Monday Update on True Love 28th September 2020


Monday Update on True Love 28th September 2020

Maharani is unable to deter meethi’s faith in akash, who is confident that he would come to free her from this condition. Maharani gets Kajri’s call. Both meethi and maharani are shocked. Kajri says that she’s ready to come back to maharani, but she has a condition and thats to leave meethi away. Meethi is tensed. She tries to deter kajri away from doing so. But maharani jerks her away and asks kajri to continue. kajri says that she would come and do and say whetaver she wishes her to do, but wants meethi to go scot free. kajri says that she would come rightaway. but maharani refuses saying tht she doesnt like this deal. kajri says that meethi isnt guilty.

Maharani says that she would find kajri anyhow and that meethi is such a golden bird, that she wont ley her go away scot free. Kajri lashes out at her, but maharani cuts the phone. maharani luringly tells meethi that she is far better off than kajri. Meethi emotionally remembers her time with akaash. Thakur comes asking akash that it isnt safe for him to go alone, but akash expresses his concern for meethi. Thakur says that he has got someone’s number near to the kotha, whereas rathore tells akash that he too would come along with him. akash says that he needs to be with mukta, but rathire and thakur say that for that thakur is there. Akash resignedly gives in.

While mukta comes in vishnu’s ward, she is surprised to find yuvaan standing there. Yuvaan says that he came to see him. mukta expresses her sadness at his condition expressing her gratitude to yuvaan for him doing so much for them. Yuvaan becomes the bigger man by saying that isnt needed. He says that he has everything but not the love that she and vishnu share. he tells her that its his good luck if he can do anything for her. She gets emotional.

He wipes her tears saying that he would always be with her, and asks her not to worry. he cups her face and hugs her, giving an evil smirk, as he remembers his scuffle with vishnu, as she gets emotional finding some support. He thinks that vishnu’s mukta is in his arms and the day isn’t far when he would be completly successful in his mission. damini comes and finds him like this, and slaps him tight, shocking mukta too. she asks him how dare he touch the girl of their house. But granny comes in to his defense. damini tries to show her the actual reality, but granny rebukes and taunts her yet again and says that she is a servant and shouldnt forget that.

Damini is taken outside by granny while mukta stands tensed. Granny tells her that she shouldnt repeat this kind of a mistake ever again, and threatens her of the consequences. kanha comes to her defense, but granny taunts him about his relation with the family, or the absence of it. Kanha is silenced at granny’s severe insults. Damini says that she didnt do anything wrong, as it was completely inappropriate. Mukta comes outside asking if she doubted her too. damini is surprised and says that she didnt mean this. Mukta tries to clarify while damini says that she isnt doubtin her, but the man isnt right and what she saw in his eyes. Granny and damini again get into a verbal scuffle, after which kanha takes dmini aside and away, while mukta and granny watch on.

One of the girls hurriedly come and tells maharani about the impending danger.
Maharani asks them to come along, and asks his girls to go and prepare tea and snacks. Meethi hears this and thinks that akash is behind this and gets thrilled. meanwhile, maharani mocks her for the same. Hearing the police siren, maharani rushes out and asks his men to be alert and not draw guns, while asks the ladies to be inconspicuous. Akash tells the police that this si the person who has kidnapped meethi and is held captive here. She taunts and asks for the warrant. The commissioner gets angry. Maharani denies that there isnt any meethi here, but akash gets them to search around everywhere on the commissioners’s permission. As akash comes along with the police and surfs through Maharani’s girls, he gets tensed not finding Meethi. But then his attention is drawn toward a scared girl, who stealthily indicates in a certain direction, to akash and he gets surprised. He finds that the door is locked. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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