Monday Update on Evil Eye 7th June 2021


Monday Update on Evil Eye 7th June 2021

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Ansh hugs Piya and says this is how our first meeting was. Your earrings were making noise and I followed it. I met my life that day. Piya hugs him. They hear Barkha screaming Piya.. Ansh says Abhay’s car? Did he kidnap Piya?

Barkha opens her eyes. Abhay says listen, please. She says you kidnapped me? He says no I am a CBI officer. I brought you here for your safety. Nishant says but why did you bring me here? Nishant comes and says I asked him to.
Naman says to Dufli I ran so much after Mohana. If anything happened to you, I would throttle that witch. Savi says don’t say such things in front fo her. Naman says I will never leave you. Savi says what’s in her hand? Naman says it’s a hair. She says it could be Mohana’s hair. It can help us. She says we have to test it in patal.

Barkha says what do you want from me? I have to go to my sister’s. Vedeshree says sorry we had to bring you here this way. Nishant says this is for your safety. Mohana is looking for you. Chetali says and if she did she would know you look like her. Abhay says if I didn’t bring you here Mohana would have seen you.. Piya says what has Barkha done to Mohana? Why is she after her? Vedeshree says why can’t we get rid of her. Piya says we have to find a permanent solution. Ansh says we answer her attacks. We will attack her first this time from a weapon that she doesn’t know about?

Savi checks the hair. She says it’s Mohana’s. Ansh says to Barkha you can help us in this fight. She says I can’t face a witch. Ansh says in this fight you can help us. Ansh says we will face Mohana. She won’t even see you. Your safety is our responsibility. Barkha says we only want to confuse her. Barkha says but why me? Piya says you look like her. We want to give our kids a normal life. Barkha says why don’t you change your city? Vedeshree says we did. Abhay says they can’t run away from me. I promise you I won’t let anything happen to you.

Savi says this hair can tell us what is Mohana planning next. Naman says you take the hair. I will stay here. Savi says we need Dufli’s help to take the hair there. Naman says no she won’t go anywhere. Savi says you can go with her. Naman says I can’t. She won’t go. Savi says please. Savi shows Dufli picture. Dufli disappears.

Mohana says you will never find out what my next plan is. Someone throttles her and drowns her in the water. Dufli brings Naman with her. Naman says Dufli, you brought papa with you. Let’s take something from the witch tree. he places the hair there. They see Mohana with two moons. Naman says what does that mean? We have to go from here?

The Chalain witches attack Mohana. Mohana says how dare you attack me. They say you attacked us first. Mohana says when did I? They show Mohana burning Chalain witch tree. Mohana says it wasn’t me. I didn’t do this. Their leader says you did this. You killed some of us. Mohana says I didn’t do this. Mohana hits them and runs from there. Mohana says I can’t afford enemies. First snakes and now these? But who took my face and did this? I know whow would be their next target?

Ansh and Piya bring Barkha to another place. She says who are they? Piya says they’re neither dead nor alive. Barkha says are they black powers too? Piya says yes. Piya says they attack humans so they can make humans like them. Barkha says you brought me here? Ansh says just stand there. Abhay says nothing would happen to you. Ansh says move your hand, Piya will do something. It would look like you did it. Piya showers water on them. Barkha runs Mohana comes there later and says I knew she would attack them the next. But why? the zombies come towards her. Mohana says I didn’t do anything. The zombies say you did it. You killed us. She sees Abhay’s card there. Mohana runs from there.
Mohana sees Abhay’s car.

Mohana sees Abhay’s car and says your game is over and mine has started.
Barkha says where did Abhay go? Piya says he was behind us. Barkha says he would have come by now. Avi says he hasn’t reached the office either. Abhay calls Ansh. They hear Mohana saying I have no animosity against you. Answer me what are they planning against me. Barkha says Mohana caught him. Abhi says Abhay called so we can hear them talking. Mohana says they’re turning all black powers against me. Who is that woman that they’re hiding? Why do you want to risk your life for them? Tell me or I will kill you. Abhay says I will tell you. Ansh says Mohana will kill you. Abhay says they’re coming here. No one would save you now. Mohana says before they come I would be in prick swamp. Abhay says there’s no such place. Mohana says I will take you there for me. Barkha says he is trying to let us know about his plan.

Mohana says if Mohana gets angry she can kill him. Mohana says tonight is the two moon night, and they have no idea what is about to happen to them. You could tell me everything but an officer would die. Rathores would be responsible for fro our death. Abhay says the law of nature would punish you because you’re responsible for my death. Mohana says then go and complain about me there. Piya says Abhay, please tell her everything and save your life.

Mohana takes Abahy’s life. She sees the phone and says another person died because of you. I will end this game forever. My powers would multiply tonight. No one could be able to face me after that. Avi says Abhay is no more. Everyone is crying. Piya says another person died because of us. We should step back. We can’t risk any more lives. Ansh says we should leave it all on fate. Barkha says no. If we step back now, it would be unjust with Mohana. He could save his life yet he gave his life. We will stop her. I am sorry I asked you not to use your powers. We have to kill Mohana so no more innocent people die. Nishant says yes, we won’t let Abhay’s sacrifice go in vain. Ansh says we have to face her together. Barkha says I am ready. Does Piya say we first have to find where Mohana is? Nishant says and where this prick swamp is. Ansh says we will find that.

Mohana is going towards the swamp. The snakes stop her. Mohana says no one can stop me. They snakes say we can. Mohana throttles them and says go and tell your leaders, I will kill you all.
Nishant says I have never heard of pricks swamp. Barkha says pricks are in plants that have the least water and swamp is where there is water. How can there be a pricks swamp? Shekhar says maybe there’s water there for some time. Ansh says when I was taking Singha’s horn, I saw a place where there was a river and a castle and was surrounded by a desert. Nishant says no one goes there. You must have seen the castle it was poneyma when you went there. Piya says tonight has two moons as well. So Mohana must have gone there. Nishant says yes, but it’s a place for black powers. Whoever goes there never comes back. Ansh says we will go there to stop her. Barkha says we have to reach there before Mohana.

The witches stop Mohana. Mohana says do you wanna die as well?
Savi and Naman are reading about two moons night. Naman says it comes in 1000 years. It affects black powers. There are no waves in the save. Savi says what about witches? He says there’s nothing more. Savi says you’re a useless witch. Naman says I read something at least. Savi says we should go to Patmayan and ask her.

Mohana says you all can’t stop me. I will do what has to be done. She kills all the witches. Ansh, Barkha, Nishant, and Piya are on their way. Barkha says there is one moon only. Why is it called night of two moons? Nishant says we can discuss that later but first we have to cross this swamp. It looks deep. Ansh says how will we cross it. Piya makes a path of plants on it. Barkha says I am ready. I won’t let Mohana win. They hold hands and walk on it. They come to the castle door. Ansh opens it and goes inside. Barkha says it looks scary.

Savi and Naman are in the jungle. Savi says why did you bring Dufli to this dangerous place? He says I told Dufli I have taken her everywhere. She says are you an idiot? Naman says see everyone can enter the cave tonight. See, I read something useful. They see a green light. Savi says Patmayan ran. Naman says what? How did she? How will we face both of them? Savi says no one’s phone is responsive. We have to stay calm. Savi says where did Dufli go? Naman says where did she go? Naman takes her name but she doesn’t come back. Naman says what will we do now?