Monday Update on True Love 13th July 2020


Monday Update on True Love 13th July 2020

Chauhan is at Bundela House. He has given a photo of Ambika wearing a heavy gold necklace. He tells Ekadish to buy it asap. Pavitra coughs. Gomti takes her aside as per Maiyya’s instructions. Maiyya says according to tradition, you should be buying all the jewellery for your daughter. He says I am a normal policeman. Its not in my hands. Did I take anything from you to keep my mouth shut? No, right? Why are you talking about give and take in this relation? She agrees to buy it as Ambika is her daughter now. He gets happy. Buy the wedding dress as well. He takes her leave. She thinks to get the marriage done asap or he will rob her for everything.

Jogi tells Mukku and Vishnu that their wedding will happen next week. Priest has given the date. Mukku says she isn’t ready for marriage yet. You know what state Meethi is in. Vishnu agrees with her. jogi says if the environment would be happy then Meethi will like it too. Mukku reasons that she might feel happy for our happiness but what about her happiness. Aakash is getting married.

Jogi is taken aback. Rohini gives them tea. Mukku nods. We haven’t told Meethi but she too will come to know of it very soon. Rohini says the engagement ritual was left incomplete too. I do not like it. Mukku stays put. I cannot think of marriage right now. She leaves from there. Vishnu too leaves to go talk to her.

Mukku is in her room pacing worriedly. Vishnu comes there. He too is in no hurry to get married. We will get married when things will be better, when she will feel better. She thanks him for understanding her. You know how much Meethi has done for her. as soon as she came to know of our love, she freed you from that relation that’s why I cannot think about marriage when she is in such a bad shape. I want to do something for her. I will have to do something. He too wants to but doesn’t know what to be done. It is Aakash’s decision to get married. We hid it from her today but till when will we hide it?

She will come to know of it one day. I dint tell you but that day when I had gone to meet him it looked like he actually doesn’t want to keep any relation with Meethi. I had never thought that he would take such a big step so soon…knowing fully well the condition she is in right now. mukku says he loved her so much. He could do anything for her. we wont let him marry someone else. He doesn’t know what to do. She decides to go and meet him. I will ask him as to how can he marry someone else leaving Meethi in such a condition. I wont let Meethi’s life get ruined.

Ambika is sitting on a swing as she looks at Aakash’s photo. Ishq hua plays in the background. She is all shy / smiling. She imagines him standing near her next to the porch. He compliments her for her beauty. Has no one told you how beautiful you are? She smiles shyly. Who will say it when my father is in police? He repeats it for her and calls her name. Next it turns out to be her dad calling out for her. She looks around for Aakash but he is nowhere. She gets up from there all shy. He tells her of the deal he has just made for her at Bundela House (clothes, jewellery). My daughter should look like a princess. Get set for your engagement. Your mom is not there to take care of you but I will get you married to Aakash with all the pomp and show.

Mukku is pacing worriedly in her room as she recalls Vishnu’s words.

Maiyya loudly reads out the wedding invitation card. The decorations are being done by workers. Gomti suggests sending one card to Aatishgarh. Maiyya tells her to let everything happen peacefully. The landline rings. It is Nani. She asks for the wedding invitation. Send it to that Makkhi (Meethi). ekadish doesn’t trust her. She might come all teary eyed in an attempt to melt my son’s heart. Nani says I know her more than you. She will cry but wont go to Aakash.

Crying is their family’s habit. She will keep on saying that she doesn’t want to be an enemy of Aakash’s happiness. He has gone away from me and my best wishes are with him. I guess as soon as she will get to hear it she and Damini will pack their bags. Maiyya asks her if she is sure of it. Nani is double sure. Send the invite first. Baki to Ram hi Rakhey. Nani ends the call. Nani thinks my Mukku will get married to that ragged Vishnu and that Makkhi will get a millionaire? I wont let it happen ever.

Mukku enters inside Bundela House premises to meet Aakash. The guard stops her. you cannot meet him without his mother’s permission. She notices the board saying Ring Ceremony of Aakash and Ambika. A chant is playing in the background. She throws the board angrily and storms inside. She is yelling for Aakash while the guard keeps trying to stop / quieten her. Maiyya comes there. Is your family habituated to doing dramas? Pavitra and Gomti watch it intently.

Mukku wants to meet Aakash. Maiyya asks her why. First you did a drama of marrying my son and now all this shouting. He doesn’t want to meet anyone. Gomti wants to go but Pavitra tells her to enjoy it. Gomti scares her on Maiyya’s name yet they both stay put. Ekadish says you have hurt my son enough but not anymore. Mukku doesn’t want to get into any argument with her. I want to meet him right now. maiyya replies that he doesn’t want to meet anyone. Damini has insulted him so badly telling him to go away from Meethi’s life. Now that he is fulfilling his promise then why are you all hovering around him? He is just fulfilling his promise.

Mukku says Ammo Nani has realised her mistake. Now she herself wants to unite Meethi and Aakash. I am here only to ask Aakash as to how he came upon this decision of marrying someone else when we know how much he loves her. maiyya says now when my son turned his face away you remember him. He only got pain, sadness and insults after marrying Meethi. Now when he is all set to marry someone else then what’s the problem. Mukku replies that she has no problem. But you must know one thing that no one can take Meethi’s place in Aakash’s life. No one!

Pavitra says this Rathore’s daughter is not a cow like Meethi but a tigress. Gomti agrees with her. No one has spoken to didi like this ever. Mukku wants to hear it from Aakash that he doesn’t want Meethi in his life. Maiyya stays put with her words. He doesn’t want to talk to anyone. Mukku doesn’t buy it. It isn’t possible that Aakash doesn’t want to meet me or Meethi. The moment he will come to know that Meethi is crippled he will come running to her. maiyya gets worried / thinking too. Mukku again starts calling out for Aakash when Maiyya lies that he knows the truth. He knows that Meethi is crippled. Mukku looks shocked.

Mukku asks her if Aakash knows that Meethi is crippled. Maiyya says he had gone to hospital where doc had told him about Meethi. Now what? You want to burden my son. He is not that mad in Meethi’s love. mukku still cannot believe it. Has Aakash said this? She nods. He has understood your plan. Till Meethi was fine you got her married to Vishnu and now that she is crippled for life you have come here to tell Aakash to take over the responsibility. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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