Wednesday Update on Young Love 15th July 2020


Wednesday Update on Young Love 15th July 2020

Mannu coming to hospital to talk to Ganga. A man asks Mannu to hold his baby for sometime and goes to pay the money at the reception. The baby does potty on his shirt and Mannu gets irked. The man takes the baby and apologizes. Mannu thinks to change the clothes. He comes home and thinks that boy has ruined my clothes. He thinks kids are strange.

He tells himself that how could he take care of his own baby, when he is not tolerating others kid. He thinks to give clothes in laundary. Dadisaa tells him that kids does potty many things and we didn’t send our clothes to laundary everytime. Kundan brings Nimboli to the jungle and lies to her saying it is other way to reach home. Nimboli tells him that it is raining and insists to play. Kundan says lets go, but she plays in rain. Kundan parks the cycle and watches her playing. He then holds her lustly.

Nimboli asks what happened to you. She tries to take out her knife and sees it is missing. She pleads him not to do anything and falls on the ground. Kundan tries to hold her and falls on the ground. Harki tells Nimboli didn’t come till now and gets angry. Disa asks her to have patience. Nimboli runs from there and hides behind the tree. She prays to God for her safety.

Kundan finds her hiding behind the tree and is about to catch her, but she runs away. She sees some men going and shouts for help, but they didn’t hear her. She falls in pit. Kundan falls with her. She gets up and attacks him with stick, making him fall on the pit. Disa gets worried. Kamli says it is getting late. Harki fumes saying she will beat her. Disa worries saying Nimboli didn’t come this much late before. Urmila says she might be with her friend Pampodi.

Kamli goes to ask Pampo. Kundan searches for Nimboli and thinks where did she go? Nimboli is seen sitting on the branches of the tree and cries. Kundan sees Kamli going from there and hides. Nimboli sees Kamli, but don’t call her as she is far. Kamli goes from there without seeing them. Nimboli drops her anklet by mistake and it falls on Kundan. She gets shocked. Kundan didn’t see her and thinks to reach home fast.

Kamli comes back home and tells Nimboli is not with Pampodi. Kundan comes home, drenched in muddy water. Harki asks what happened? Did you fall in pit? Kundan lies and makes an excuse. Urmila asks did you see Nimboli. Kundan tells he didn’t see her and asks her not to ask him stupid questions. Disa, Kamli and Urmila wait for Nimboli to come. Nimboli runs from there cryingly while it is raining heavily. She wonders what had happened to him.

She sees Police arresting a man for beating someone, and recalls Jagya’s words to approach police whenever someone did wrong with you. She calls the Inspector and tells him that Kundan ji is really bad. She says I sat on his cycle and was going home. He has beaten me. The Inspector identifies her as Akhiraj’s bahu. Other Inspector tells him that the girl is thinking that Kundan was beating her, and doesn’t know that he was trying to take her advantage. We should beat him.

Urmila coming to Kundan and sees marks on Kundan’s hands. She asks what happened to you. Kundan asks her not to worry and go from there. Harki brings water and asks him to drink. Disa asks Kamli to come fast. Harki asks where is she going? She asks where are you going? Disa tells Nimboli might be in some trouble. Harki says she herself is a trouble. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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