Monday Update on Sacred Relationship 7th June 2021


Monday Update on Sacred Relationship 7th June 2021

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Kuhu saying I have made bangle set. Mishti thinks Abir will become Abir Maheshwari today, nothing else matters. Kuhu says I won’t wait all day. She sees necklace and recalls Nanu’s words. She makes Mishti wear bangles. She asks her to say something. Meenakshi asks Parul to make Abir and Kunal wear Pagdi. Parul touches her feet. She says Kunal is marrying today since you spoke to Kuhu, he regards you his mum, you tie the pagdi to him. Ketki says yes, its Meenakshi’s right. Parul says you can come in Kunal’s marriage. Meenakshi says Abir won’t like it, you will make Abir wear this pagdi, thanks Parul for giving me this chance.

Kunal and Abir get ready. Abir says those girls are lucky, we are much smart and handsome. Kunal says we are showing off. Abir says we have to value ourselves and show our importance. Kunal says I have given much importance to myself and now I want to give importance to Kuhu. Abir asks did you confess love to Kuhu. He teases him about Uma Patel. He says I will help you in saying I love you to Kuhu. Kunal says fine, but I won’t write poetry. Jugnu comes and calls Kunal. Parul and Nanu come to tie Pagdi to Abir. Abir smiles. Mishti says nothing can affect me, I m getting my love officially, no one is more imp to me. Kuhu says same to same, I m getting Kunal but I can’t be happy, I have to share everything again, my sasural and mandap. Mishti says that’s my mandap, I m sharing it, it will be our sasural from today. Abir thanks Parul. She says this day couldn’t come before because of me. He says its happening now because of you.

She says no, Meenakshi did this. Nanu says she thinks she got punished, let her come in marriage. Abir says I feel so guilty, I didn’t forgive her. Kuhu says the day should be special for me. Jasmeet says I understand, if Mishti and Abir’s marriage take more time, then maybe your and Kunal’s marriage doesn’t happen. Kuhu worries. Abir thinks mum did many wrong things, why am I feeling guilty. He gets Mishti’s message and replies. She calls him. He says I m a bad son and worse grandson, I feel bad seeing Nanu, but I don’t want to invite mum. She does shayari. He laughs. She says so mean, you understood it, you love me, you can praise it. He says wow, nice.

She says I don’t want to talk. He says fine, when I come there, don’t talk to me. Vishwamber asks her not to worry about mandap thing. Abir sees Kuhu and Meenakshi. He stops and hears them. Meenakshi says I m waiting for Mishti and Kuhu. Kunal says it won’t be easy for you to accept Mishti. She says I accepted Kuhu also, maybe it will take time to accept Mishti, go and get my both bahus home. Kunal asks Abir are you ready to become groom, I will call Nanu and Ketki.

Abir says sorry, mum couldn’t come in marriage because of me. Kunal says its fine, come. Abir recalls Nanu’s words. Vishwamber and Shaurya ask Rajshri to hurry up. Rajshri gets the brides. Vishwamber recalls Akshara and Naira. He says we got to see this day thrice in our life. Shaurya says best day of my life, I will click pics. Vishwamber asks Mishti and Kuhu to sit close. Rajshri signs them. Mishti and Kuhu smile. Vishwamber says I want to feed you kheer by my hands. He hugs Mishti. Kuhu asks for me? He says sorry, its not for you.

Shaurya says special one is for you, it has almond milk and no sugar. Kuhu says diet kheer. He feeds the kheer to Kuhu and hugs. Ketki records the video to post on social network. Abir and Kunal come. They dance in baraat. Parul sees Meenakshi. The baraat leaves. Mishti sees the bus coming. She recalls Abir and smiles. Kuhu comes to her. She hears Shaurya saying about half hour mahurat. She thinks Mishti can’t snatch my second chance. She says enough, why are you marrying first, it will be perfect now, I will get married first. Maheshwaris welcome Rajvanshs. Shaurya asks where is Abir. They see Abir missing. Nidhi says Abir is gone. Kunal says I don’t know where he went.

