Monday Update on This is Love July 2nd

Monday Update on This is Love

July 2nd Episode

Aaliya knocking the door and asking Adi to come out, they have to go to Mihir, maybe Mihir got conscious. Adi cries and does not reply. She asks whats wrong, say something fine, I m going. She leaves. He sits crying and thinks of their moments, while looking at the gift he got for her. Adi leaves. Ishita tells Raman that Mihir did not get conscious till now. Raman says doctors have habit to give tension to relatives, Mihir will get fine, where is Aaliya. She says I have sent her with Adi, to freshen up and have some food. He says Adi will propose her, he has grown up. She asks whats the hurry. He says let him propose, we won’t get them married so soon. Shagun and Mani meet them, and all of them go to see Mihir, who got conscious.

Mrs. Bhalla talks to Raman
on call and is glad that Mihir got conscious. She asks Simmi to light diya in temple. Vandu comes and Ruhi tells about Mihir’s recovery. Mrs. Bhalla signs Vandu what happened. She asks Simmi and Ruhi to go and sleep. They go. Mrs. Bhalla asks Vandu whats the matter.

Mihir tells everyone that Aaliya was right, we should have stayed at hotel. Raman jokes. Shagun says my brother is a good man, nothing can happen to him. Mani says yes, indeed. Ishita says you scared us. Mihir says I m fine, don’t take tension. She goes.. Mihir asks Raman what happened to Ishita. Raman says she was worried for you.

Vandu tells Mrs. Bhalla about Romi and Sanchi. Mrs. Bhalla gets angry. Romi comes home. Vandu asks why did he come late. He says I was busy in work. He asks Mrs. Bhalla to inform him about his imp courier, and goes. Mrs. Bhalla says I will see him. Vandu says we have to think and do, else Romi will become defensive. Aaliya comes to see Mihir. Ishita asks her where is Adi. Aaliya says don’t know, he went, I think he left for home, I waited for him and could not control, I took cab, I will meet Mihir. Ishita holds her hand and stops her, asking did you tell him you love Mihir. Aaliya says yes, I told him, there is nothing to hide, let me see Mihir. Ishita thinks I did mistake to send Aaliya with Adi, his heart would have broken. Raman asks her is she fine, what happened. She says I m tired. He asks her to go home with Adi, where is he. She says he went home. He asks her to go with doctor.

Aaliya meets Mihir and is relieved. Mihir says you saved my life. Nurse asks her to go out. Mihir asks Aaliya to go. Aaliya asks Mani and Shagun to go. Mihir says its been long day for you, go home, change and rest. Aaliya says no, I will stay here. Raman asks Aaliya not to be adamant, I will stay with Mihir. Mani asks Aaliya to come. Aaliya says I will stay here. Mihir asks her to please go home. Aaliya asks him to take care. Shagun says Raman, call me or Mani if there is any emergency, come Aaliya. Aaliya leaves with Shagun and Mani.

Shagun asks Mani to get water for Aaliya. He goes. Shagun asks Aaliya is she upset, whats bothering her, I know I m not your mum, but I m mum, I know his child behaves when he is troubled, you can share the problem with me, maybe sharing things with Mani is uncomfortable, you talk to anyone, you will feel better, look at your face. Aaliya says don’t know how will you react hearing this, I really love Mihir.

Shagun asks what. Aaliya says I know you will be shocked and scold me. Shagun says no, its good thing you love Mihir, you are a nice girl, Mihir is lucky that you love her, he will treat the girl like a princess, love is a good thing, it’s a pure emotion. She hugs Aaliya. Mani gets water and asks did I disturb this moment. Shagun makes Aaliya drink water and says I will cook something good for Aaliya.

Ishita comes home and looks for Adi. She says he is not at home, his car is there. She goes to ask watchman. She sees Adi breaking the gift with a stone and crying. She asks Adi to stop it. He asks why did you not tell me about Aaliya’s feelings, that she loves Mihir, you knew I love her and I m going to propose her. She says when would I say, I got to know in hospital. He says you should have told me then, why did you send me with Aaliya, to make fun of me.

