Monday Update on True Love 20 January 2020


Monday Update on True Love 20 January 2020

Kajri saying to Akash, can I tell you one thing? I saw your true love for your wife that is how she got the courage to reach out to him. That day how you stopped massi’s from making Meethi eat the bali prashad. Because I saw that you were worried for Meethi….very much…and you love her very much.
Akash replies whatever you are saying is your misunderstanding. I don’t love Meethi. Saying so, he quickly looks the other side. She asks him till when will he lie to himself. He will have to accept the truth some day.

Pavitra interrupts their convo asking what you are trying to teach him. Kajri is taken aback and manages to say Meethi’s pain might increase. Pavitra wishes that it increases so that their family feels immense happiness. Right son? He has no other choice but to nod in agreement.
He takes the kadha and leaves for his room. Kajri is happy while Pavitra is thinking about Akash.

Akash comes to his room to find Meethi sleeping peacefully. He recalls her words to mama ji. If anything happens with Vishnu then I will take care of him. And I can bet if something happens to me, he will take care of me like anything. Meri bebasi ka bayaan song plays in the background as a pained Akash keeps looking at Meethi. Then caresses her head / wound.
Meethi speaks in her dream… need to be scared. Vishnu is with me na.
Akash pats her head to wake her up. She looks at him and smiles sweetly. She tries to get up but shouts ouch. She wishes him good morning. He arranges pillows behind her to make her sit comfortably.
Meethi says ma came in her dream. She was very scared to see me hurt and kept asking me how and why. I told her not to be scared as Vishnu is with her. Akash is taken aback.

He then hands her kadha. She tastes it and finds it bitter. He tells her to have it so that the wound heals fast. Meethi smiles to see him take care of her so much. You know I have always dreamt that my husband brings morning tea for her. At least he began with kadha. Not bad. He nods at her. She smiles saying she was just kidding.
Meethi finds him lost somewhere and asks him about the same. He says he has some important work. He leaves telling her to take care. He will be back soon. She calls him from back suniye, I love you. Come fast. Meethi smiles while Akash leaves in a hurry.

The police inspector, Jogi and Rathore reach the cyber cafe. Police Inspector shows the wedding photo of Vishnu and Meethi to the cyber guy. He identifies Vishnu and says the girl dint come along. Rathore asks him he must have taken photocopy of his ID for verification. The guy laughs it off saying who checks it in a village like this and in turn gets slapped by the inspector. He tells him to check the ID next time and he agrees to.
The guy tells there are 4 villages here…Shaktigarh, Vrindagarh, Phoolgarh and Aatishgarh. The inspector directs his men to the first 3 villages. The guy says there is just one big haveli in Aatishgarh rest everyone is illiterate. No point going there. Rathore tells him to search all the other 3 while he and Jogi will go to Aatishgarh. He doesn’t want to take any chance. If you get to know of something then tell us and vice versa. All leave for their respective villages.

City Hospital, Mumbai:

Dr. Murthy checks Tappu and says, she is having a speedy recovery. You should now try to walk slowly. You will regain your confidence soon. I know it is hard to forget the surgery but you are strong. She smiles listening to him. Divya, Mukku, Nani and Rohini urge her to try to walk.
She gets up with pain and tries walking one or two steps. Nani tells her to rest as she is still weak.

Damini is sitting outside her ward and reminiscing the old times spent with Iccha. Leave the past behind and think about the future now. See, your Iccha is happy. Tears fall down her cheeks.
Divya, Nani ask the doc when will Tappu be fine and how soon can they take her back home. He replies that she will be fine in approx 2 weeks time. Plus, he needs to do some tests he will be able to tell them better after that only. Divya tells Tappu to take care as she is going to speak to the doc.
Tappu calls her and says, I know Iccha cant come but at least Ammo could. Divya is at a loss of words. Nani says its not like that beta. Why wont she come? She will come. Mukku tells her to relax.

Divya goes to talk to Damini. Damini asks about baby ji. Divya says she is fine but till when she will not meet her. Damini says don’t know if she would be able to hold back her tears or not. She is very scared. What if she says something which makes her doubtful about us that we are hiding something from her? She isn’t completely well till now.
Divya assures her that nothing will happen like she is saying. She will have more questions if you wont go. What will I tell her? Go meet her. We have to go home too as pandit ji will be coming along with…. She trails off and becomes emotional. She goes to meet Dr. Murthy while Damini is scared.


Akash is walking on the road all lost. He has flashback of Kajri’s words. I saw your true love for your wife that is how she got the courage to reach out to him. That day how you stopped massi’s from making Meethi eat the bali prashad. Because I saw that you were worried for Meethi….very much…and you love her very much. He has another flashback of Meethi assuring her mother in the dream that Vishnu is with her.
He thinks what if what Kajri bhabhi said is true. What has happened to me? Suddenly, Meethi;s every word, belief, love is flashing in front of me. They make me realise that I have lived a life of lie. She doesn’t even know I am not Vishnu – I am Akash Chatterjee. The woman who I call my Daima is my real mother. She only has hatred for her inside her. She can never love her.

