Friday Update on Unforseen love July 27

Friday Update on Unforseen love

July 27 Episode

The show begins with Sheetal asking will she be able to leave Arnav as she can’t leave Aarav at any cost. So its better to not reveal anything to Arnav. Sheetal leaves for Aarav’s father’s day program. Khushi too makes execuse in house and reaches there. Sheetal meets Khushi. Aarav is teased by his friends for not knowing even name of his father. Aarav feels left out and leaves the function and waits Sheetal in hallway.
In musical competion, a drum player seat is vacant. Aarav wants to go to play but he dont have father to play as duo.
Finally Arnav reaches and says they will play it. The musical competition begins with flute sound… then guitar and tabala.
Finally Aarav hits drums… while Arnav watches him play.
Now its father’s turn. Flue, Guitar, Tabala parents play it excellently… and so does Arnav … Khushi is surprised to see Arnav play drums so well.
Sheetal reveals Arnav was hot shot drummer in college. Arnav goes on playing… the competition gets tougher with all father’s playing excellently. Guitar parent’s string breaks… and he leaves…

The tough competition between Tabala and Drums goes on for a while finally Arnav-Aarav team wins the competition. Arnav tells he is feeling very good and in excitement he calls Arnav DAD… he later says sorry. Arnav says its ok. Aarav shares trophy along with Arnav. Arnav and Aarav’s bonding gets more and more stronger. Khushi crying, she feels burden hiding the truth.
At home Aarav tells how they won to everyone to Nani. Nani tells it looks like now Arnav is ready to start his own family. Manorama teases Khushi. Khushi leaves room, Manorama thinks Khushi is blushing… but Khsuhi is crying and now thinks to reveal everything to Arnav.

Khushi is disturbed and in kitchen. Sheetal comes there and tells she shouldn’t have told arnav to come to aarav’s school. Today Aarav told DAD to Arnav in excitement and you are disturbed. They are getting closer and closer now. Khushi is more confused, she plans to tell Arnav all the truth.
In evening in bedroom, Arnav writes a love letter and rose to Khushi. Khushi reads that…. Arnav comes closer to Khushi. Arnav says there is nothing more important than her in his life. He tries to kiss her but she moves away. Arnav says didn’t u hear what dadi said lets begin family.
Khushi holds Arnav’s hand and tells what if there is one more member to our family ?
Arnav ask what ?
Khushi says: Aarav !
Arnav gets irritated, just becoz he called me DAD doesn’T mean anything ?
Khushi says: Its not just that, YOUR OWN SON CALLED YOU DAD.
Arnav: What The…. ?
Khushi tells: Aarav is your biological son !

Khushi telling Arnav that Arav is his kid, Arnav calls Khushi mad and that him and Sheetal didn’t have any such relation, Khushi shows Arnav the report and he is shocked reading it and states that this is not possible, Khushi states that she asked Sheetal and she too confirmed it. Khushi tells Arnav he has rights and he gets angry stating he knows what is his right

At dinner Nani wants Arnav to eat but he isn’t hungry, Sheetal informs Arnav that they are leaving tomorrow, Arav asks why he wasn’t told, Sheetal informs that everything happened quickly. Family wants Sheetal to stay a bit longer, but she makes excuses that they have to go. Arav goes to Arnav and states other then him he doesn’t have any friends, Arnav promises to visit and tells Arav to never say he is alone, Arav abd Arnav hug and Khushi looks on.

Nani and family sitting down, stating the house has changed knowing Arav is leaving like he is our own

Arnav talking to Khushi about what is happening and asks if Khushi is with him, Khushi states she will always be with him

Arnav goes to see Sheetal and informs that he knows, Sheetal breaks down and tells him to forget everything and Arav is her kid only, she didn’t come here to break his marriage, Aranv tries to explain, Sheetal continues that she doesn’t want their money and they will elave tomorrow. Arnav wants to say something but Khushi asks about Arav, Sheetal replies time heals everything and in time he will forget about Arnav, Arnav seems angry and leaves.

Khushi tries to explain to Arnav but Arnav tells her there is nothing to be done at the moment, and to trust him and everything will be okay. Khushi thinking that she will make everything okay.
Khushi has a bag packed at night and Arnav is asleep, she states that as long as she is here he wont accept Arav so she has to leave, this will be hard but it needs to be done. She comes back into the room and looks at Arnav, there is a rabba ve session, she sits next to Arnav and touches his face and kisses him on the cheek. She remembers Arnav asking her to promise to never leave her. Khushi thinking she needs to leave before she gets weak and changes her mind. As she is about to leave Aranv grabs hold of her dupatta and asks if she is leaving, she states that she needs to leave for Arav. He asks if she leaves quietly will everything be okay. Khushi hugs Arnav, she states that she doesn’t know, but he replies that Arnav and Khushi will always be together.

In the morning Khushi comes with tea for Arnav, she tells him to rest as he didn’t sleep all night, she understands and she is with him all the way. Arnav tries to explain that he wasn’t like that, Khushi states she doesn’t need an explanation, Arnav informs that he needs one and find out what is happening, Khushi explains that the report shows everything, Arnav states he would know if something happened, he explains what happens will be with her and asks if she will be with him, she agrees

Sheetal explains what happened its in the past, Arnav informs that he doesn’t think Arav is his kid and he doesn’t remember anything, Sheetal explains that he was very drunk that night, Arnav states it doesn’t make sense. Sheetal explains that they were together graduation night, Arnav asks he doesn’t remember and why she didn’t say anything, Sheetal explains that he broke up the next day and she was broken therefore left and found out a few days later that she was pregnant. She knew she would not have an abortion and would become a single mom, she didn’t want him to miss having a father but she was unable to, but promises this will not happen in the future

Khushi states that Arav needs Arnav, but Sheetal disagrees and wants to leave. Khushi runs after Sheetal and Aranv is confused about everything.

Khushi tries to stop Sheetal but she is adamant to leave, Arnav is looking on confused. And Arav is looking on sad. Khushi tries holding on to Sheetal and Sheetal trips and falls down the stairs and sprains her ankle.

The doctor states that its nothing serious and she needs to rest. Sheetal explains that she slipped. Khushi blames herself, but Sheetal states its not her fault and wants to leave. Nani explains that she needs to stay to get better. Aranv agrees for her to stay and leaves. Mami asks about Akash but he went to office early. Mami is happy hearing this.
Khushi goes to Arnav, he apologises for what is happening and asks for some time, Khushi trusts him and he asks how she can be like this and she replies because of him, they star at each other.