She asks why will I, I thought it could be in crush, she was in trauma and shouting, I thought I will send her out of hospital, she was going mad, it was momentary. Adi asks momentary, don’t you know Aaliya madly loves Mihir. She says I was also worried for Mihir. Adi says enough, you did not do right with me, you don’t know what I m going through. He leaves. She cries and asks will I intentionally hurt you.

Mrs. Bhalla asks Neelu to pack tiffin. She asks Ruhi is she going to hospital, call Ishita also. Adi comes. Ruhi asks Adi to get ready, Raman was at hospital all night and came in morning. Adi says I will not go, I m going to office, who will see the work. Mrs. Bhalla says I think you are worried for Mihir, he will get fine, have breakfast. Adi shouts I won’t have breakfast and goes. Mrs. Bhalla and Ruhi think what happened to Adi. Mrs. Bhalla says he maybe stressed because of Mihir, don’t worry, everyone is worried for Mihir. Ruhi goes. Mrs. Bhalla worries for the problem Romi created.

Vandu says milk is flowing out. She asks Mihika where is her focus and switches off the gas stove. Mihika says sorry, I did not see. Vandu thinks to talk to Romi, as Mihika is very upset. Raman comes and asks for breakfast. Mrs. Bhalla says make Mihir have this food so that he gets energy, you came in morning, you maybe tired, your Papa and I will go. He says you go in evening, senior doctor is coming, I will go. He asks everyone to come, where is Adi. Ruhi says he was irritated, maybe he has meeting in office. Raman says he did not meet Mihir yesterday, I will call him. Ishita says no, don’t call him. Raman asks why. Ishita says Adi will be annoyed. Raman says Mihir loves him, he will be waiting for Adi. Ruhi says let Adi work in office, Mihir will be glad knowing Adi is managing office. Raman says this is also right, Adi got responsible. He asks them to come. Ishita gets thinking.

Shagun telling Mani about taking Aaliya to hospital for general checkup. Mani asks them to go. They have breakfast. Mani goes. Shagun asks Aaliya to relax and not worry, I m with you, you can meet Mihir. Aaliya smiles. Romi asks Neelu to hurry up, I will take this paratha roll and have on the way. He tells Mrs. Bhalla that he is going office, just inform me about imp courier. She asks what is it, tell me. He says its imp, I have to show it to Mihika. He goes. Mrs. Bhalla tells this to Vandu and they both get worried thinking is it divorce papers, what else can it be, maybe Romi wants to give divorce to Mihika, I have heard him telling Sanchi that he will make everything fine, does he want to marry Sanchi by giving divorce to Mihika. Mrs. Bhalla says I will go and see
Sanchi. Mihika comes and looks on. Vandu says let papers come, Romi should not know we know this, we will take Ishita’s advice. Mrs. Bhalla says fine, the papers maybe not divorce papers. Mihika gets angry and thinks is that really divorce papers.

Ruhi gives rose to Mihir. He says its beautiful but lesser than Ruhi, thanks. Simmi asks how is he feeling now. He says much better, thanks for food. He asks Raman about Adi, he did not come to meet me, I called him, he did not answer. Raman says Adi has grown up, he went to manage office in our absence. Mihir says I m very happy, what happened, is Ishita annoyed with me. Ishita says nothing, I was worried for your health. Nurse asks Mihir how is he. He says much better. She asks did your GF not come. Mihir asks who. She says the one who got you here, she is brave, she fought with goons and came here, Aaliya. Ishita gets tensed. Nurse says you are lucky to have her. Raman says you are mistaken, Mihir is very much elder to her, they work together. Nurse says no, you did not see her, she was shouting nothing should happen to Mihir. Ishita asks nurse did she come to gossip, come and give me prescription. Ruhi thinks what happened to Ishi Maa and recalls Adi. Raman says nurse is strange, Mihir is old, but you look good. Nurse apologizes to Ishita. Ishita asks her to give prescription and sends her. Ruhi asks Ishita is there anything, you look in tension, I can help you. Ishita says nothing, I will see did Mihir eat fruits, get medicine and prescription from nurse. Ruhi says I know you are hiding something, its fine, I hope you know I m with you. Ishita goes. Ruhi says its surely about Adi.

