Monday Update on Emperor Ashoka 14th March 2022


Monday Update on Emperor Ashoka 14th March 2022

Dharma comes inside where Ashoka is lying. Acharya Devrath asks everyone to leave. Everyone leaves from the room. Vaid says your arrival hints at hope for him. the wound is deep. His body is turning numb. Ashoka mumbles Ma in his sleep. Devi Dharma thinks of Ashoka as she hears Ma from his mouth. Vaid remarks that her sheer touch has spread life in the kid! She takes a diya closer to him to look at his face. She drops the diya in shock as soon as she looks at him. Acharya Devrath supports her as she stumbles. She is in tears. How did it happen? Wake up, son! Ashoka says Ma yet again.

Charu wants Bindu to announce Sushim as his successor. We have to make sure Samrat should not become a hindrance in your way. I don’t mind taking him out of our way so you can sit on the throne. Sushim points out that it isn’t easy. Speaking such a thing is easy but putting it into practise is not! She nods. A wife can fail in this war but not a mother! You will stay here only in hiding till the time Samrat announces you as his successor. No one should find out you are here in Patliputra, and not in Takshshila!

Dharma keeps asking Ashoka to wake up. How did it all happen, son? Vaid is surprised as to how she knows his name. Dharma shares that he is her son. Acharya Devrath and Vaid ji are susprised. Acharya Devrath says Ashoka is not just yours but the son of every lady of Takshshila. I told her Ashoka’s name when I met him. Why should I tell his name to people? People take his name on their own. His name lives in the heart of people as either God or Kaal. Dharma says it will never happen. He is the son of this motherland. I will do anything to save him. I am here now son. I wont let anything happen to you. She wants to stop the poison from spreading. She explains the kind of flower she needs to Vaid ji. He knows where to look for them and leaves from there. The soldier has overheard their entire convo.

Bindu writes a letter to Sushim. He is eager for his return. Charu taunts them on their relation. You have made me realise many a times that I am nothing to you other than giving you a heir. Only Dharma and Ashoka matter to you. I don’t remember when we last ate together or spent time with one another. Sushim observes it all from far. Why is Ma saying all this? She is talking like a typical woman! He touches something which makes noise. Bindu looks in that direction.

Kichak gets to know about Ashoka’s condition. Devrath brought a woman here to cure Ashoka. She does not appear like an ordinary woman. She has asked for a special flower. Vaid has gone to look for it. Kichak wants Ashoka to die. This is the perfect time to end him and to give an answer to all the rebellions. Amatya suggests using the Vaid for their purpose.

Charu diverts Bindu’s attention. I forgot whatever happened with me but Sushim too did not get anything from you. Ask yourself if you have never been partial with him. You never thought of his good points. You tried to calm him when he was hurt after losing his brother. Ashoka is no more but you are still lost in his memories. Sushim is alive. Did you think about his future and what he must be feeling? Bindu replies that Sushim is his first kid. He only made me realise what it is to be a father. he holds a special place in my heart which no one can snatch. She asks him to show it to the world then. Announce him your successor! Bindu gets angry. How can you think on this matter at this moment?

Ashoka has just died. She insists upon announcing his successor as there is a fight going on between Takshshila and Patliputra. Sushim is capable enough to handle all the responsibilities. Bindu speaks about the time when he made Sushim a temp King. He has to learn a lot still for the citizens of Magadh. If he proves his skills in Takshshila then I will announce him my successor. Citizens will also respect him after his victory. She reasons that it is he who does not respect Sushim. He is not so weak that he cannot make any decision after becoming a king. He says it is not my weakness to be quiet after hearing all this from you. I respect you otherwise I would have punished you for the same! He walks out. Sushim stands by the door. He takes out his dagger and begins to follow Bindu when Charu holds his hand. She slaps him for the same. When will you learn to control your anger? He is irked with her for not living up to her word. If it does not happen soon then you will see Ashoka sitting on the throne. He leaves from there after covering himself with a shawl.

Vaid ji finds the particular flower that Dharma asked for. I will do my duty towards humanity and motherland by helping that kid. I feel so lucky. He stops in shock upon noticing Kichak’s men there.

Acharya Devrath says sorry to Dharma for not recognizing him. She tells him not to do so. Why did you stop me from telling my identity? He reasons that no one should know of her presence here. He has a doubt that there is someone in the palace who is against the right. He handled everything on his own since then. He did not take help from anyone. This blessing from you (bracelet given by Dharma) is his inspiration. He motivated everyone through it and fill hopes in the people of Takshshila. He is very close to his mission. Meeting you is a signal from God that Ashoka will certainly fulfil his dream. If Kichka finds out about your presence here then he will try to hurt you. Ashoka might do something which can be a problem for others. She wonders how to hide it from Ashoka that she is here. My son was sure of my survival when everyone thought of me to be dead. He is connected with my soul. He does not need eyes to believe my existence. Acharya Devrath insists upon her to do as he says. I wouldn’t have come in between otherwise.