Rathore and Jogi are coming from the same way on which Akash is going. The driver thinks of asking someone about the haveli. They spot a woman with a boy in the fields and the driver goes to check with her. She replies that she is new to the village and has come to attend a wedding only.
Rathore too gets down and looks around. While Akash is walking on the same road with his back to him.

Akash stands in front of a small shiv mandir on the side of the road. He prays what is this dilemma. I had prayed in front of you only and had promised for revenge. I had thought that I will find my way but I have come on a crossroad. A crossroad!
Rathore spots Akash with his back towards him. He tells Jogi and starts walking towards him.

Hari om namah shivaya plays while Akash continues to say, at one side there is Maiyya – her love, my responsibility towards her. While on the other side, there is poor Meethi and her true love. She is even ready to sacrifice her life for me. I don’t know what to choose…I cant understand who is right who is wrong. One thing is for sure that I will have to break one person’s heart. I feel trapped God. I cant decide who to support. I cant understand anything.
Rathore comes and stands behind him (I guess obviously not!)

Akash praying in front of the shiva idol, at one side there is Maiyya – her love, my responsibility towards her. While on the other side, there is poor Meethi and her true love. She is even ready to sacrifice her life for me. I don’t know what to choose. Rathore comes and stands behind him. Jogi spots a rickshaw to ask for direction. Rathore calls out to Akash. He doesn’t turn.
Rathore looks at him impatiently. Jogi calls out Raghuvendra, we got the address. Come. Wait we will come there only. He gets back in the car and reaches the place where Rathore and Akash are standing. Rathore sits back in the car as Akash keeps standing there with folded hands.

City Hospital, Mumbai:

Damini enters Tappu’s ward to see her speaking to everyone else happily. Tapu notices Damini and gets up to meet her. Damini rushes to her. She hugs her and asks her to sit.
Tappu complains to her you dint came to meet me. Iccha doesn’t worry about me. Ammo would you sing the lori for me which you used to sing when we were kids. Uttaran tune plays in the background. So many years have passed. Damini cries. Tappu says arre, why are you crying? She wipes her tears and says, the days of sadness are over, its the time to stay happy now.

She makes her touch her heart. She says, my heart is still beating all thanks to that donor. It is matter of such happiness and my friend isn’t here. Tell her to come back not. I’m fine.
Damini says she is with you baby ji…with you. Mukku wipes a tear out of the corner of her eye. Damini tells her to think that only. You should take care of your heart it is still weak.
Divya comes and says lets go. Damini goes and stands in a corner. Tappu asks ma why you are going so soon. Rohini replies because they have teravin (the puja kept on the 13th day in remembrance of the dead). Divya manages and says, we have kept a puja for your well being.
Tappu looks at Mukku who nods back in agreement with Divya. Tappu says, pray in the puja that my friend comes back asap or I will go on a fast for her to find her. She doesn’t care about me; dint even came to meet me. You are listening Ammo? She nods in a yes.

Tappu says, ma pray for that noble person too because of whom I am alive today. Divya agrees she will for sure. She kisses her forehead. All start to leave when Tappu calls her, ma can I ask you one thing? Who donated me the heart? Everyone is speechless. Damini and Divya try to control their tears. Divya comes to Tappu who is waiting anxiously for an answer. While Damini is unable to control her tears. Divya says, it was a noble human. She cries and hugs her.
Tappu says I’m fine now. Don’t cry. She signals at Damini and Divya goes to lend her support. All leave for home while Nani stays back with Tappu. She tells her to rest as she must be tired. Tappu smiles contently.

Aatishgarh Haveli:

Rathore and Jogi reach the haveli. They knock at the door. Meethi is working in the kitchen. Gomti hears the knock and tells Meethi to go and check. Meethi nods and starts heading towards the door.
A chant plays while they wait and the door opens…..tada! Kajri opens it.
Jogi says they have come to search for someone. Can she tell? She asks them to come inside. She will call her father-in-law for them. They agree and enter inside. Kajri leaves.

Both find the palace very weird. They only hope that they find Meethi all safe and sound. Meethi goes back inside the kitchen. Gomti asks who it was. She replies don’t know. Kajri didi went to check. Just then Kajri enters and Gomti asks her the same question. Kajri replies that they are strangers and have come here for the first time. She is going to call her father-in-law. Gomti nods and says not to disturb Maiyya as she is resting.

City Hospital, Mumbai:

Tappu walks with Nani’s help. Both smile. Tappu is tired but Nani walks her to try a little more.
Dr. Murthy enters and says, all your tests are positive. You just have to rest here for some days then you are good to go.
Tappu says she feels like going home. She isn’t feeling good here. Its being so many days already. I’m fine now. I can walk too on my own. She shows him. I will feel good at home.
He tries to dissuade her saying they cant do it before talking to her father. She asks Nani to ring up Jogi. Nani dials Jogi’s number.



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