Monday Update on True Love 2nd October 2020


Monday Update on True Love 2nd October 2020

Akash gets in the train and calls Damini. Damini informs him that they were together with Fida and her husband till Nangla. Then they got off, but Meethi went in the train again.

Back in Pakistan, Nilofer taunts Meethi for mixing up with Ashfaque despite of her being married. She tells Meethi that she loves Ashfaque and wants to marry him. Meethi answers her back that if marriages are pure in Pakistant, then they are pure in India too. She knows her limits and she won’t cross it. She also tells her that she loves her husband a lot. Nilofer leaves.

Akash shows Meethi’s photo to a tea seller in train, but doesn’t get any information.

Damini tells police about her observation. Police get Fida’s sketch done to catch the terrorists or find any information about Meethi. The sketch comes out exactly like Fida.

The train stops at Nangla station. Akash comes down and shows Meethi’s photo a stall owner, but no luck. He goes back and recalls Damini’s words about her and Meethi getting separated on this station.

Ashfaque comes to Meethi to ask where everyone is. Meethi remembers Nilofer’s words and turns her face to other side. She tells him everyone went to relative house. Ashfaque says he’ll have to wait till they return to place button back on his kurta. Meethi asks him to wear other one then. He says Nilofer gave him as gift and he loves it. She tells him to wait till Nilofer comes then. He says he’ll wear something else and leaves dropping his kurta there.

Meethi picks it up and places the button. He watches her and smiles. Meethi was going to give it to him, but stops and asks why she should. Ashfaque comes in and says he won. She tells him it’s wrong to watch her hiding. He tells her to keep right and wrong with her. He wanted to have button placed which he got done. She returns his kurta to him and moves her hand right away. He thanks her, but she says it’s not needed. He says he’ll have to say thanks, she has right on it. He leaves. Meethi says to herself, he’s mad.

Chaubey calls Rathore, but he yells at him asking him to never call him again and hangs up.

Ashfaque smiles looking at his kurta’s button. Other hand, Akash is sadly looking at Meethi’s photo while standing at train’s door. The photo flies away and he screams Meethi. Ticket checker tells him, Meethi gone to Pakistan now. That river goes straight to Pakistan. Akash thinks no Indians are allowed there, but they can’t stop flowing things in river to enter. He wonders whether Meethi is in Pakistan?

Rathore comes to meet Chaubey. Chaubey asks him to forgive Ambika, in end, she’s his blood, but Rathore refuses saying she’s not his daughter. Rathore is about to leave, when Chaubey says he hid another secret from him. His first wife and Ambika’s mother is alive. Rathore gets shocked and says it can’t be true. Chaubey says only he knows where she is and he’ll only tell if he forgives Ambika.

Later, Rathore comes to jail to meet Ambika. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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