Saturday Update on Lockdown Love Story 12th March 2022


Saturday Update on Lockdown Love Story 12th March 2022

Nutan asking do you have any proof, can you prove it, Milky is more beautiful than you, her beauty will attract Dhruv one day, then he will not believe you. Sonam says I regret to say that you don’t know your son, he doesn’t see face beauty, but heart’s beauty. Nutan says remind yourself that Milky is Dhruv’s wife, he will see her heart beauty and face beauty too. Sonam says if this was true, then you would be not scared of me, no one will accept this marriage, Dhruv will never take rounds with Milky, I trust Dhruv and myself. Nutan says we will toss a coin, we will gamble, you trust Mata rani, right, you won the voting, we will end our fight, if its head, then Dhruv is yours, else he is of Milky, do you agree. Shashi asks what’s happening. Nutan asks everyone to come, they are gambling to get Dhruv.

Shashi says I won’t see this nonsense. Nutan says everything will end soon. Sheetal says you just lost the voting, why are you playing this game. Nutan says its better to take risk and play. Sonam says Dhruv would be a thing for you, I can’t put him at stake, his life isn’t so cheap that a coin decides his life. Nutan says you swear on Dhruv’s love, if you think you didn’t do anything wrong in your marriage, if you have faith then you have to do this. Shashi asks what’s this, Sonam won’t play. Sonam says no, she made me swear, Dhruv and I had love vows, I will play, toss the coin. Sheetal asks Nutan why is she playing the game. Nutan says trust me, everyone is a witness here, don’t refuse to your promise. Sonam says toss the coin, Devi maa can never do wrong, it will be her decision. Nutan tosses the coin. Everyone looks on.

Dhruv comes and catches the coin. He asks whose life is tossed. Shashi says your mum wants to gamble you, you will be of Sonam if its head, else of Milky. Nutan asks why are you saying my name, I came here to do puja, Sonam was challenging me. She lies. Nutan says I said yes to her. Sonam says wow, you have blamed me so easily, superb. Dhruv says please stop it, my life is already ruined, don’t insult it more, what do you want to do. Nutan says I don’t like this girl claiming right on you, she was insulting me. She cries and lies to him.

She asks Dhruv to take rounds with Milky. She says Sonam was telling me that she won’t let the marriage rounds happen, agree to my last word, take rounds with Milky, then Sonam will get the answer. Dhruv says I trusted Sonam a lot, but I won’t do another mistake, I won’t take the rounds with Milky. He asks am I a football, spare me, please. He goes.

Shashi scolds Nutan. She goes. Sonam thanks Mata rani for sending Dhruv and stopping the gamble. Dhruv sees the coin and says Sonam made my life a gamble. He sees the coin having tail on both the side. He thinks how is this coin, it has tails on both the sides. He recalls Shashi’s words. Milky takes care of Nutan. Nutan says Dhruv will marry you because of Sonam. Milky asks really. Nutan says yes, he will come running to take rounds with you. Dhruv comes. Nutan says so soon.

Dhruv asks Milky to leave the room. Milky asks what happened. He pushes Milky out and shuts the door. Nutan says she is your wife, will you behave like that with her. He asks her to tell him about the coin. Milky looks on.

Dhruv asking what’s this. Nutan says coin. He asks head or tail. She says tail. He tosses the coin and says wow, its a tail, Dhruv would have become of Milky right, what’s this, how can there be tail on both the sides of a coin. She worries. He says I can’t believe you can do this, you are thinking so cleverly for your son, you planned well, you will win both ways, you blamed Sonam, that Sonam forced you to gamble, come with me, I will expose your mastermind. Nutan says you are misunderstanding me, listen to me. He opens the door and sees Milky. He says you are doing everything for her, she was hearing our talks. Sheetal asks what is happening. He says know your Bhabhi’s good deed today. He calls everyone.

Shashi asks what happened. Dhruv asks him to say what’s this. Shashi says tail. Dhruv shows other side. Shashi says tail, how can this happen. Dhruv says Nutan can do anything to win. Shashi asks is this same coin by which she was playing the gamble. Dhruv says yes. She had put me on stake, see Nutan had planned this to win. He removes the two coins.

Shashi says Nutan wants to put her son at stake and then she was cheating, I don’t know for what I shall blame her. Sonam says I told you, truth will come out, I didn’t expect that it will start soon. Nutan says I m helpless, Dhruv is helping you, you can’t change lie into truth, you can’t put the blame on me. She says yes, I have joined the coins, I wanted to win over Sonam and show her the exit. Shashi and Dhruv argue with Nutan.

Nutan says I wanted this girl to be out of here, so that my son wins, I challenged Sonam to gamble, I know my way was wrong, I will do anything for my son, maybe Dhruv was lying to me, Dhruv doesn’t want Sonam to leave from the house. Nutan starts emotionally blackmailing them. She says I will leave this house. Shashi asks what. Nutan says yes, what shall I do now, Dhruv is calling me wrong. Dhruv looks at her. Sonam sees Nutan’s drama. Nutan signs Sheetal and Milky to come with her. They go. Sonam says Dhruv, I hope I don’t need to say anything to you, same thing happened with me on the marriage day. Shashi asks Dhruv did his eyes opened or not. Sonam cries.

Dhruv goes to Sonam and cries. He says maybe I…. Sheetal asks why are you leaving the house. Nutan gets her bag. She cries and asks Sheetal not to stop her. She says I m going to my Maayka, I m taking my Bahu with me, let us get defamed. Milky nods. Nutan asks Sonam to stay well in the house now. She says Shashi will do your aarti, you wanted this, right, you have won, I lost.

Shashi asks her to stop her drama. She says I m going now, I know the world will ask me, why do I want to go to my Maayka, I will tell everyone about the drama happening here. Shashi says fine, go now, I will see how long you stay there. Dhruv stops Nutan from leaving. Nutan smiles. She acts to cry. She says you don’t trust my love, you think Sonam is the world’s most decent girl, let me go. Dhruv says any mum would do this if she sees her son losing, you can’t be called wrong, you did right, I got late in understanding you, sorry. Nutan says you have to accept one condition, if you want me to not leave from here, then you have to take 7 rounds with Milky. Everyone gets shocked. Nutan says answer me, else I will go with Milky, I will believe that you were just acting to show hatred towards Sonam, Sonam had challenged me to make you take rounds with Milky, she knows she is with you, I want an answer from you, tell the truth, why are you playing with my love. Sonam thinks answer it Dhruv, will this forced marriage win or my love.