yug and Aaliya, they will cancel the marriage if we tell this. He says make an excuse and I will be back soon, I want this project to be a gift for Aaliya and Yug, Mani and Shagun can do kanyadaan, you made me wear this lucky bracelet, think we are together, if we miss this project, it will be a huge loss for me and many people. She says come back soon.

Its morning, Raman and Ishita come to Aaliya.

He says your life is getting happiness, you have to choose if your happiness matters or the welfare of many people. Aaliya asks why are you asking this, Ishita taught me to think of others, emotions weaken us. He gifts her the bridal dress. She says thanks, but why are you giving this to me now. Ishita says he has to go to Mumbai, many lives depend on it, it will be good if he goes.
Aaliya asks will he go today. He says I have to go personally for mineral water project. She says you can’t go, this is not fair. He says i m feeling more bad, I promise you, I will come back soon, I want Yug to manage this project. Aaliya says come back soon. He says I will come back soon. He jokes. Ishita asks can’t be meeting be avoided. He says I can’t avoid this, I will be back soon. A man is seen sitting in his office. His assistant calls him and says Raman is going somewhere, I will call you at the right time so that you can strike him. The man wears a cap and takes a gun. He sees Raman’s pics and hits with a knife.

Everyone gets busy in marriage arrangements. Ruhi takes Karan aside and says Aaliya had given me the bangles to keep it safe, Yug had gifted it to her, don’t know where I kept it, I have checked my room well, what will I give to Aaliya now. He says you go to Aaliya, I will find the bangles, don’t worry, just go, Aaliya is waiting. She goes. He says how will I get the bangles, Aaliya will get hurt. Ishita gets ready. She gets Raman’s call. He asks are the arrangements done. She says I have worn the saree gifted by you. She says I m in tension, everyone will be upset, did you reach airport. He says my car broke down, I booked a cab. She says come back, I feel something is wrong, you should be here with us, its a sign.

He says my wife can’t be so superstitious. She says you should be here with family, come back. He says you are making me feel guilty, fine I will come back. She says sorry, I m sounding selfish, send me your flight details. He asks her to open the cupboard, there is a surprise for her. She gets a box and sees a bracelet. She says wow, this is very pretty, this wasn’t needed. He says you can wear it without my help, wear it and show me how it looks. She says come back soon to see me wearing this, mummy ji is calling me. He says bye, my taxi has come, love you. She says bye, will miss you. The man sees Raman going.

Karan thinks how to talk about bangles. Bala and Mani tease Yug and make him ready. Bala says your love will end in six months, man will just be a puppet of his wife, just like Mani. Mani asks am I henpecked, not me, Raman… anyways where is Raman. Karan says Raman is calling you outside. Bala and Mani go. Yug says they scared me, will I really end up like henpecked husband. Karan says leave it, you have to get married.

Yug says I have to marry. Karan says better to marry and regret, you bought bangles for Aaliya, Ruhi liked it, I want to buy same one, do you know shop number. Yug says that was artificial, you can buy real ones, I got it from the shop near the temple. Karan calls someone. He says I hope this idea works else Ruhi…. Ruhi looks for the bangles. Simmi asks her to fix Gajra to Aaliya. Ruhi says ask Ishita, I have much work. She gets Aaliya’s message. Aaliya asks for the bangles. Ruhi says I have to go and tell her that I misplaced it. Ishita compliments Aaliya. Ruhi says yes, she looks very pretty. They see Ishita’s bracelet. Aaliya says Raman gifted it, its so romantic, I wish Yug is also romantic like him, where are the bangles. Karan comes. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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