Monday Update on True Love 16th November 2020


Monday Update on True Love 16th November 2020

Asgar repeats it that he wont do something like this again. tears stream down Khalid’s eyes as he looks at the blood. Asgar continues to point the gun at him. he shoots another bullet at his heart. Khalid moves his hand towards him but falls down on the floor before he can touch him. he is writhing in pain. Asgar starts acting again. I committed such a big sin. Are you in pain? I had told you to understand me. you should have said that you have forgiven me or wont say anything to Ammi and Abbu. He laughs evilly. Listen to me I can kill anyone to complete my mission. It is time for you to go to heaven. He kisses him on his forehead and leaves from there. He hears some noise and comes back inside the room to find an escape. Khalid holds his feet. Asgar finally has to hurt him on his wound to free himself. He runs away as soon as Khalid releases his grip on his feet because of the pain. Asgar jumps out of the window. Khalid mutters Meethi’s name.

Ashfaque notices Asgar coming downstairs and going out of the house. Though he is confused over something but then decides to go where he was going. Everyone is shocked to hear Saba’s scream. She is holding Khalid in her lap, trying to wake him up. Ashfaque is the first one to reach there. He calls the doc asap. Meethi comes running next. Khalid has been waiting for her and keeps muttering her name. Saba asks him to speak up. Zubeida, Ammi and Abbu too reach there. Ashfaque realises that he might be trying to say something to Meethi. Khalid says two words – Meethi, danger. He points his finger towards Meethi.

Saba mistakes it for something else. She pushes Meethi and blames her for killing her husband. Meethi looks at her in shock. Abbu tells Ashfaque to call ambulance. Saba continues to rant the same thing. Ammi tries to let him say it. Abbu tells her to be quiet. He assures Khalid that he will be alright. Ashfaque tells them that the ambulance is taking time. We will have to take him ourselves but before that Khalid breathes his last. Everyone is stunned to witness this. Saba screams / cries hysterically for her husband. She continues to blame Meethi for it. I told you she is inauspicious for our home. She tied Rakhi on his hand today and he died. Ashfaque comforts his sister. Meethi stands there in tears.

She runs downstairs a minute later while Saba’s words echo in her head. She closes the door of her room behind her and breaks down. Why did God do it? You take everyone away whoever is close to me. why? I had tied Rakhi on Khalid bhai’s hand today only and you snatched him from me? Kill me if you want to but leave my loved ones. Don’t trouble them for anything.

Asgar comes to check on Akash who is under the influence of the drug that was mixed in his food. My sister’s husband died today. you won’t be able to meet your wife for a few days. He is still at home so thought to inform you. Akash tells him to be with his family right now. You could have told Juman Chacha. Its just a matter of two-three days after which I and Meethi will be in our home. How far is border from here? He is told that it is just a few hours away. He gets up to go but Akash stops him. I feel very sleepy after eating the food cooked by Juman Chacha. I generally don’t sleep this much and my head is heavy when I wake up. Asgar assure him that it is just a matter of a few days. You wont have to eat here then. I will talk to Juman Chacha about it. Asgar eyes Akash angrily. Akash falls asleep within a matter of some seconds. Asgar smiles.

Asgar tells Juman Chacha to keep the door closed from outside. Double the dose of the drug. It isn’t affecting him like it should. He has so many questions about it. he hands over the bottle to Juman Chacha promising to get more tomorrow.

Ammi consoles a tearful Saba. Asgar comes home pretending to not know anything. He asks them as to why are they crying. Saba hugs her brother and tells him about Khalid’s death. Ashfaque adds that someone has shot bullets at him. Asgar mocks to be angry. Who dared to come in my house and killed Khalid? I will finish person and his entire family. Ammi tells him not to be hot headed in such a situation. Saba talks about her husband’s murder. You want my brother to be calm and not do anything about it? swear on me that you will avenge for my husband’s death. Ashfaque assures her that no one will spare the killer. We have tried to contact Ansari ji but his phone is on voicemail. I have informed him.

Asgar is taken aback to know this. He is angry at his brother for this. Could you not wait for me to come back? Don’t you know him? He only wants a chance to pounce on us. Ammi agrees with him. we don’t want police in our home. Khalid’s soul wont even rest at peace. Ashfaque tells them not to hide such stuff. Think about the consequences if they come to know about it later? ASgar shouts at his brother. Have you become so mature that you can decide for the family? he turns to Saba next. I promise that I wont spare Khalid’s murderer. I will punish him with my own hands but don’t think of going to police right now. Do what Ammi says.

Saba is more than happy to know that he has sworn to avenge her husband’s death. She yet again blames Meethi for it. she only looks innocent but don’t fall for it. none of us have gun. Things have turned crazy since she has come here. She shakes Meethi, asking for an explanation as to why she killed her husband. Meethi is in tears while Saba continues to ask her the same question. Asgar tells her to trust her brother. Ashfaque tells her that Meethi was in her room only. Saba reminds him that Khalid only took Meethi’s name and danger when he was breathing his last. What does it mean? Asgar tells her to be quiet. Give me some time to think. He hugs his sister. I wish I was at home then this wouldn’t have happened. please forgive me Saba. Ashfaque is taken aback. He recalls seeing his brother going out of the house at the same moment. Why is he lying? CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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