Monday Update on This is Love 9 March 2020


Monday Update on This is Love 9 March 2020

Ruhi coming to see Ishita. Simmi cries. Ishita wakes up. Simmi asks will you have juice. Ishita asks why am I sleeping, why are you all here. Ruhi says your BP got low, you fainted, doctor gave you an injection. Ishita says sorry, Aaliya its your marriage, what’s the time, its late, Raman will come, where is everyone. Ruhi says stay here. Aaliya says Mani, Bala, Yug and Karan went to airlines office to know about Raman. Ishita asks why, Raman is fine, why are you all mourning, ask the decorators to fix everything again, Raman is fine, are you listening to me. Ruhi says I can’t see Ishita like this. Aaliya says Ishita needs rest, we have to get strong, she always takes care of us, its our time now. Ishita says stop this please. Simmi says I don’t think she will take

medicines. She adds the pill in the water.
Ruhi says don’t worry, I believe you, Raman will come, have water. Ishita drinks water. She relaxes. The people ask for the list of passengers. Yug says there is much crowd here. Karan says its not possible to find here. They go in to meet the MD. Mani asks for Raman Bhalla. The man says I will send the details to minister in 10 mins. The man checks the list and says sorry, but Raman was on the flight. Mani and Bala get shocked. The man says flight was full, no passenger missed the flight, sorry, his boarding pass was entered, he was on that flight, we will compensate.

Bala asks what will we do by the compensation. He goes. Mani asks him to check again. The man asks did he call you or did you call him. Mani says no. The man says this proves that Raman was on that flight, sorry for that. Mani and Bala cry and say what will we tell everyone. The man says I m near Bhalla house, everything looks normal, fine its a good idea, I will do as you say.

Mani and everyone come home. Mani signs no to Shagun. Ruhi asks them to say something. Mani says Raman was on that flight, he didn’t cancel his ticket, what can we do. Pandit comes and asks did anyone die here, I came here to do final rites. Simmi says but we didn’t call anyone. Ishita wakes up and asks why did pandit come. Pandit says I came to pind daan, who is the deceased person. Ishita says no one, you got the wrong news, get out. He says but I was told… She says everything is fine in our house.

Karan says please come with me, leave, we didn’t call you, you are right, but my mum isn’t accepting this, she needs time, I will call you later. Pandit goes to that man and takes money. He says they are strange, Ishita was shouting on me madly. The man says she is in shock. He calls his boss. Its morning, everyone cries. Ishita gets ready to go out. Amma stops her. Ishita asks did anyone die here. Amma says don’t say this. Ishita says enough, Raman is alive.

Ishita talks to Mr. Shinde and asks for Raman. The man says sorry, I called to pay condolence, sorry for your loss. Mani says Raman is…. Ishita says I know my husband is alive, you accept this. She goes and calls Raman. She sees Shweta and staff. She says Raman isn’t at home, I will sign on imp papers. Karan asks the staff to give some time to Ishita. He sends them. Mani and Bala come. Karan stops Mani. Ishita sees them coming. Mani says airline company called, they got some items from crash site, they got this from there. He shows Raman’s bracelet. She asks what are you saying this. He says you know this belongs to Raman.

She asks will you all stop it, Raman isn’t dead, my heart says he is alive then he is alive, what do you want to prove, he is alive, we must find him, I m going to file missing complaint. Mani says I will take you to commissioner. She asks them to come. Simmi says I can’t believe this. Ishita and Mani come to meet commissioner. He says sorry for your loss. She says Raman is alive, you didn’t get the body, I know my husband is alive, you can’t help us. Commissioner says constable will write your complaint. She goes. Mani says sorry, is Sahil behind this plane crash. Commissioner says its not possible.

Ruhi cries seeing the pic and says you can’t go Papa, come back. Karan hugs her and says I know your pain, nobody can share your pain, cry as much as you want, your pain won’t go, my brother was everything for me, I didn’t see my dad ever, Rohan was everything, I lost him and felt I lost everything, I kept courage for mom’s sake, you gave me courage, you have to keep courage. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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