Tuesday Update on Young Love July 3

Tuesday Update on Young Love

July 3 Episode

At Mumbai. Jag expresses his depression in front of gauri. Gauri consoles him and gives him strength and says that everything will be fine. She is doing all those for them only. They have to share their problems with each other in stead of accusing each other. She will love him like always. They hug.
At night, shiv gets the flashes of heth singh’s comments and wonders how come heth singh passed so low grade comments for a girl like anandi. There may be some kind of dushmani. Whether it will be ok to ask anandi about this matter or not. He thinks anandi is right in case of heth singh. on the other hand, Anandi gets the flashes of jag’s rescue when she was kidnapped and seems uncomfortable. She falls asleep.
Anandi sees a dream where she wants to show jagiya her trophy who is on a horse and she runs behind him.but jagiya didn’t listen to her and rides away the horse. Anandi is all alone and upset. After sometime of silence, Anandi hears horse tapping from behind and thinks of jag and runs towards the opposite and falls down. The horse rider whose face is not shown yet comes closer and offers hand to anandi. Anandi holds his hand and stunned after seeing his face(face was not shown this time also !!). Then anandi woke up and restless.
Ds is sleeping on the swing. When anandi comes there, she wokes up and she gives her jogging shoes. Anandi happily wore those and asks y she gave water bottle and towel as if ds sent her outside for whole day. They have some more chit chat and ds sends her for morning walk. then she calls bheem singh to confirm whether shiv went for walk or not.
Anandi is jogging and sees shiv is doing push ups. Shiv asks her how come she is here. Anandi tells him she started morning walk just 2 days back after ds’s force. Shiv tells her that thsts y her shoes r shining too. anandi smiles says her bapusa brings those for her shiv says that’s nice and even in one day, the glow on her face increased. Anandi looks at him. he says he mean it. Morning walk is very good for health and one should keep doing it no matter how many hurdles comes on the road and even in any type of up downs in the life. Anandi mood changes and she asks him what up downs he talked. Shiv tells that he is just saying like that and asks her what she thought. Anandi sterly says that he should continue his exercises and she has to do rounds more. She goes away. Shiv wants to stop her but didn’t and feels bad.
Shiv sees bheem singh running towards him and says how come BM woke up so early. Then bheem singh tells him he got a news from trustable source and what they were thinking, fact is completely different. He says anandi actually is the DIL of bhiron singh and abandoned by his son. Shiv thinks he thought anandi is leaving at her maayka and irritated on BM that from when he starts gossiping. Bheem singh again tells him that heth singh’s son actually kidanaaped anandi and speard the rumor that she eloped but when the truth of anandi’s innocence came out village accepted her back. And heth singh’s son went to jail. Shiv thinks that’s y heth singh is after anandi always. Shiv asks bheem singh to not to give attention to the gossips realated to anandi and tells him if he comes across anything like that he has to stop that.
Anandi comes back form jogging. Ds is happy too.at that time anandi gets a letter from Govt that help will be given to her school after a proper inspection and report. She wonders how action taken so fast as she sent the application few days back. Ds says may be due to shiv. Anandi is upset and sternly says the she should thank shiv. Ds didn’t notice that and happy that everything is going so smoothly and thanked devi maa.