Monday Update on Young Love 9 March 2020


Monday Update on Young Love 9 March 2020

Nimboli eating the sweets during fast, unable to control her hungry stomach. Harki comes and sees her eating. She gets angry and asks what are you doing? You were eating. She prays God to protect her Kundan and hurts Nimboli. Disa asks what happened? Harki says she was eating secretly. She doesn’t care for her husband. She gives savitri’s example and says she doesn’t care about her husband. She doesn’t deserve to be anyone’s wife. Geeta says she has understood well about her and asks Harki to punish her. Harki says she will punish her so that she won’t do any mistake in future. She says I will tie you with banyan tree so that ghost will deal with you. Nimboli nods no and apologizes to her. Harki refuses to forgive her and forcibly takes her to jungle. Nimboli pleads forgiveness. Nimboli falls down. Harki brings her to the tree and then ties her with rope. Nimboli cries and pleads forgiveness. Harki says you will be punished. Harki leaves from there, leaving Nimboli alone in the jungle.

Ganga tells Dadisaa that she made Abhi do the homework then why did Abhi give excuse to teacher. Dadisaa asks her to talk to Abhi. Ganga says she is feeling helpless and don’t know how to handle him. Abhi and Shivam come home, fighting with each other. Abhi tells Ganga that teacher scolded and punished him as Shivam kept newspaper in his bag. Makhan kaka says they were fighting on the way also. Mannu comes and asks Abhi to come to his room. Dadisaa asks Shivam to apologize to Abhi. Shivam says I didn’t do anything wrong then why shall I apologize. He goes to his room. Ganga gets tensed.

Harki comes home and tells Akhira Singh that ghost shall eat Nimboli and tells him that time has come to get Kundan remarried to another girl. She says dosh would have taken off from Kundan. Akhira Singh says he is also thinking to get Kundan remarried, but he is worried about Devi. Harki says we got him married to Nimboli as per her order, then why will she get upset. Harki says we shall give good life to Kundan, what say? Akhira Singh says you are saying right. I will start searching good bride for Kundan. Harki smiles. Akhira Singh says we will do something to his Nimboli.

It is dark night, Nimboli gets scared being tied up to the huge tree and hears the animal sound. She tries to take out the rope off from her hand. She shouts and prays for help. She cries getting scared and shouts Maa. Anandi is travelling back and is in the same place. She talks to Dadisaa and says she felt good meeting Sunaina, although she is not her daughter. She feels bad for the mothers searching for their children. Nimboli is seen struggling to free herself. Darr Lagta hain Maayi plays………….

Nimboli prays to Kanha ji to save her. She unties herself and starts running. Anandi’s car stops on the way. The driver checks and says he will repair the car. Nimboli shouts for help and takes Kanha’s name. She runs and falls down, says Maa…………..Anandi hears her and gets down from the car. Nimboli continuously says maa and looks at the banyan tree. She thinks she ran so much, but got back near the same tree. It means the ghost is controlling me. She hears the noise and climbs on the tree. Anandi comes there, looking out for the voice. Nimboli gets scared. Anandi asks who is here? Nimboli puts hand on her mouth and is very scared.

Anandi finally sees Nimboli sitting on the tree branches. Nimboli cries. Anandi asks who are you? Nimboli asks her to go and refer her as Chudail saa. Anandi tells her that she is a human and asks her to look at her. Nimboli refuses to look and has covered her face with her hands. Nimboli says whoever looks in Chudail’s eyes are then controlled by the ghost/chudail, and then she eats the person. Anandi tells her that there is nothing like chudail and she is really a human. She asks her to get down. Nimboli refuses. Anandi leaves from there. Nimboli sees her going and cries. She then sees Anandi coming back and hides her face. She prays to Kanha ji and says she has come back again. Anandi brings the tiffin box and asks her to look at it. Nimboli looks at him slowly.

Harki telling Akhira Singh that she will have a good sleep today as Nimboli is not here. Disa comes and apologizes saying it is late night, but she needs to talk. Akhira Singh asks Harki to talk to her. Disa tells her to bring back Nimboli and says it is not good to leave her in the jungle. She didn’t have food also. Harki says she had sweets. Disa says she couldn’t be hungry. Harki says she is getting sleep. Disa says she will bring. Akhira Singh asks Disa not to bring Nimboli and asks her to go to her room. Disa feels bad and goes to her room. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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