Adi is at office and unable to work thinking about Aaliya’s love confession for Mihir. A man comes to meet Mihir. Adi says he is not here, tell me. The man says you are Raman’s son right, you are new, I don’t think you will manage the work, you don’t know about factory, I will talk to Mihir once he gets back after getting fine. Adi gets angry and says how can you underestimate me by coming in my office, how is Mihir. The man asks him to talk in low tone. Adi scold shim. The man says you are a kid, if Mihir was here, he would have pulled your ear. Adi pushes him out of the cabin. The man says you have insulted me by raising hand, I will not leave you, this matter will go to union. Adi asks will you threaten me in my office and pushes him. The clerk tells the man that Adi is not like this, he is in tension and reacting this way, don’t complain. The man says will he raise hand on me, see what I do now. He leaves.

Mihir thanks Aaliya for saving his life. He says I had food. Shagun asks her to feed food to Mihir. Mihir says I will eat it myself. Aaliya says its my duty to take care of you. He says I had food. She asks what did you eat. He says Raman and Ishita got food, I had it, I promise I will eat this later, Mrs. Bhalla comes to Iyer house. She gets the courier and shows Vandu. He asks her to check this. Vandu says shall we open and check this. Mrs. Bhalla says yes. Mihika comes and asks what is it. Mrs. Bhalla says nothing and papers fall. Mihika picks it and says its for Romi. Vandu says aunty received this, give it to her. Mihika says its fine, its for Romi, we will check it. She checks the papers….. Mrs. Bhalla and Vandu worry and ask what is it. Mihika leaves in shock. Mrs. Bhalla says it means Romi has sent divorce papers, what will happen now Mata Rani….

Doctor says Mihir’s reports are fine, but wounds healing will take time, we will keep him here. Raman says I believe patient recovers soon at home, can I take him home. Shagun says he is right, I will take care of Mihir, he will come my home. Raman says I have many persons at home, Mihir will be more comfortable. Mihir agrees with Raman. Doctor says Mihir should stay where he is comfortable. Ishita thinks how will Adi react seeing Mihir at home. Raman gets a call and asks what Adi raised hand, are you sure, what are you saying, give phone to him, I will talk, he left fine. He calls Adi and asks where are you. Adi says I m at home.

Raman asks did you manage office like this when you went to take Mihir’s place. Adi gets angry and says I m incapable. Raman asks him to sit at home, how can he raise hand on worker. Adi argues. Ishita ends call and says don’t tell anything to Adi. Raman asks him whats the problem, Adi is talking angrily, you are worried too, Adi is shouting on people, tell me, we can solve the problem. She says Adi had heartbreak, he got to know Aaliya loves Mihir. Raman gets shocked. She says Aaliya loves Mihir. He says its not possible, see their age gap, are you sure, that’s nurse said that, why am I shouting on Adi, he loves Aaliya and she loves his Mama, is she mad. She says its not her mistake, maybe its infatuation, she may have not thought of love. Raman asks her not to defend Aaliya.

She says she does not have parents to guide her, Mani was not here, she is no one to guide her, she does not know Adi loves him. He says how will Mihir react knowing this, I m fool to take Mihir home, Adi is at home, I will ask Shagun to take Mihir, she wanted to take him to her home. She says no, Aaliya will be there. Raman says I don’t care, all I have to think is about my son. He goes.

Aaliya and Shagun insist Mihir to come with them. Raman comes there. Mihir says I think I should stay with Shagun and Mani. Raman says I also feel so, you should go with Shagun. He looks at Aaliya. Ishita worries. Shagun says we will take care of you Mihir. Raman asks her to talk to Mihir at home. He asks Mihir to get ready. Ishita asks Ruhi to take Mihir. Aaliya takes Mihir. Ishita stops Shagun saying I need to talk to you.