Friday Update on Young love July 27

Friday Update on Young love

July 27 Episode

Bhago tells Anandi she wont go against what she said and Anandi promises that she will do everything and for Bhago to get better. Bhago says she has not more worries and can die in peace. DS telling Bhago not to go and to see Anandi happy and Anandi is their own daughter. Bhago is happy hearing this, give blessing to Anandi and passes. All are shocked and Anandi wants her to wake up and she is distraught. Doctor comes to check Bhago.
Doctor is not able to do anything, Anandi father is distraught and calling Bhago. Anandi is distraught and lies on Bhago and recalls their past scenes when Anandi was a child.
It’s the funeral and Anandi is dressing her mother with bangles and she remembers past scenes of Bhago dressing her. She remembers how Bhago came to the haveli once and reprimanded the family
She talks to Bhago saying how she learnt to walk from her and even when she was older she took care of Anandi, who will now look after her, Anandi breaks down. People are getting the funeral stuuf ready for Bhago.
Basanth and Shiv arrive there as well. Basanth sits next to Anandi’s father and tries to console him with what has happened an to take care of himself and the family are here for him. DS comes and introduces Shiv to Anandi’s father. Other people are asking about Jagat and one says he lives far away it will take time
Shiv talking to DS that Anandi may not like her being there, but DS reassures him that Bhago spoke to Anandi about getting married to Anandi and she agreed. He states that he doesn’t want this sort of agreement as she was not able to say no to her dying mother’s wish. DS saying it is obligatory to fulfil the wishes of a dying person.
The funeral procession starts. Shiv comes in and Anandi looks at him. Anandi’s dad is asked to put sindoor on and he recalls how she often says that she will die a married woman and how her wish became true. The priest asks who the fourth person will be to help with the lifting and everyone looks at each other. Shiv then walks forward to take the place and bhairon and basanth look on, DS looks proud, Anandi is shocked

Pandit asks for the 4th person to give shoulder. All wonder who will be. Shiv steps forward at his own. All surprised. Ds is so proud. Ppl r talking his kawarsa should be here,who is this man. Ds tells them anandi’s beend cant come due to his work,he is shivraj shekhar,jetsar collector and like a son to her family. And they r about to take bhago.anandi wants to come.krishna kaki and rest of some ppl tell that female cant go there. anandi comes to his father and says she couldn’t do much for her mom.she wants to be with her at this time. Ppl opposed her that this thing cant happen at this village. Ds supports anandi and says she will come with anandi too to be with bhago for last time. Then they go ahead.
Then scenes r shown when jag is running. Some ppl want to beat him. he gets into haveli and call everyone but no one is there. then jag suddenly wake up and realized that it was his dream. He wonders everything at haveli will be fine or not. So he calls haveli,makhan takes the call and inform that anandi’s mom is no more and everyone went there. jagat has tears in his eye and is taken a back. Gauri asks him what happen, jag says that anandi’s mom is no more. Gauri got the FBs of bhago’s yelling.gauri asks him whether he is fine or not. Jagat asks her whether it will be right to go there at least for humanity. Gauri says there is no need and his family is there to be with her. he should remember what they say,they dont want him at their last journey.
At the samsaan, the last rituals begin.pandit asks khajan to light the pyre. Khajan cant able to do that. Anandi supports him by holding the tourch.All surprised except shiv. They put the fire. One man wants to stop but shiv glares at him so he cant and step backward.
All return khajan’s home. Shiv wants to bid goodbye to ds and khajan.khajan took him inside where bhago’s pic was there. he tells bhago that if she didn’t go so early then she cud have seen his son in law who is right here to bring all happiness to anandi’s life.he turns towards shiv with folded hands and says that hecame as an angle to anandi’s life. She tolerated a lot. Now her mom is not with her too, she cant bear anymore,will he bring her out from this darkness and fill happiness in her life.. Shiv holds his hand and says him not to worry. He feels so sad that he cant say to anandi’s mom that not to worry about anandi but can say to him that he will try to bring all happiness in her life. Now anandi is his responsibility and he will take care of her.