Monday Update on True Love 10 February 2020


Monday Update on True Love 10 February 2020

Maiyya telling Sankrant and Nirbhay to take him to the hospital. Akash denies. I will die but wont go to the hospital.
Sad piya o re piya songs break in as on one side we see Akash standing firm in his decision for he thinks his life doesn’t hold any value for him, while on the other Meethi is shown standing nearby the tulsi plant holding the pot in her hand wondering why is she still alive.

Meethi holds the pot in her hands. She tearfully asks her ma as to why is she still alive. Why did you leave me ma? She hugs the pot tightly and cries. The person whom I married and loved with all my heart he only had hatred for me in his heart. Only hatred! Why ma? Was I a mere toy for him? I saved his life but he – he wanted to kill me just because his Maiyya had asked him to.

Maiyya asks Akash if he will give his life for that girl. Do you have no place for your mother’s love? He replies, if you dint have any place in my heart then I would have left along with Meethi long time back. It has been so many years since bau ji (dad) passed away. I still see how dearly you love him till today…its pure love. I too love my wife with all my heart. Maiyya seems upset.

On the other hand, Meethi continues talking to her ma. Only for his Maiyya’s sake he made a joke out of our marriage / relation. Why did he do it? Only for his Maiyya’s revenge? Was I only a toy for him?

Maiyya moves aside and hides her tears with her saree veil. Akash tells her to say it. Say that there is no more revenge in my life. I will go to the hospital but first you will have to say that this hatred holds no place in our lives.

Meethi continues, I only hate him now. I wont forgive him ever. I will erase all his memories, everything from my life but I wont forgive him ever. This is my promise to you.

Sankrant tells his brother not to worry so much. Just come along with me. He tries to lift him but Akash stops him. Trust your elder brother for once. Take me to Maiyya’s room. Sankrant denies but Akash tells him that his brother wants to rectify his sins by doing penance. Take me to her room after that I will come with you to the hospital. Sankrant agrees and helps him. Maiyya asks them where they are heading to but they climb upstairs. Sankrant tells her not to stop them. He wants to go to your room once and then I will take him to the hospital. All watch curiously as Maiyya starts following them upstairs.

Nirbhay talks to his dad. Why are we letting all this to happen? Stop Akash or he might change Maiyya’s mind completely. Agarth assures him that her sister will stay firm in her resolve. But if it is written in Akash’s destiny to die then who are we to stop it (Nani in Thakur House and Mama here – vamps have been chosen so well must say). Maiyya stops as she listens to her brother’s words and gets tensed thinking about her son.
Akash and Sankrant reach her room. Akash tells him to stay back even though he insists to come. Akash enters and bolts the door from inside.

Meethi is looking lovingly at the pot. Mukku comes there and she keeps it back next to the tulsi plant. Mukku asks her to come along with her to the temple. Meethi declines. Mukku tries to brighten her mood. Why are you doing this to yourself? You dint cheat anyone he cheated you. He must be happy right now, enjoying with his family then why are you troubling yourself? Don’t do this to yourself. Meethi replies what I do then. I trusted him, married him but he cheated me. Why I do same mistake every time? Why cant I distinguish between good and bad people? You go to the temple. Will you do one thing for me? Ask God why he let this happen to me? He could see everything then why dint he do anything to stop it?
Mukku replies that no one gets answers to such questions so soon. Come with me. She wipes her own tears. If not for me then come for Ichha ma. I have to ask pandit ji about the procedure of asthi visarjan. Meethi nods and both head off to the temple.

Akash looks at Avi’s pic. He has flashback of the first night when they had arrived at Aatishgarh. Maiyya – (looking at Avi’s pic) bless our son that he is able to avenge your death. Son, do remember that this is a night of revenge and not of love between a husband and a wife. Akash assures her that he remember his duty very well. Rupam Dehi chant plays all this while. He touches his dad’s pic and kind of hugs it too.
He speaks to his dad. Since childhood Maiyya has taught me only about revenge and hatred. He recalls the promise which he had made to her when he had lit his father’s pyre. Since Meethi came in my life everything has changed. She taught me how to live. If I am alive today then it is because of her only. If she wouldn’t have sucked out the poison then I would have been dead. Our hatred lost in front of her love. it looks so small in comparison to her love. I cant bear this anymore. Its not letting me live.

Sankrant bangs on the door from outside. Open the door. Akash looks at the trunk (sorry, yesterday I thought it to be a table) and his and Maiyya’s photo kept above it. He starts advancing towards it. Suddenly he falls flat on the floor hurting himself on the head very badly.

He finally gets hold of the trunk. Sankrant worriedly asks him to open the door. Maiyya too reaches there by now. akash picks up the photo frame and slams it hard on the floor thereby spreading glass pieces everywhere. Maiyya hears the noise and is worried. Akash opens the trunk and reaches for Avinash’s asthi kalash.
He holds it in his hands. Bau ji, Maiyya kept your ashes like a warning….close to herself. I am relieving you so that we all can live. We are not able to live even though we are alive. I don’t want you in this house. It is time to end this hatred once and for all.

He gets up painfully with his face full of blood. He is holding the asthi kalash in his hand. Sad piya o re piya plays as he recalls various incidents when Meethi had to suffer because of him or his family. firstly, when Meethi’s grahpravesh (home welcoming ritual of the new bride) was happening and there were glass shreds in the plate. Secondly, when they had mixed stones in the food and she had trouble eating it and hurt her tooth as well in the process.

He holds out a piece of glass (from the photo frame) before himself. Forgive me Meethi, but my family and I have hurt you a lot. I will bear its punishment. Outside Maiyya and Sankrant are getting worried sick. She is feeling super scared.
Various scenes flash before him when they had hurt Meethi (like her walking bare foot in the sun to pray for him; Maiyya splashing water on her face) and also when she was happy; their romantic moments and used to make cute sweet innocent faces in front of him. He envisions her in front of him and smiles through his pain. She smiles back but a second later, disappears. His smile too vanishes. Forgive me Meethi! CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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