Mehek 17th May Friday Update Zee World

Mahek and family comes to white chili restaurant, media tries to talk to Mahek and asks her what happened between hwe and Shaurya? family tries to protect Mahek from mob and harassment. Mahek sees Shaurya entering restaurant, she calls out his name and runs behind but Shaurya enters inside and doors are closed, bodyguards try to stop her but Mahek breaksaway and enters in restaurant, its dark there, Mahek says Shaurya where are you? she screams for his name and says please come infront of me? Shaurya please come.

Lights are switched on, Mahek looks around and sees new restaurant, Shaurya says Miss Mahek Sharma, Mahek turns and sees Shaurya coming there. Shaurya says you think you could enter my restaurant without my permission? Mahek runs and hugs Shaurya, Shaurya smirks, Mahek cups his face and says what is happening Shaurya? Shaurya takes off her hands and says what you mean? this is opening of my restaurant, arent you happy? i have spent so much money to publish article infront of newspapar and you arent happy? Mahek holds his hands and says is this trick to irritate me? Shaurya pulls his hands away and says are you mad? you think i have time to play tricks to irritate you? Outside restaurant, Mahek’s family is making scene trying to enter in restaurant, they free from bodyguards and enter in restaurant.

Shaurya says welcome Chacha and Chachi, thank God you came here Kanta Chachi, i wanted to tell story to Mahek but i will tell whole family now. Ravi asks what kind of story? Shaurya says its about a prince and a common girl, prince was handsome and dashing but girl was a little fat, but she had talent as she was really nice cook and she had a treasure with her, all look on, Shaurya says it was treasure of her mother’s unique recipes, Prince used to hate that girl and girl used to hare prince, one day in anger, girl slapped Prince, Prince could have destroyed that girl and her family but prince didnt do it, because he was not fool like girl, he took that slap with patience because Prince had eyes on that unique cookbook because prince had to open this restaurant, and yes there were cheap villains in this story too, that was KD and Vaitlana type, prince trapped girl in his fake love and promised to marry her and took her recipe book from her,

Mahek says so this was all done to take my recipes? Shaurya says yes ofcourse for recipes, if i asked for that recipes straightforward then you wouldnt have given it to me, remember you slapped me Mahek Sharma? i was interested in your recipes not in you, my investors forced me to either make Mahek or Mahek’s recipes part of this restaurant thats why i apologized to Mahek infront of all, and won Mahek’s trust, i thought once i win your trust then i will offer you job here but before i could do that, you joined KD’s hotel, Mahek says i was ready to leave Kd’s job and come to your restaurant, Shaurya says yes but i changed my plan till then, oneside i lived in your home and tried to get your recipebook, Kanta recalls Shaurya asking her about Mahek’s memories and how she showed him her recipebook and how Shaurya was interested in it, Mahek recalls how she caught Shaurya in her room one night ad he covered up by giving her doll.

Shaurya says otherside i made Mahek use my mobile and laptop to send her recipes to KD, i wanted to get all those recipes and Mahek used my gadgets, Mahek is shocked to hear all that and sits on floor being unable to stand anymore. Shaurya says because of Mahek’s recipes, i have launched my restaurant before KD. Shaurya says i have got all things using one target. Ravi grabs his collar and says jerk, you played with our daughter’s life for your own benefit, Shaurya says i didnt play with her life, i would have played with her life if i had filled her forehead with vermilion(sindoor), you should be happy that she gave me recipebook before wedding and i left for Germany before entering mandap, flashback shows Shaurya getting out of venue and throwing out his turban out of car and leaving. Shaurya says i went to Germany to get those recipes patent, i mean copyright them in my name.

Shaurya kneels to Mahek and says Miss Mahek Sharma, when you were jumping with happiness for marriage, i was planning for my restaurant, grabs Mahek’s shoulders and make her stand up. Shaurya says to Mahek that dont take my words personally, you are a really nice person and talented cook, you have bright future, dont have hard feelings for me, i did everything as a businessman, i am an honest businessman and i am ready to pay you for your recipes, he gives her 50lacs cheque and says even if you sell your recipes after cooking them whole life even then you wont earn this much money, Mahek looks at him with shock and disbelief,

Shaurya gives 50lacs cheque to Shaurya and says even if you make dishes of your recipes for life, even then you wont earn this much money. Kanta takes off her slipper and throws it at Shaurya, slipper passesby Shaurya’s face, Shaurya glares at Kanta. Kanta comes to Shaurya and says we called you son and what you are really are? this much betrayal and for money and fame? if rich people are like you then i am fine with being middle class, i am so happy that my daughter’s life is saved from you, lets go Mahek. Mahek just sadly looks at Shaurya and says Shaurya you could have asked me once, only once and then see, Shaurya’s smile fades away hearing her words, he looks away from her, he turns away from her, unable to see her broken, Kanta drags Mahek from there, Shaurya tries
to control his tears.

