Monday Update on Complicated Love 16th November 2020


Monday Update on Complicated Love 16th November 2020

Mauli returns home. Mamma was concerned why Mauli went to dinner with Kunal. Mauli replies she had gone with Ishaan and Mishti, Kunal’s presence didn’t matter. Her hands moved nervously. She tells Mamma it’s good she met Kunal. She realized Kunal wasn’t only happy, he had a daughter as well. He had a family, a happy one; then why she lagged behind. She must also get her daughter love of both parents. She is ready to marry Ishaan. Ishaan had come inside. Mauli asks Ishaan who he wants to marry. Mauli replies she accepts his three yearlong pending proposal. Mamma and Dida’s eyes sparkle in excitement. Ishaan dances around and goes to hug Mamma and Dida. Dida asks Mamma to distribute sweet. All at once, Mauli lose the balance of her heel. Ishaan was concerned but Mauli says she is completely fine. Ishaan asks Dida to prepare some halwa or kheer. Dida agrees to prepare kheer. Mamma says she will cook halwa.

At home, Kunal spoke to Nandini’s photo that he met Mamma, Dida and Mauli today. Mamma’s tears couldn’t be retained, Dida’s anger was filled with love, Mauli is happy with a caring husband and a daughter. Pari comes there and was excited to have enjoyed a lot. Pari says if her mama was here, she must have been best friends with Mauli aunty. Kunal asks Pari why she lied to Ishaan that her mama is with God and not at home. Pari says Kunal told her Nandini is always in their hearts. Kunal thinks Pari and Mishti are good friends, and Mishti is a nice girl; it has all been really sudden. Kunal takes Pari to sleep.

Mauli stood in the balcony. Ishaan was also there and smiles at Mauli. She turns to leave but was stopped as her dupatta was stuck. She thinks it was Ishaan but turns to find it locked in the balcony grill. Ishaan says he is crazy in her love. Mauli asks if he doesn’t want to marry her. Ishaan says he has been behind her for three years then why her decision came right after meeting Kunal. Mauli replies Kunal has nothing to do with her decision, she wants a happy married life and a father for Mishti; but only after Ishaan’s willingness. Ishaan says this ‘Marzi’(will) turned him a ‘Mareez’ (patient) in the past three years. Mamma and Dida bring the sweet dish to balcony. Everyone was excited, but Mauli looked disturbed.

Kunal sat in his bed with Nandini’s photo and says Mauli has moved on in life. Mauli lay in her bed, haunted by Kunal and Nandini’s thoughts. She was disturbed that decides she can’t let Kunal affect her so badly. She wonders why he returned. Kunal thinks he never wanted to cross ways with Mauli, it were the situations that brought him here. He was happy to meet her. She once lied to him about her pregnancy, but now lives have changed. She has Mishti, and he has Pari in their lives. God bless you.
Mauli decides she won’t give Kunal enough importance to let him ruin her present. He held a photo frame of herself and Mishti with Ishaan and says Kunal might be Mishti’s biological father, but her real father will only be Ishaan. The next morning, Mishti was having breakfast with Mamma. Mauli comes out of the room and asks Ishaan she is ready. Mishti boasted about her milk moustache, Mamma excitedly says Kunal also had…. She then sends Mishti into the room and turns to leave the table herself.

Mauli stops Mamma, she tells her and Dida to continue their relation with Kunal. It’s because of her they ceased to meet Kunal earlier, but their sacrifice has been huge. Dida disagrees, as Kunal wronged her; they have lived without him for long now and will continue to live without him. Mamma says Mauli has been a very good daughter and a commendable daughter in law, Ishaan is lucky to have her as wife. She only needs a promise from them, they will never tell Kunal about Mishti’s reality. She only wish Mishti to have Ishaan as her father, Mishti should never suffer from any confusion. She forwards her hand for a promise. Dida place her hand over Mauli’s, Mamma also vows not to tell Kunal about Mishti’s identity. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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