Friday Update on True Love 24 January 2020


Friday Update on True Love 24 January 2020

Akash asks should we go ahead now. She nods but then spots some flowers and goes to get them for herself. Akash calls after him but she keeps heading towards the flowers.
Maiyya’s words echo in his head. Who do you want alive – your mother or that Iccha’s daughter? Do not forget your destination. Send Meethi to her mother. He takes out the dagger and looks at it. He was staring at it undecided when he hears Meethi shouting in pain.

He keeps the knife back immediately and rushes to take care of her. He picks her up in his arms and takes her aside. She is hurt by a thorn. He looks at her in pain and takes out the thorn while she keeps crying out of pain. The song Saathiya from Singham starts playing in the background as Meethi looks at him. She realises that he looks more hurt than her. She smiles and is all lost looking at him caressing her wound.
She sweetly asks him if you would take care of me like this always then she is ready to walk on thorns for her whole life. Akash looks at her dumbstruck. The sad music from Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam starts playing as he continues to look at her this way.

All of a sudden his evil spirit appears before him clapping and laughing satirically. This is right. Whom you came to kill you are saving her only? Wow! The good soul appears complimenting him that he is doing the right thing. He is walking on the right path now.
The evil one contradicts what about your mother? If you will think about Meethi and her love then what will happen to Maiyya. You know that only Meethi’s blood will give relief to her heart. Go and end this game right now. If you don’t kill Meethi then you will lose Maiyya.
The good soul points out that Meethi is innocent. You know you cant hurt her. She loves you and you love her too. She trusts you so much then how can you do this. The evil one prods him to pick up the knife and end Meethi’s life right away. But the good one tells him that he cant do it for he loves her so much.
Akash comes out of his dream as Meethi calls out to him. She says she isn’t hurt that much that he should shed tears from his eyes and start sweating too. Your princess is perfectly fine. She wipes his sweat while he wipes his tears away. He asks should we go now. She replies yes.

Kajri is worried sick for Meethi. She wonders how to save Meethi now. I don’t even know where they would have reached by now. She hears Pavitra and Gomti talking and goes to check the matter.
Pavitra has reconnected the phone. She asks Gomti to check if it is working or not. She replies affirmatively and they both go away from there. Seizing this opportunity Kajri carefully walks downstairs and dials Meethi’s number. The no. is out of coverage area.
She wonders how to inform her now. What would my brother-in-law do to her? Hope she isn’t in a big danger.

On the way from Aatishgarh:

Both Akash and Meethi are walking holding each other’s hand and looking at each other all the while.

Thakur House:

Rathore has flashback of Meethi’s wedding. How Mukku was trying to prove to everyone that she is right. This person isn’t Vishnu, he is a fraud. Tappu had slapped her because of all that.
Tappu wakes up all of a sudden calling for Meethi. Rathore goes to her in haste. He helps her get up.
He asks her if she saw a bad dream. She nods in yes. I don’t know where she would be now. Where that Vishnu would have taken her? I saw the same dream that Meethi is in some kind of trouble.
He replies if she will keep thinking the same day and night then it is obvious that she would see the same in her dream too. The doc has advised you not to take stress. She rues things would have different if she would have listened to Mukta back then.
He tells her not to live in the past of what ifs. You must not take stress / tension. The doc has told you to rest. He tries to get up from there but she holds his hand and makes him sit.
She says, Iccha has done so much for them. They owe her so much. She has done everything for our daughter that a mother father do together. Today Meethi is in trouble. I know you have promised me that you will find her but if something happens to her then I wont be able to live.
She bursts into tears and he hugs her tight. Don’t ever say that again. Nothing will happen to Meethi. I have promised you I will find her safe and sound.
On the other hand, Mukku is praying to God. Please take care of Meethi. Keep her safe.

Meethi says if you will stay with me all the time then I will get habitual to you. I wont be able to stay without you. No, I have already become habitual to you. He takes his hand off hers and tells her, see I left you alone. Now walk on your own.
She replies only on one condition. That you will keep an eye on me every minute and if I falter in any step then come and hold my hand ASAP. Promise? He puts her hand in his and she smiles.
She starts walking on her own. Now you follow me. Don’t forget to monitor my move. Suddenly, her dupatta gets stuck in some thorn and she gets busy in removing it.
Akash has flashback of Maiyya’s words. How she had sworn him of her blood. He takes out the dagger again. A chant starts playing in the background as he recalls the promise he had made to his mother as a child. Maiyya had said to him, if you are my son then you will take revenge from not only her (Iccha) but her whole family. Promise me. A young Akash promises her he will do it.

