17th May Friday Update on Young Love

Alok and Meenu’s conversation. Anandi comes and asks them to have dinner. Meenu makes an excuse that Alok was asking about something. Alok smiles and leaves. Meenu asks Anandi, whether you are hiding anything from me? She asks, did you forgot our talks. Anandi says she remembers. Meenu asks about Shiv. Anandi says he is trying to find the solution. Meenu says he will not fail until you are with him. They go to have dinner. Ira asks Shiv, why he didn’t praise the brinjal dish today. She asks, is itn’t good? Shiv says it is good. Daddu says since some days you are looking tensed and if we are responsible for your tension then please talk to us openly. Saachi comes home, Ira and Meenu ask her to have dinner. Saachi says she had dinner with Ankita. Saachi thanks Mahi for bringing chocolates for her. Mahi looks at her angrily.

Ganga thinks almonds is good for my health now. She thinks what to do as it is not enough. She asks Makhan kaka to bring it tomorrow. He says we have it and gives the almonds to her. Ganga says we all will eat almonds from tomorrow. Alok and Ira wakes up with elephant’s noise. They come down and sees the decorations. Daddu and everyone wishes them Happy Anniversary. They get happy and takes the blessings from Daddu. Daddu gives the gift to them. Meenu, Mahi, Saachi wishes them. Anandi and Shiv takes their blessings and gifts them flight tickets. Daddu says your son is giving you break from your schedule and sending you for a holiday. Ira thanks Shiv. Daddu says tomorrow, we have organised a family lunch for you. Ira and Alok agrees. Mahi says it is your 37th anniversary and asks Alok when you met Ira first. Alok tells him, about his introduction with Ira. Alok says he was bowled over by her. Ira thanks them for the sweet surprise and asks them to sleep. She sees Shiv is already gone and looks at Shiv.

Dadisaa asks for tea and calls Ganga. Gehna says she is doing work alone. Ganga comes and serves ginger tea with almond. She says it is for you all. Ganga says,it is good for health during winter season. Dadisaa says Jagya must have tell you this. Ganga says she read on the internet and tells its importance. Gehna says I used to eat a lot of almonds when I was pregnant with Nandu. Dadisaa praises Ganga’s wit. Jagya gives the credit to himself for Ganga’s intelligence.

Anandi asks Ira, why didn’t you wear the saree which Daddu gifted you? Ira says it is very heavy, will wear in functions. Anandi says it is your marriage day today. She asks her to wear it. Saachi too asks her to wear that saree. Ira readily agrees. Anandi and Saachi helps her and she wears the saree. Alok comes and gets amazed by her beauty. He sits on his knees and gives a flower. Anandi and Saachi smiles. Alok says once again he has fallen in love with her.

Jagya, Ganga and Nandu come out to eat chaat papdi. Jagya looks at her, Nandu laughs. Jagya asks her to make him eat it. Ganga about to feed him but just then Pasha comes and snatches the chaat papdi. Jagya gets angry. Nandu says he knows him. Jagya, Ganga and Nandu looks at him eating it desperately.

Pasha snatching the plate from Ganga’s hand. Jagya thinks he is mad. Nandu says he knows him and goes to Pasha and talk to him. Nandu asks him whether he found the place. pasha says pichola talaab. Jagya says it is in Udaipur. Just then Pasha sees the goon and runs away. Jagya wonders why he left suddenly. Meanwhile the Shekhar are doing the havan in the mandir. Panditji asks Shiv to keep the havan ingredients in the havan kund. Shiv is hesitant but Anandi signs him to do. Panditji asks them to pray to God. Ira prays to God to give her this family in her every birth and Alok’s support and childrens like Shiv and Saachi. Panditji says havan is completed. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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