Monday Update on This is Love 20th July 2020


Monday Update on This is Love 20th July 2020

Ishita and everyone worrying for Raman. Ruhi says Shweta said Raman left from office. Ishita asks when did he leave, he didn’t come yet. Karan says we will go and check. They leave. Mrs. Bhalla says we aren’t able to celebrate any festive well, if Yug and Aaliya were here, it would have been good. Mr. Bhalla asks her not to worry. Mani says I have seen your pic and broke my fast, I miss you, you didn’t need to keep the fast, come soon, Yug and Aaliya are here to give me company, I will talk to you tomorrow, I miss you, I love you, take care.

Aaliya asks did you tell Shagun why we are here. Mani says don’t worry, she doesn’t know it, I don’t want you to misunderstand me, I think you both should go back, I will always be with you, Raman’s anger isn’t

wrong. She says I will convince Yug that we should go back. She gets Mrs. Bhalla’s call. She says she would ask me about my fast, everyone loves me. She answers the call. Mrs. Bhalla cries and says Raman didn’t come home, ask Yug to find him. Aaliya asks how did he go anywhere. Mani asks what happened. She says we are coming home. Aaliya says Raman didn’t come home till now. He calls Ishita.

Ishita says Raman left from office and didn’t come home. Mani says we will come, I will call Yug. Aaliya says we are coming. Mani calls Yug and says Raman didn’t reach home, we should find him. Arijit asks Bhuvan to look after Thia’s grocery needs.
He gets Natasha’s call and says congrats. Natasha asks why congrats. He says I think you broke fast by Shardul’s hand. She says he wasn’t at home, Ishita broke her fast, he is hiding somewhere, Tara called me mad in front of everyone. Arijit smiles. She asks him to kidnap Shardul soon. They argue. She says I will tell Bhallas about killing the doctor and framing Yug, I will tell them that you are their biggest enemy, think again. He says you don’t know me, stop threatening me.

He gets Thia’s call and says I will call you later. She says I will see how he doesn’t kidnap Shardul. Thia says my dad met with an accident, I have to go to the hospital. Arijit says fine, make sure someone is with Neeti. She asks him to come to Neeti. He says I will go to your dad, its raining, I will go to hospital, you be with Neeti. She says I should go. He says trust me, I will take care of it. She says fine. He says send me the address. He asks Bhuvan to check the matter, its an accident case. Bhuvan leaves.

Ishita sees Raman’s car parked. She says Raman isn’t here, did he meet with any accident. Ruhi says no, he will be fine. Karan gets Raman’s phone there. Ishita says where is he. Karan says we shall go to the police station. They leave. Bhuvan comes to hospital and asks about accident case. Constable stops him and says just patient’s family can meet him. Bhuvan calls Arijit and says Thia has to come here. Arijit says she can’t come, tell police that you are the old man’s son. Bhuvan says I get nervous in front of police, please come here. Arijit says I m coming, don’t do anything stupid. Ishita says my husband is missing, try to find him. She argues with inspector. Raman hears her and shouts Ishita. Ishita rushes to him. She asks how did you come here. He says a man met with an accident, I was helping him, inspector thought I did that accident.

She asks what’s this law, how can you arrest him. She goes to inspector and says my husband didn’t do this accident, how can you arrest him. Inspector says the injured person is admitted in hospital, we can’t leave Raman until the person gives statement. He gets a call and says we can take the patient’s statement, right, we will come. He says victim got conscious, take Raman along, victim will identify him.

They go and meet the old man. Inspector records the statement. Everyone waits outside. Inspector asks was he behind the accident. The old man says no, that person was riding a bike, Raman was helping me. Raman says I was just helping him. Inspector apologizes to Raman. He thanks for cooperation. Raman asks are you fine, is there anything serious. Nurse says he is fine and recovering. Inspector says his daughter is going to come.

Raman says you will be fine. The man says I m alive only because of you. Raman says I hope you recover soon. He asks can I meet my family. Inspector says sure. Arijit calls Bhuvan. He gets message from him. He says so he went to washroom. He asks for accident victim and goes to see. He sees Bhallas. He hides aside. He asks what are they doing here, is there anything admitted. Ruhi asks Raman to talk to Mrs. Bhalla once. Raman says I m fine, we can’t leave from here until the man’s relatives come.

Ishita says he has given the statement, what’s the problem now. Yug says go home, I will be here. Raman says formalities won’t complete, inspector asked me to wait here. Thia calls Arijit and asks did you reach the hospital. He says yes. She says police called me and said dad is conscious now, I m coming, they arrested a wrong man, police won’t leave him until I come. Arijit says I will handle it. Inspector says sorry, you have to wait here. Raman says its okay. Arijit thinks Ishita will recognize Thia if she comes here, what shall I do.

Arijit getting angry. He waits for Bhuvan. Bhuvan gets snacks. Arijit throws it and scolds him. He says you didn’t tell me that Raman is arrested for the accident, if Thia comes here, Bhallas will know about me, I will be caught. He gets Thia’s call and says if I tell her that I didn’t meet her dad, she will come here, Ishita will recognize her, my game will be over. He calls Malhotra and says call for an emergency meeting, Raman has to be here. Malhotra says there has to be a valid reason, else I can’t call Raman, sorry. Arijit says he isn’t helping me, what to do. He calls Natasha and asks do you want Shardul. She asks what’s the matter. He tells his plan.

Ruhi says Dadu is waiting for us. Ishita asks them to go home, once the man’s relatives

come, we will come. Sudha says yes, Yug, Karan and Mani are here, we should leave. Karan says yes, go home and take medicines. Sudha leaves. Ishita says its 4 hours now, his daughter didn’t come, doesn’t she care for her. Karan says inspector has informed her. Raman says maybe something happened, we will wait. Yug gets coffee for everyone. Raman says I don’t want it. Ishita asks why don’t you want. Yug says its okay. Ishita says Raman, I know you want coffee, why are you refusing. Raman takes the coffee cup and says thanks. Yug goes. Ishita asks what shall we do now, we will ask the man to give contact number.
They go to the man and meet him. They ask how is he. The man holds Raman’s hand and asks who helps in such times, you have risked my life, you did a lot for me. Raman says I will pay your hospital bills, don’t worry. The man says I will return your money soon. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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