Vaitlana claps and says to Karona that like no one is innocent like you, sameway no one is cheater like your son, you said that we will talk when Shaurya comes back, you even slapped me, what will you say now? did you see what your so nice son did? you kept thinking that me and Sanjay are frauds but Shaurya is one step ahead of us. Shaurya comes there and emotionally looks at Karona, he leaves from there, Karona goes behind him. Vaitlana smirks.
Ravi takes kerosene bottle and says i will burn Shaurya’s restaurant, Kanta says have you gone mad? you want bloodshed? Mansi says dont do this, Mohit says we will spill Shaurya’s blood only then we will peacefully sleep. Kanta slaps Mohit and says you want to go to jail and let your mother and sister die? Jeevan says dont loose senses in anger.

Sonal says i cant believe he did all this, its like some other person stayed in this house and not this Shaurya. Balwant says i always doubted that this was such good dream to be true and truly it was dream only. Ravi says Shaurya has to answer about this betrayal, Kanta says what will you ask him? that he never loved Mahek or he left her at altar? i know we are injured and pained but it takes time to heal, give it time, lets start our simple life and forget about all this. Mahek sadly leaves from there.

Mahek comes in her room and recalls how Shaurya promised her that he will handle everything in their wedding and wont let anything wrong happen, she recalls how Shaurya gave her 50lacs cheque and confessed that he did all love drama to get her recipebook, she recalls how she trusted Shaurya and asked to keep her recipebook safe, how he promised that their lives will change after marriage, she recalls their proposal, their mehndi moments, their party moments, their lip kiss, she just keep looking in empty space, not even crying anymore.

Shaurya comes in his room and looks at his and Mahek’s pictures on every wall, he sadly looks at them, he recalls how Mahek said that he could have asked her once. Karona comes there and says i am happy to see that you are able to look in my eyes even now, i could have slapped you but now you are big, too big, reaching height, such heights that you think everything is small infront of you, even if its your mother or girl who loved you unconditionally, conditions were in your love.. sorry it was not love but love drama, remember we have to pay consequences of our deeds in this life only, you get betrayal in return of betrayal only, i wont be able to handle you once you fall down this time. She forcefully feeds him sweets and says congrats for opening new restaurant, i pray that you get success in your life. She asks servant to take off these photos from wall and put them in godown, they are not needed here anymore, she glares Shaurya and leaves. Servant starts taking off photos from Shaurya’s room, Shaurya just stand there and keep looking at pictures sadly. He sees one picture on this table stand, he takes out picture from frame and keep it in his pocket before servant can take it, servant takes all other photos from his room while Shaurya just stand there.

Reporter says on TV that Shaurya’s company rank has increased after he opened new restaurant. Sharma family watches news and are sad, Mohit switches off Tv. Kanta says Shaurya used to in news before too, we dont have to be tensed hearing his name, Jeevan says pain is new, i cant believe he would do this, he used to laugh with us on dining table. Ravi says i cant believe he would do all this drama for just one recipebook? Mohit says Mahek’s recipebook got famous after supercook show, Shaurya is going to earn crores using that book, he doesnt know how to love but he knows how to do business. Balwant says we dont need to discuss anything about Shaurya now, dont take his name. Mahek starts leaving from there, Ravi says i will come with you, Mahek says no i will comeback soon, she leaves.

Shaurya is getting ready in his room. Servant comes there and says sister in law has come. Mahek comes in his room. Shaurya says to Mahek that you never ask for permission but dont you have shame? even after so much insult, you are standing infront of me? Mahek holds his hand and starts taking him from there, Shaurya says where are you taking me? Mahek says i want to talk to you, come with me, she drags him with her. Mahek brings him on terrace, Shaurya says i dont want to talk to you, find some middle class prince for you, dont waste my time. Mahek says was all that lie? what you said and did for me? everything was lie? Shaurya says i have said everything i wanted, dont get insulted again and again. Mahek says respect and ego are small infront of love, i cant accept that whatever you did for me and family was drama and fake.

Shaurya says i am businessman and i did everything for you and your family for my business, Mahek says saving Nehal’s life, exposing Ajay, accepting my family as your own, was that all business? Shaurya says yes it was all business, it was nothing personal, you have to accept truth only then you will come out of this craze, Shaurya turns away from her, Mahek grabs his hand and says you saved me and Mohit from fire, was that business? Shaurya screams that yes it was business. Mahek says those promises you made to me, saying ‘i love you’ to me, was that all business and lie? Shaurya grabs her shoulders and says yes it was all bpusiness, Mahek says that ring, that fairytale party, that mehndi, those gifts, promises to keep me hapy for life was that all business? Shaurya says yes it was all business. Mahek says you are very big businessman, Shaurya says yes i am very big businessman because i never loved you, i dont care about you, i dont love you, Mahek is hurt hearing it.