Monday Update on Complicated Love 26th October 2020


Monday Update on Complicated Love 26th October 2020

Kunal questions why Virat put Mauli’s dress on fire. Virat and Tara were offensive how they blamed Virat. Tara blames Mauli, she couldn’t take care of her husband and realize that her husband was having an affair with her best friend behind her back. It’s because of women like Mauli who easily forgive their husbands that women’s status in their society is degraded. Kunal questions how Tara judged another woman so easily. He is to be blamed, as he is ill character and irresponsible. Mauli cried silently. Kunal says Mauli is brave and the right one here, she is taking care of her family and even herself. If anyone blames Mauli, they must confront him first. He says Virat flamed Mauli’s dress out of jealousy. Tara and Virat leave the function.

Later at home, Mauli stood in front of mirror and thinks about Kunal defending her in the function. She opens the wardrobe. A photo of Mauli and Kunal fell down. Mamma picks up the frame. She says Kunal said a lot today, higher than hopes but it’s not always easy to take the accusations over oneself. She was fearful of disgrace if the society knows about it, but Kunal made her proud today. Tears fell off Mauli’s eyes. She asks Mamma if Kunal’s past mistakes have been wiped off. Mamma looks towards the frame, she says may be Kunal and Mauli of the frame have changed and the love between them exists no more. But today Kunal proved that he respects her, and it’s a hard earned thing for women for centuries in their society. Marriage isn’t always same, and today Mauli has taken a strong position in their marriage. It’s now up to Mauli to decide what she wish to do with her marriage, she won’t force Mauli into any decision now.

Kunal finds Dida enjoying some funny clip on cell phone. He laughs with her. Dida looks towards Kunal intently, and says he laughed after long. She wish that mischievous Kunal returns to their lives again. Kunal assures Dida that he hasn’t gone anywhere. Kunal asks Dida to come to the room, Mauli brings the medicines for Dida. Kunal turns to leave the house to meet a friend. Dida insists on Mauli to accompany him. Kunal and Mauli had no option but to leave together.

Nandini was waiting for Kunal. She decides to prepare some food for Kunal.
In the car, Mauli says she knows where Kunal headed to. Kunal begins to drive silently, he notices Mauli’s eyes filled with tears. He plays the music, ‘Naina’. Mauli recalls when once Kunal dedicated the next song to Mauli, they laughed together as an old song played. Mauli had thanked Kunal and wished he continue dedicating songs for her forever. ‘Naina’ continue to play, Kunal and Mauli remain silent. Mauli wipes her tears.

Nandini wait for Kunal at home. Mauli leaves the car for hospital. Kunal reverse the car, then curses himself for being blinded in love. If he goes to meet Nandini, Mauli will have to work alone. Mauli watch him park the car. He asks Mauli to come home. Mauli asks if he didn’t have to go to Nandini. He replies they must go home, it’s late already. Mauli agrees and gets into the car. Kunal decides to inform Nandini he won’t come tonight.
Kunal stood in the balcony and apologizes Nandini for not being able to visit her for last two days. Nandini’s eyes filled with tears. Kunal promises to speak to Nandini for as long as she wish, he tells her to imagine he is accompanying her and start eating dinner. They speak till late at night. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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