Monday Update on True Love 27 January 2020


Monday Update on True Love 27 January 2020

Meethi shows her hand to the same old lady (gypsy). She tells her, the road ahead would be tough. You will have many hurdles in your way but your love will win over everything. Meethi smiles.
She goes to call Vishnu. She wants to hear his future too. She drags him to that gypsy. She says your love is asking not to believe it. Your eyes say that your love has trust in it. With both of you together in love you can come over any hurdle that comes in your way.

She continues saying his wife’s love has brought God’s blessings in his life. She will take away all your pains. She has saved your life by God’s grace and will continue doing so. Akash recalls how Meethi had walked up to the shiva idol bare feet and prayed for Akash’s long life.
The gypsy says you will soon be facing another problem soon. Your wife will again risk / forsake her life for your sake. He has flashback of Meethi promising him that she can go to any extent if it comes to his life.

Meethi teases him now you must not even think of going away from me for I am going to save you. Meethi jokingly asks the lady to look at Vishnu’s hand and tell if he will be getting any 2nd wife for himself. He tells her not to joke like that. Meethi insists him to show his hand. The lady says a big storm is about to hit their lives which will create havoc in their lives. You will have to give agni pariksha in every sense be it of your love / sadness / trust / pain / darkness / things you are scared of….everything.

Akash is too stunned to react. Meethi listens intently and asks for explanation. Akash angrily rubbishes it off. He doesn’t believe in any of this. He gets up from there and she runs after him. She tries to make him hear the gypsy once but he denies point blank. If you want to stay you can but I am leaving. He turns to go but then his inner voice asks him to stop. If I continue to fight with Meethi like this then I can send her to Mumbai on her own. I will at least have the satisfaction that she is safe. Forgive me God but I will have to hurt her in some way. She will go then only.

Kajri enters her room and starts looking for the chit which has Meethi’s address and contact number written on it. She searches in cupboards but doesn’t find it anywhere. She recalls Meethi’s words that I am leaving it at your dressing table. Kajri browses through the dressing table but still doesn’t find it. She leaves but the note is shown fallen beside the dressing table.

In the forest:

Meethi starts walking towards the gypsy woman again. Akash asks her where she is going. He twists her hand and she tells him to let go. He warns her not to go or else he will slap her. She is startled and says ok raise your hand on me. I can go alone. I don’t need you. I’m not scared.
He retorts even I am not interested to come along with you. She tells him I know you will come running after me in 2 days only. He laughs it off saying you don’t know me. I do what I say. Plus, I don’t give up to women’s stubbornness.
She replies I can very well tell you that you wont be able to live without me. He says he will help her get in bus. He asks some kaka how far is the main road from here. He replies that it will take 1.5 hours from now and he should take the road shown to him by the gypsy woman. He turns and tells Meethi to come. She asks him to at least thank them. They have helped them so much. He replies rudely and walks dragging her by her arm.

Thakur House:

Damini is sitting outside in front of the tulsi plant. She has flashback of when Iccha had handed her a small Meethi. Meethi shouldn’t miss her mother as you will be by her side always. I am leaving all my responsibilities on you. She recalls Jogi’s words. No one knows where meethi is. That Vishnu was a fraud. He cheated us. They aren’t in Switzerland.
Tappu spots Damini and comes and sits next to her. she asks Damini why she hasn’t slept till now. She replies that she wanted to sit near her Icchki for sometime so sat here (looking at the kalash kept near the plant). She too hasn’t slept why?

Tappu replies because I cannot stop myself from thinking about Meethi. How would I sleep in this condition? Damini rues the Meethi who couldn’t stay quiet for even a minute, I haven’t heard her voice in days. Tappu wipes her tears. Damini wonders where her Meethi would be, how she would be. Even sahab (Jogi) came back empty handed. Hope she is alright. Tappu consoles her that nothing would happen to Meethi. She isn’t that weak. Plus, she only says na, God always does good with good people. read full updates with pictures only at Damini negates instead God gives more pain / troubles to good people. He rubs salt on their wounds saying that they have more strength to bear the pain. It is all false. The more good you are the more pain you will have to bear.
Tappu assures her it isn’t so. Our Meethi will be back soon. You are sitting her near Iccha, you can feel her right. She too is saying the same. We shouldn’t let go of hope for it gives it us courage to live our life. God will show us the way for sure. Meethi will be back with us very soon. She hugs a crying Damini.

In the forest:

Both reach the main road. Meethi is upset / sad. She asks him when you aren’t coming along then why did you come to drop me. I could go alone too. He says he knows his responsibilities. She mocks him yes I saw. No need to come along. I can go home alone.
He thinks in his mind. Meethi, please forgive me. I have no other option left. I want you to be safe and for that I will have to send you alone only….away from me, Maiyya, everyone!