Nidhi asks why will he run away from his marriage. Mishti says you don’t me and Abir to get married. Kuhu says I don’t care, I can’t share anything with you, you also hate me. Mishti says I behave rude because of your behavior. Kuhu says you ruined my relationship, I couldn’t share about my divorce with family because of your and Abir’s breakup. Mishti says if you came back, you would have not got this second chance, you think my life is better, I fight for Abir every day, his mum has threatened me, she used me against our family, she had threatened Abir that she will ruin Kunal’s life if he marries me, Abir has asked her to stay away from marriage, everyone will blame me. Kuhu says I will come first today, you don’t come to the mandap, I m going. Mishti says don’t do this, everyone is happy. Kuhu says one more drama won’t matter.

everyone waiting for Kuhu. Kuhu comes to talk to Varsha. Vishwamber says don’t worry, Abir didn’t run anywhere, Kuhu, Mishti has sent you to ask this, look there, Abir has come. Mishti looks on. Vishwamber says I had left the decision on Abir, he will tell you all. Abir says its a big day for me, so I asked Vishwamber’s help to clear my confusion. Kunal asks what confusion. Abir gets Meenakshi there. Everyone smiles. Khushiyaan bhi baaten….plays…. Kunal and Abir hug Meenakshi.

Vishwamber welcomes Meenakshi. Meenakshi thanks him. Jasmeet takes Kuhu. Mishti thinks will my marriage not happen in that mandap. Kuhu says I need to talk something imp. Jasmeet asks Mishti what drama did you do now. Rajshri and Varsha welcome Abir and Kunal and do Toran ritual. Meenakshi comes. Jasmeet says Kuhu was saying she won’t marry if you don’t come. Mishti and Kuhu take Meenakshi’s blessing. Meenakshi asks can I take you both to the mandap. Kuhu says yes, great idea. Mishti says no, sorry, take Kuhu, her marriage will happen first. Rajshri comes and asks what did you do.

Mishti says Kuhu and Kunal’s marriage will happen first, then you take me, you will do kanyadaan. Meenakshi says mahurat is short. Mishti says you are ready to accept me as bahu, Maa, this mandap or mahurat can’t come between Abir and me, we will get married, take Kuhu with you. Kuhu says please get my real marriage done this time. Rajshri asks Mishti did she think. Mishti says yes. Rajshri asks Kuhu to come. Kuhu smiles and goes.

Meenakshi says this proved that I did a big mistake in knowing you, sorry, bless you. She goes. Mishti recalls Abir and says Kuhu may do any immature things, but my marriage will happen today in mahurat time. Kuhu winks to Kunal. Vishwamber asks where is Mishti. Rajshri says Mishti wants Kuhu to get married first. Varsha says mahurat is short, we will get both marriage happen in same time, I will get her. Meenakshi says Mishti is giving respect to Kuhu. Vishwamber asks Abir. Abir says anything for Kunal and Kuhu, but take rounds fast. They smile. Mishti cries in her room.

Kunal and Kuhu’s marriage rituals begin. Aaj se meri…. Mishti takes Abir with her. Vishwamber worries seeing the time. Rajshri stops him. Kunal fills Kuhu’s maang. Jugnu comes to take Vishwamber and Rajshri. Nanu asks where are you going. Nidhi says just 5mins left. Kuhu says we will take family selfie. Parul says take pic later, let Abir and Mishti get married first.

A lady gets Kavya’s call and talks. The man takes the phone and says I will call you back. He argues with his wife. She says sorry. He says sorry. She says new tie suits you, you don’t know 48 year old. He asks her to take care of herself and go to gym, she is 42 but looks 50. she asks do I look 50. He says yes. He goes. She cries and sees the mirror. Anupama show is promoted.

Mishti and Abir come to the bus and see the mandap over it. Dheere dheere….plays…. Vishwamber asks what’s all this, where are Abir and Mishti. Abir and Mishti reach the mandap. Everyone smiles. Kunal smiles and goes to see. Kuhu stands far and looks on. Abir and Mishti exchange garlands. Abir makes her wear mangalsutra and fills sindoor. Pandit says its time for rounds. Vishwamber asks them to come down. Pandit says they have take rounds here. Kunal says there is no place. Mishti says sorry, I didn’t think of it. Kuhu turns and cries.