Akash looks determinedly at the dagger. Meethi asks if we should go now and turns to look at him. Just then he throws the dagger towards her. She ducks in time and looks at him completely shocked out of her wits. He stands there with tears in his eyes.

Police Station, Mumbai:

Veer and Jogi are in the police station. The inspector tells them that neither of them has switched on their mobile phones so they are unable to track their location. Veer is agry / miffed. When will you find her when her life gets ruined? Jogi tries to calm him down.
The inspector tells them that maybe they have changed their locations. We have our informers all over. Veer doesn’t buy his point and leaves telling him that he will now have to find Meethi on her own. Jogi tries to calm him but in vain. He rushes out after him.

In the forest:

Meethi looks at Akash disbelievingly. She stammers were you about to kill me just now? Akash stands shocked at one place.

Meethi again asks him you wanted to kill me? He points out his finger towards something behind her. She turns to find a snake on the tree near her.
She speaks in shock snake? She runs up to him and hugs him tight. She cries I am sorry Vishnu. Please forgive me I am sorry. He too hugs her back. Meethi says I am a fool. How could I say so? How can I be such a fool to doubt the person who takes care of me every second every minute? He is my saviour. How can he kill me? She cups his face. It can never happen. I am sorry please forgive me Vishnu. She holds her ears for him.
He looks down then says you don’t have to seek an apology for this. She asks him if he forgave me right. He touches her cheek and she smiles. She says lets go then. She stops, turns and asks him why you were carrying a knife with you. He replies he knew they would have to pass by this dense forest so took it for protection only. She smiles you did the right thing. She holds his hand and both start walking again. She tells him to wait and goes to take the knife while he watches her doing so. She hands it back to him. It can help you to safeguard your princess again. Shall we go?

She tells him that they have to go out of the forest before night. Now I wont leave your hand. We will walk together. He shows her a township / ghetto. They can take help from them. She agrees with him and they start walking towards the township.
They reach the place and find some people there (I think they are banjaras – The Banjara are a class of usually described as nomadic people from the Indian state of Rajasthan, North-West Gujarat, and Western Madhya Pradesh and Eastern Sindh province of pre-independence Pakistan. The word “Banjara” stands for forest or moorlands and “Chara” meaning ‘Movers’. The Banjara are sometimes called the Gypsies of India.)
Meethi looks around and finds everything (their attires, setup) to be very attractive and beautiful. One of the ladies walks up to them and asks them who they are. They tell her that their car has broken down and they have lost their way. They need to get out of the jungle.
The lady shows her a route via footpath that leads out of the jungle. Akash looks at it and thinks the road is in front of him but he is not able to realize his destination. What should I do – what Maiyya wants or what I want. He is not able to come out of this dilemma. God, now only you can help me in choosing the right path.

In the forest:

Meethi is looking excitedly around her. He asks her if they should go now. She tells him to wait for some time or in fact spend the night here only. I will sleep under the open sky looking at my beloved husband and stars. He reminds her that their car has broken down. The earliest they leave from here and reach the main road, the earliest they can get it repaired. She wants to reach Mumbai fast right. She nods. Both start walking holding each other’s hand.

Agarth lights a lamp and puts it in front of Ekadashi. He asks her if she is too thinking what he is thinking. He (Akash) should have been back by now. She hopes he isn’t in any trouble / danger. He says I doubt your son’s heart has melted. What if he forgot his responsibility? She replies he wont. He asks why not. She says because he will have to choose one out of us and he cant love anyone more that me. He will come after killing Meethi only.
Agarth tells Ekadashi you know the truth dear but you are trying hard to deny it. Our son has fallen in love with Meethi. Maiyya replies he will have to choose one out of us and I know he cannot love anyone more than me. Agarth tells her that shukra graha (planet Venus) is going up and mangal graham (Mars) is going down. Today love will win over hate and anger. This is what the horoscope is showing. She cuts him in between. It cannot supersede my motherly love. He still isn’t sure of her words but doesn’t say anything. CONTINUE READING FROM NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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