Thakur House:

Tappu is taking Damini inside when she sees someone standing in a corner talking on phone. She calls out who’s there? Surabhi turns taken aback and stammers its me Surabhi.
Tappu asks who she was speaking to so late at night. Surabhi mistakenly replies her family. Damini is taken aback. Surabhi immediately clears her stance that she was trying Meethi’s number but it is unreachable. Kanha was sleeping inside so came out to call. She tells that she will take Ammo Nani inside to her room. But Tappu tells her she wants to talk to Ammo she will take her inside. Surabhi can go and sleep. She nods in a yes and goes leaving Tappu thinking.

In the forest:

Akash spots the bus coming. He tells Meethi that she needs to buy a ticket as she gets on the bus. She asks him not to explain. You don’t have to worry when you aren’t coming along. I will go as I please. He tells her to get up on the bus. She sadly starts walking towards it. He shouts yeah why I should come. Jana jogi de naal song breaks in as he continues saying when you don’t need my help then why should I come. Even my shadow wont follow you after today.
She again repeats she knows he will come after her. She sadly gets up on the bus. He watches her every move heartbroken. He wants to go after her but somehow with great difficulty stops himself.
Meethi thinks he will come in 2 minutes. He cant stay without me for even a minute.

Bus starts and Meethi is worried as to why Vishnu hasn’t boarded the bus yet. The song starts playing again. Akash very slowly reiterates his steps. He closes his eyes in pain.
He reminisces all his happy moments spent with Meethi. How he had proposed, the one where he was trying to teach her to ride a bike; their wedding; their romantic moments while coming to Aatishgarh and the rest which they enjoyed in the haveli. He looks towards the direction of the bus. He sits on a stone in the entrance of the jungle. Meethi asks the driver to stop the bus and she gets down. Tears fall down his cheek as he recalls every moment spent with Meethi.
A snake comes near him while he is busy crying and Meethi is walking towards him. The snake bites him on his hand. He gets up in pain and feels dizzy. Meethi spots Akash in this state and wonders. He sees her coming back. The image is blurred but he gets slightly happy. Sad piya o re piya starts playing in the background as Vishnu loses consciousness and falls on the ground. Meethi watches shocked and shouts Vishnu.

A snake comes near him while he is busy crying and Meethi is walking towards him. The snake bites him on his hand. He gets up in pain and feels dizzy. Meethi spots Akash in this state and wonders. He sees her coming back. The image is blurred but he gets slightly happy. Sad piya o re piya starts playing in the background as Vishnu loses consciousness and falls on the ground. Meethi watches shocked and shouts Vishnu.

She runs up to him shocked out of her wits. She asks him to open his eyes. I wont let anything happen to you. She shouts for help but no one is around. She wonders what to do now. She is crying and runs on road asking the cars to stop and help her. But no one stops. She runs back to him. She tries to wake him up, turns him around to face her.
She sees the mark on his hand and the snake passing by from there. She thinks if it has bit him. She wont let anything happen to him. She notices the foam coming out of his mouth. She wonders what if the poison spreads in his body. I wont let anything happen to you. She tears her dupatta and ties it on his arm and starts taking the poison out.

Aatishgarh Haveli:

Maiyya is getting restless in her room. Why is he taking so much time to return? The jungle is next to home only and now there would be wild animals too. Why hasn’t he called? Hope he isn’t in some trouble. Gomti comes asking her to join them to have food. Maiyya declines she will have it later. Gomti asks about Akash. Maiyya replies he will come. No need to worry about him. He will come after doing the last rites of Meethi only. You go have food and go to bed. Gomti nods in agreement and leaves from there. Maiyya thinks he will come after finishing her only. She glances at Avi’s photo.

In the forest:

Meethi is sucking out the poison from his hand and simultaneously trying to wake him up too. She coughs and feels dizziness but doesn’t give up. She has a fainting spell. She still continues to wake him up. Get up Vishnu. She too feels dizzy while trying to wake him up. Meethi loses consciousness.

Thakur House:

A dream sequence where a young Iccha is praying and small Kanha is ringing the bell for her. Damini wakes up with a start and calls out Ichki!
She hears bells ringing inside and runs inside calling Icchas’ name. Tappu is doing puja. Damini takes Iccha’s name but then realises it is baby ji. What are you doing here early morning? Tappu asks her the same question. You too went back to the aangan (courtyard) at night na.
Damini says I was feeling restless so came. Tappu says now it would again get peace. Damini asks her what she is doing here early morning. Tappu smiles. You have never seen me getting up early and praying like this na. You have never seen Tappu folding her hands in prayers or bending down her head in front of God. Today I felt it from inside. Iccha’s heart has prompted me to come in front of God and pray. She holds Damini’s hand. Today I have told God that I want to meet my daughter asap. I have to meet her. I wont give up hope now. Conch shell plays in the background as Damini looks at Tappu’s hand. CONTINUE READING FROM NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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