Kichak picks up the Vaid ji. I wont like it if someone will behave with Vaid ji like this. He is our entry pass. Keep him nicely. I have heard that you have a lot of sympathy for Ashoka. What is in him that every citizen, who once could not even think of revolting against me, stands against me now! Tell me. vaid shares that Ashoka is wounded and has lot of blood. Kichak tells him not to be scared. I know you are protecting my enemy. I can give you death penalty for this. I will not do that though. You were taking something for Ashoka to cure him. I want you to give him poison. Vaid is shocked. Kichak says I have destined your fate. Ashoka will now die by your hands only. Vaid requests him not to make him do something like that. I have always treated people. How can I kill Ashoka then? Amatya does not want to lose this chance by trusting this weak Vaid! Agnibahu suggests befriending Ashoka just like Kaurvaki did. Kichak likes the idea. Who is here on whom they wont doubt? His sister steps forward. I can do this much for your victory.

Kashi gets Kaurvaki ready. Kaurvaki is in tears. Nayak and Agnibahu look at her. Nayak looks down feeling bad. Agnibahu remarks that the man inside him has awaken after seeing the woman inside this girl (Kaurvaki). You did a fab job!

Dharma is tending to Ashoka. She adds more oil in the diya she has lit for him. Vaid ji will come with the flower soon. Acharya Devrath says he should have come by now.

Kichak says this poison holds no colour or fragrance. Ashoka is so weak at the moment that even one drop of this poison will do wonders. He pours it over the flowers. Amatya adds that this poison cannot even rot the flower. How will it kill Ashoka? Kichak claps when a Daasi walks in. He offers the flower to her. The shocked Daasi accepts it worriedly. He asks her to touch the drop of the dew on top of the flower. Taste it and tell me how it is. She does so and dies within seconds. Kichak laughs victoriously. Ashoka was starting to count my end days. He does not have enough time now. No one can save him now! Vaid looks tensed. Kichak pours the poison all over the flowers and signals the Vaid to leave. Vaid obliges.

Dharma talks to Ashoka. Nothing will happen to you. This shall pass soon. You will be in Patliputra then with your family. You will be safe there. You are brave which is why you have so many enemies. They are scared of you as you are walking on the path of dharma, justice and respect for others. She kisses his forehead. Acharya Devrath looks on.

Rajmata Helena dreams of Simaka getting the crown of the new King of Patliputra. Your father will be very proud of you today as you became the successor of Magadh! She is shocked to see Ashoka suddenly. Her dream breaks. Charu offers her water. The thought of his return is already troubling us so much. What will happen when he will actually return? Helena drops the glass. He died when his ship sank. Charu calls him stubborn. He is fulfilling his father’s order in Takshshila. He is becoming stronger there day by day. He will get Takshshila under him then. everything will be finished then. Dharma already has a doubt on us regarding Chanakya’s death. We will be killed when the truth is out. I have a solution. We should make Samrat announce the successor before Ashoka is back. Siamak is too young for it and Samrat will not agree to it. You only have two options. One, to wait for Ashoka, Two, choose the successor who will be under our control. We don’t have time to lose. We will have to act quickly!

Dharma is waiting eagerly for Vaid ji. Vaid ji comes back just then with Kichak’s sister in disguise. The guy at the door stops the lady but Vaid ji says she is with him. Acharya Devrath allows her inside. Vaid ji gives the flower to Dharma. His hands are shaking as he holds the bowl. Kichak’s sister gives it to Dharma. I am his sister. I keep learning a few things from him. Dharma takes the flower but she stops as soon as she realises something. She asks them what they have mixed on the flower. It contains poison! Vaid ji and Kichak’s sister is shocked. Dharma talks about the poison that can kill anyone in seconds. It is odourless and colourless. Why dint you think of it before? This is the perfect combination. Even I forgot about it. She thanks the Vaid ji. It will save Ashoka now. This poison will have a counter effect on Ashoka’s poison. He will recover soon. Vaid ji says I did what I felt was right. Kichak’s sister is taken aback. Dharma feeds the mixture to Ashoka. It is only about tonight. You will be awake by sunrise tomorrow.

Kichak’s sister offers to take care of Ashoka till sunrise. Dharma denies leaving her son. Kichak’s sister is shocked. Dharma covers up saying every mother in Takshshila thinks of him as their son. I wont go anywhere till he is fine. Kichak’s sister acts all sweet and requests her yet again. Dharma allows her to stay then. Kichak’s sister wants to make another plan to kill Ashoka. She asks Vaid ji to leave. I will handle things here.

Vaid ji mentally apologizes to Ashoka for not being able to take a stand against Kichak. Why am I scared for my life? Nothing is bigger than Ashoka’s life. He looks at Acharya Devrath. This is the only way to save him. He calls out for Acharya Devrath. I want to tell you something.