Monday Update on This is Love 10 February 2020


Monday Update on This is Love 10 February 2020

Yug crying and thinking of Aaliya. He packs his bag. Ruhi comes to call him. He says I can’t face Aaliya, I won’t come. She says just come on. Ishita says doctor said Aaliya and Yug should talk and sort out. Yug goes to Aaliya. She goes to stab him with the scissors and stops. She cries. He says I deserve this, you have gone through a lot, trust me, I didn’t come to hurt you, it was my mistake to pretend as Adi, my love is true, I love you more than Adi did, Adi left you for someone else, I will never leave you. She drops the scissors and says even Adi said this, it was all a lie. He says I m not lying, life is really beautiful, if you want to be with Rohan and not me, do it, I just want you to be happy. She says what if I say I want to be with you. He says then I will be luckiest man of this world. They hug and cry. Everyone smiles.

Yug says I know you are angry, trust me, I will never hurt Aaliya, I will leave this house and family if you say. Ishita goes out. She gets hurt. Yug runs to her and asks what happened, you should have been careful, you never take care of yourself, don’t be hasty. Ishita sees him and thinks of Adi’s care. FB shows Adi caring for Ishita. Yug says please take care, sorry. She says I feel good, you reminded me of Adi, I really feel that you are our Adi. Aaliya thanks Ishita.

Sahil looks on and says so they are happy now, I won’t let this happen, one of them killed Muskaan, I won’t let them live in peace until they accept their crime. Ishita gets his call and makes an excuse. Sahil angrily asks Ishita to get the box when Shamshad meets her. He says celebrate your last happiness with family. She asks what do you mean by that. The call ends. Raman asks what’s the matter. She lies about the patient. He says I want to thank you for accepting Yug, Aaliya also knows he isn’t Adi, he made a place in our family. She says nothing is more imp to me than family’s happiness. He says I know. She thinks I can’t lie to him more. She asks may I tell you something. He asks what happened. Sahil messages her, that he is watching her. She says I love you, you are the best thing that happened to me. Raman says come on, lets go. They leave.

Rohan recalls Ishita’s slap. Someone calls him and asks him to throw the powder, else he will be in danger. Rohan asks what. He checks the powder. He says I went to tell about his powder, but Bhallas didn’t give me a chance to talk, I have to tell Ishita, she can fall in big trouble. He calls Ishita. She sees Raman sleeping. She goes to washroom and answers call. He says I m really very sorry, can you come downstairs, I m standing in compound, the powder is risky, I have to discuss. She goes to him and says I don’t want to discuss about Aaliya, Aaliya and Yug love each other, its okay for me, what do you want to tell about powder.

He says its dangerous, we will discuss the problem with police. She says we can’t go to police, my whole family will be in danger. Raman comes and asks why. Karan gets restless. He says sorry Rohan, you were really in love with Aaliya, I played with your emotions, I feel guilty. He goes to Rohan’s room and says I know you are angry on me, shout on me, but say something. He switches on lights and doesn’t see him. He asks servant about Rohan. Servant says I didn’t see him.

Raman asks Rohan what are you doing here. Rohan says I m sorry for my mistake, I love Aaliya a lot, I was drunk that night, the problem is, Ishita is in trouble, she gave me a powder for tests and its really dangerous. Raman asks what. Ishita says nothing. She gets Sahil’s message. Raman takes her phone and asks who is sending the threatening messages, let me find out. She says no. Sahil answers the call. She says sorry, I called by mistake, I was tense about the powder, you go back to sleep. Rohan says we will help you, tell me, was that Sahil on call. She asks why did you come here. Raman says Rohan came to help, you won’t tell me, I will ask Sahil. She says don’t do that, Ruhi’s life is in danger, he will blackmail Ruhi if I say anything to you. He gets shocked.

Ishita telling everything to Sahil. Raman and Rohan get shocked. She says Sahil has Ruhi’s pics, if police gets that pics, Ruhi will be declared as a terrorist, we won’t be able to help her. Raman says you would have told me, I would have found some way. She says I gave some powder to Rohan for tests, I wanted to get out of Sahil’s clutches, I wanted to tell you but didn’t get the chance. Rohan says tell me, I want to help you. She says no, Sahil is dangerous, he will kill you, I can’t risk everyone’s life. Raman says she is right. Rohan says I have the powder, I will give it to you tomorrow. He goes.

Rohan comes home and asks Karan what are you doing in my room, I wasn’t sleepy and went for a drive. Karan says I m sorry. Rohan asks him to go and sleep. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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