Monday Update on This is Love 20 January 2020


Monday Update on This is Love 20 January 2020

Raman getting a call. The ring drops from his pocket. Aaliya picks the ring and says wow, you had this ring, I had ordered this for Adi, thanks. She says Adi, I ordered this ring for you, I wanted to do something special for you, happy holi. She makes him wear the ring and hugs. Rohan turns away. Karan holds him. Raman says sorry, I thought someone wanted to say sorry to me.

Ishita says I didn’t do anything wrong, you were talking nicely because of this gift. He says I thought you are apologizing. Simmi asks them not to fight. Ruhi asks why are you blaming Adi, why will do this. Inspector calls Raman and says we have released Muskaan. Raman asks why, we have proof against her. Inspector says reports have come, the bottle had nothing harmful and the voice recording wasn’t

clear, we had no proof against her.
Raman says police has released Muskaan. Ishita says this is really bad. Muskaan comes home and sees her brother Sahil. She says I knew it, you will come to help me. Sahil hugs her and scolds his goons for not protecting his sister. She says its not their mistake, its Raman and Ishita’s mistake. Sahil says then they have to die, I will make them pay for the pain they have caused you. She says you took care of me even after our parents’ death, I went to talk to them nicely, they insulted me, Ishita slapped me. He says how dare Ishita slap you, I have never got you hurt. She says they had sent me to jail. He says I have to meet them right now. She says I will come along. He says take rest, I will see them. He goes. She smiles and says my brother will not leave Raman and Ishita, they are finished.

Ruhi says we can’t trust those goons, please don’t put yourself in danger, we don’t want that property, give them. Aaliya says yes. Ishita says its not about property, they will ask for something else tomorrow. Someone comes to meet Karan. Ruhi asks Karan to meet them at his home. He says I called them for your family. He asks the men to come in. He says I have hired these two bouncers for your protection, I don’t trust Muskaan, she may plan an attack. Rohan says I m really proud of you. Karan goes to explain work to the guards. He asks them to alarm family if they find anything suspicious, that lady is dangerous. Yug comes and asks will the bouncers save Raman and Ishita from you as well, I know your agenda, I can’t believe you. They argue. Karan says marry Aaliya, you love her, what’s the problem, I want Rohan and Aaliya away, I have no problems with Bhallas, you may think whatever you want. Sahil points gun at Karan’s head. Karan and Yug get shocked. Sahil asks do Raman and Ishita stay her. Karan sees his guards caught up. Ranbir says take police protection for my family as well, that lady is dangerous. Sahil and goons walk in. Sahil calls out Raman and Ishita.

Ishita asks who is this, how many bodyguards will come. Sahil gets seated. He says I m Sahil Shah, Muskaan’s brother. Raman says do anything I want, I m Raman. Sahil says I had to come here since you had sent my sister to jail, you harassed my innocent sister for no reason. Ishita says innocent sister? Maybe you don’t know what she did. Goon asks her to shut up. Raman says your sister threatened us, so I had to get her arrested to save my family, I will do the same, do anything you want. The goon says Ishita had slapped Muskaan. Ishita says yes, she was speaking bad about my husband, I realized this and apologized to her, she got harassing my family. She asks goon to kill all of them and finish the matter, they are tired of living in fear. She says we are scared all the time that your sister will come and kill us. Raman says the truth is your sister has harassed us, she has cut power, water and ration supply, we didn’t trouble her. Ishita says she kidnapped Kiran and tortured her.

Raman says she has threatened Ranbir, tell us whose mistake is it. Ishita says you mean, she can do anything and we can’t oppose her. Raman says you talk to me, don’t trouble my family, your sister is troubling me for the property which I bought for my daughter’s security. Goon asks him to shut him. Sahil asks his goon to get back, go outside and wait for him. He says I apologize to you on behalf of my sister, she won’t harass you again, I will tell her not to harass you all without any reason. Raman says thanks. Sahil leaves. Ruhi says this is great, you guys are fine. Raman says everything is fine, don’t be scared. Goon asks why did you apologize to them, people will stop fearing us. Sahil says I have to go home and talk to Muskaan. Karan stops him. Goon says Karan is the intruder in their house. Karan says I can help you in getting the property. Sahil scolds him. He says if you try to contact Muskaan, you will die. He goes. Ishita says maybe he didn’t know about his sister, he maybe in shock. Aaliya says Adi, how was the surprise, I wanted to give you in a nice manner, I hope you like it. Adi says it means a lot to me, I couldn’t thank you well. She asks what’s wrong with you. Karan says Adi you are very lucky to get someone so loving, I have lost my change, your marriage was romantic. Aaliya says of course, our marriage was very romantic, I was thinking, Adi is back, why don’t we marry again. Everyone gets shocked.

Aaliya saying we should marry again to strengthen this bond, right Adi. Yug says but… Aaliya says I have decided, we are getting married. Karan says wow, that’s a nice idea. Ishita says no, it can’t happen. Raman says its a good idea, we will get you married, don’t worry, we won’t let you cry in bidaai this time. Rohan crushes a glass by his hand. Simmi and Ishita worry for him. Ishita does aid to his hand. Karan says I will take Rohan to our hospital. Ishita says I won’t let this marriage happen, I will do what I can, I m standing with you. Rohan nods.

Muskaan says Sahil will teach Bhallas a good lesson, I will serve him sweets. He comes home with his goons. She asks did you teach them a lesson, have sweets, what happened, didn’t they sign the

papers, did they refuse you. He says shut up, I m Sahil Shah and run a mafia, I m not a businessman, you went to jail for a property deal, I can get many properties for you, you went to jail for two properties, you didn’t think of my reputation, if this news spreads, people will call us cheap. He asks his goon to buy any property she likes. She says but I want that property, its about my ego, they have hurt me. Sahil shouts no, no means no, I had to change evidence to save you from jail, learn a lesson from this. She goes.



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