Monday Update on Complicated Love 2nd October 2020


Monday Update on Complicated Love 2nd October 2020

Mauli recollects a memory about planning a baby with Kunal in 2018. Both Mauli and Kunal look towards each other, Mauli leaves the room.
At night, Dida cries sadly besides Kunal. She was about to tell him about his doubling happiness and relation with Kunal. Mauli comes to interrupt from behind and asks Dida to fell asleep and takes her from the room. In the corridor, Dida tells Mauli that Kunal has really fallen weak. Mauli qualifies he is only ill, she needs some time to share the news with Kunal. Later, Mauli finds the angelic lady, recalls about Kunal’s promise last year. She rushes into Kunal’s room with a smile and hugs him thankfully. Soon, Mauli realizes she had been day dreaming only and Kunal was asleep, she only thanks him from a distance with a smile.

The next morning, Mauli instructs Pramilla about the breakfast. Dida and Mamma stood with Halwa and almonds for Mauli. She says she already had toast, but Dida asks her to take it for the little life now associated with her. They were shocked to see Kunal stand behind them, he walks towards them suspiciously. Everyone stood there beholding their breaths. Kunal removes his ear piece and leaves for clinic. Dida asks Mauli to share the news with Kunal, she holds an upper edge with Kunal now and can use it as an opportunity to save her marriage. Mauli promises to share the news at the right time. She hears Dida worried about her approaching divorce in a few days.
Nandini was painting in her balcony, distressed about leaving Kunal. She gets a call from Kunal on her cell phone and cuts it.

Sweety hits Kunal outside the apartment. Kunal’s cell phone drops. Sweety discuss with Kunal that she met Nandini in market yesterday, she was concerned about her distress. Kunal hurries outside worried. Sweety enjoys the situation.
Nandini comes to the door as Kunal rang the doorbell. She questions from inside why he came here. Kunal requests to see her face for once. Nandini wipes her tears and opens the door. Kunal was concerned, and hugs Nandini out of worry. Nandini says Kunal must not have come here, she forbid him to visit her. Kunal asks how she took the decision so abruptly. Nandini clarifies it was her one time decision, he can go anywhere but must not visit her at any cost.

She asks Kunal to understand her no, else there would be no difference between him and others. She has even blocked his cellular number, she doesn’t wish to meet him in future. She slaps the door shut over Kunal’s face and cries inside. Kunal leaves the apartments.
Sweety arrives at Nandini’s apartment. Nandini says Kunal isn’t here. Sweety says Kunal has changed altogether, he won’t now be seen. This is how girls like Nandini do, they snatch husbands of innocent women. Nandini wants Kunal to crave for herself, else she must have left the city by now.

Mauli come home and watch Kunal leaving with his luggage. Dida was speaking on phone that no one will blame him, one must not leave home; there are misunderstandings in everyone house. Mamma confirmed on phone about a flight to London, and cries that Kunal must have left for London. The flight will take off in two hours. Mauli hurries to airport and takes information about flights going to London. One desk says the flight is about to take off within ten minutes. She requests a guard but wasn’t allowed into the flight. She sits on a bench nearby recalling every good memory with Kunal. She looks ahead to find Dida and Mamma there in the airport. Mauli cries placing her head in Dida’s lap that Kunal left them forever. Mamma asks her to come home. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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