Monday Update on True Love 20th July 2020


Monday Update on True Love 20th July 2020

Meethi’s family meets Maiya. Thakur says kids have moved on forgetting past.. we should move on too. Maiya agrees and says nothing is greater than her son’s happiness. Ekadashi who used to bother meethi to take revenge has died.. now this is new Ekadashi who will meethi very happy. She goes to meet other guests. Chaubey ji calls Maiya on side and says you were talking too sweet to elder bahu’s family.. don’t forget my daughter is your younger bahu.. take care of her else i have too many secrets.. Maiya says i know no need to tell again and again.. your daughter will get whatever she wants. Maiya leaves in frustration.

Guests are talking to ambika but she is only looking at akash.

Rathore is upset and nervous for some reasons as he recalls some dark event from his past where a bride is shown running in fire in some house. He tries not to remember it.

Vishnu and Mukta return to their house. Both tell each other they are happy for Meethi and Akash. Vishnu says akash loves meethi a lot. Mukta teases him saying i dont have such love in my destiny. vishnu starts gettnig romantic with her now. he carries her and asks her to close her eyes. He then takes her inside where their bed is decorated for their suhagraat.

There is a very romantic between the two with a romantic song in background. He kisses her forehead and when he goes to kiss on lips, she gets shy and turns away her face and sleeps on bed. Vishnu goes to her and moves her hair and turns her face to him. They hold each others hands and candles to off.

Rathore is lost in thoughts. Damini comes to him and asks why he’s sitting alone like that. She asks if he’s missing Mukta. Rathore hears that lady’s voice again and says it’s all memories. Damini says you left marriage early too.. is everything okay? Rathore is still in past. He says there was fire. Damini says, where? Rathore comes back to present. He says forgive me.. there was fire in a hotel room.. not a big deal… that is why I had to go. Damini is talking with him, but he goes away walking. He hopes yesterday’s fire dont affect present.

Both couples come at akash’s house. Maiya has done all preparations to welcome them. She says its a very happy day for her.. both her sons got married. She asks Pavitra to bring arti. After that she does their arti and other grah pravesh rituals and welcomes them. Meethi remembers her last grah pravesh where maiya added something like glass in kumkum. she gets scared. Akash asks her what happened? he too remembers her last grah pravesh. Maiya asks meethi to enter first as she is elder bahu. Maiya then asks how she will come as she is handicapped. Pavitra jokes saying they can put wheelchair in kumkum. Ambika offers help, but akash says thank you but there is no need for it as long as am there.

Akash checks kumkum water and makes sure there is nothing inside this time. Maiya is glaring at meethi with anger while akash helps her to do this ritual. He carries her and he kicks the rice pot.. steps in kumkum and does other rituals instead meethi. He welcomes meethi and both smile at each other. Ambika is all jealous and somewhat confused too when akash checked kumkum water. Pavitra claps for akash and meethi. Maiya looks at her angrily. She then starts acting and says this is what you call love referring to akash and meethi.

Maiya tells ambika its her turn now to do grah pravesh. she does all rituals and walks in the house with sankrant. ambika says in her mind, every step she is taking in the house is towards ruining this house..end akash’s love towards meethi. Maiya says grah pravesh is done. Meethi and akash take blessings from the elders. now its ambika and sankrant’s turn. maiya tells them to touch akash and meethi’s feet and take blessings from them too as they are elder. Sankrant bends to touch akash’s feet but he hugs him and gives him the blessings. sankrant then goes to meethi and she stops him from touching her feet as well. sankrant apologises to her for bothering her in aatishgadh.

Maiya tells ambika to take blessings now. ambika walks towards akash. She glares at him and then bends… she smiles and faints. Akash catches her in his arms. Everyone’s shocked while maiya is carefully analysing ambika’s act. Akash carries her and puts on the sofa. Akash tries to go somewhere, but ambika has held his hand tightly. Hes confused and looks around. Ambika opens her eyes and looks at him. When akash looks back at her, she closes her eyes right away.

Ambika bends down to seek Akash’s blessings. She smirks and fakes’ being dizzy and faints in Akash’s arms. Everyone gets concerned about her. Maiyya realises the truth and looks at Meethi. Akash picks Ambika in his arms and makes her lie on the sofa. Pavitra says this might be the affect of keeping fast. Ambika holds onto Akash’s hand. Maiyya sends Sankrant to get water for Ambika. Everyone notices Ambika holding Akash’s hand. Meanwhile Ambika opens and her eyes and looks at Akash (he is looking elsewhere) and closes them before he can see her. sankrant sprinkles water on her and she acts of waking up. Pavitra makes fun of her. I thought she would be very strong but it doesn’t look like that. Maiyya tells her to keep quiet. Ambika still doesn’t let go of Akash’s hand when she sits upright on the sofa. She thanks Akash and finally leaves his hand. Maiyya watches everything very carefully. Ambika remarks she had thought to support her SIL but had to take your (brother-in-law / BIL’s) support. She apologizes. Maiyya looks floored by her act. Ambika decides to go to her room to take some rest. Maiyya tells Sankrant to take her. Ambika still acts dizzy and again lands in Akash’s arms. She is smirking on and off to see her plan working. She is holding onto both the brothers….Akash in a much tighter grip though and is enjoying every second of it. Akash leaves Ambika and Sankrant in their room.

Sankrant is concerned about Ambika. He tells her to rest some more so she feels better. She obliges.

Akash comes in his room and is all happy / lost looking at Meethi. a very cute romantic song plays in the background as they both get lost in each other’s eyes.

Sankrant closes the door of their room and sits down with Ambika. You are happy with me right? She replies I will have to be happy with you as you are my husband after all. He remarks that the way they got married he was wondering if she would be happy with him or not. but I assure you I will give you all the happiness. You wouldn’t miss anything.

Akash and Meethi share some sweet romantic moments. They both hold out one anklet each. Akash makes her wear them.

Sankrant embraces Ambika. She assures him she will fulfil every responsibility of this relation. He tells her not to take this as a responsibility. I am very lucky to have you in my life or you don’t even know how I was living my life. Maybe we both will change each other’s lives but I assure you of one thing that I would never upset you.

A tear rolls down Meethi’s cheeks. Akash wipes it. Why are you sad on such a happy day? She says I will become a burden to you from now on. He asks her if she knows the peace it will give him. I can keep you in my arms forever. What else do I want? Plus love does such miracles that everything gets fine. I am here with you. She asks him would he be upset if she is never back on her feet again. He smiles. Princess Meethi if you would have understood the power of our love then you wouldn’t have said such a thing. Our love will make you all right. On the other side, Ambika is all set to ruin this house’s happiness because of her love. I wont be at peace till I get what I want. Sankrant asks her what she is thinking.


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