Monday Update on True Love 26th October 2020


Monday Update on True Love 26th October 2020

Meethi is rushing upstairs when she collides with Asgar (Fida’s so called husband). They both look at each other in shock and Asgar recalls the train journey. How did she reach here? Has she recognized him? Meethi looks at him doubtfully / confused. Zubeida comes there and introduces Asgar to Meethi. She is about to take his bag but he stops her. How can you carry my baggage? She nods. Meethi feels that she has seen him somewhere. Zubeida takes Meethi with her.

Ashfaque’s friend enquires about Meethi. He advises him to stay away from her or his dad wont spare him.

Everyone is happy to see Asgar. He has brought gifts for both his sisters. Zubeida looks on happily while Meethi is still confused. Asgar looks at Meethi.

Akash is talking to Vishnu. We all want you to get well soon. Mukta stops at the door to listen. If I could ask for one wish then I would have told him to switch places. I wouldn’t have been scared or worried to hear or know something untoward about Meethi. my own family is mourning for my wife in front of me. I wouldn’t have to see it then. Even Anni is not trusting me now. Mukta can understand his pain. We both share the same pain. Vishnu is with me yet it is equal to his not being with me. anyone can say anything against Vishnu never recovering or Meethi never returning home but it doesn’t matter to me. I have full faith in both the things. Meethi will come back and Vishnu will be alright one day. We have to keep this hope alive and everything will be fine one day.

Zubeida, Ashfaque and Mumtaz Begum have told Asgar about how they found Meethi. Saba announces that the groom’s family has come. All the family members come down to welcome them. Ashfaque tells his brother to take care of Ansari as he will keep an eye on Meethi all the time. The women and men are separated using a curtain.

Nusrat’s groom talks about her beauty and considers himself lucky to have found her. Ansari likes the decor but he is indeed keeping an eye on Meethi. He goes a little closer to the curtain to observe her actions. Mumtaz Begum introduces someone to Meethi. She is about to fold her hands but then does Aadab. Everyone is relieved to see this but Ansari is still doubtful. Ashfaque has observed this. His dad tells him not to look at Ansari all the time. Let the celebrations happen nicely then we will think about it. Asgar too has been observing Ansari.

Ansari wants to talk to Rizvi ji. Ansari sits down beside him. He asks about Meethi. is she a Pakistani or not? This should be disclosed. Does she have any legal documents? Ashfaque tells him that she has come to attend Nusrat’s wedding. It is logical that she wouldn’t carry her documents with her as she would not have known that someone here will be trying to identify her. Rizvi ji tells him to keep law and relations separate. Let us begin the rituals.

Ansari says that your relative is shown to be running towards the border and Ashfaque comes to save her by cooking up stories. I don’t buy it. I want something to prove it that she is a Pakistani by the end of tonight’s dinner. Nothing is impossible in today’s date. He leaves. Khalid is worried as to where will they get documents from. How will we prove it that she is a Pakistani? Asgar tells them to go and take care of the guests while he will save their guest. Ashfaque is reluctant but Asgar assures him he will take care of everything. You don’t know your brother well. Ashfaque and Rizvi ji leave to check on the guests and dinner.

Khalid tells his wife about Ansari’s new demand. She is anyways upset because of Meethi and is sure they will land up in trouble because of her. Asgar clicks Meethi’s pics and leaves without saying a word to her. Zubeida tells her about Ansari’s doubts. She tells her to avoid Ansari and hide your vermilion from him. rest my husband is taking care of everything. Asgar calls someone and tells him to do something asap. He sends Meethi’s pics on that number.

Ansari compliments Rizvi ji on the dinner. Two minutes are left. Clear away my doubts and the happiness will double. Asgar wants a little more time. He tells Ashfaque to divert Ansari somehow. Ashfaque agrees. He calls for a celebration as they are relatives now. Ansari doesn’t want to waste time but Ashfaque doesn’t give up. Ashfaque and Khalid dance on Jogi Mahi. They dance around Ansari who is clearly losing his patience by every passing minute. Meethi is sad as the song sequence is going on. She recalls her wedding with Akash.

Ansari stops them in between. He understands Ashfaque’s moves. It wont come to any good in front of me. Its time to fulfil my duty now. Your guest will have to come with us. I don’t want to insult you in front of all the guests. Tell her to come with me. He asks Meethi to come with her right now. Everyone stands helplessly. Just then Asgar enters. Forgive me for the delay but looks like you are in a rush to make our guest your jail’s guest. He gives her a fake passport. We found this in her bag only. Her name is Fida Rasool Aslam. The name strikes a bell in Meethi’s head. Everyone has mixed reactions on their faces while Ansari looks at the passport. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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