Monday Update on Complicated Love 28th September 2020


Monday Update on Complicated Love 28th September 2020

Rajdeep hurries into his car and hurriedly drives it backward. Mamma and Mauli stops there calling them really misbehaving. Kunal stops the car at the temple venue. The radio DJ warns them about bad weather. Kunal suggests about going to hotel first but Dida says the temple is closed after sunset and she can’t delay her mannat till tomorrow. Mauli and Nandini goes to buy Pooja thaal, while Kunal stays to arrange for a carrier for Dida.
Mauli runs towards a stall then calls Kunal towards herself. She reminds Kunal he had gifted her a bracelet with his name when in college, should she give him one with her name? Kunal agrees to wear it abruptly. They order for one.

There, Nandini walks towards another stall at the opposite side to buy a coconut.
Kunal likes the bracelet and says today he owns Mauli’s heart as well. Mauli promises him a life as well if needed. Kunal assures he won’t ever let the time come when they have to part. All of a sudden there is land sliding in the vicinity. People run around jeopardized. Kunal and Mauli look for Nandini.

Kunal sends Mauli to go to Dida and Mamma. Mauli reaches them but then leaves to find Kunal. Kunal was able to find Nandini near a stall fallen on huge rocks. He could also see some other rocks falling towards Nandini and runs for her life. He grabs Nandini and runs in a direction away from rocks. People were being injured by huge falling rocks. Mauli spots Kunal and Nandini; a huge rock approaching them from the cliff while they had stopped to look for it. Everyone wished for a clearer vision of the rock as it turned colder now. Kunal and Nandini were stuck behind the rock on the other side of the street.

Mauli asks the people around for a way to reach the other side of the rock. A lady takes Mauli away from the site and suggests her to call Kunal. Mauli dials Kunal’s number but it was already powered off. The rescue work by army and police had begun. Police had sealed the venue. Mauli requests the police inspector to let her stay here or go forward to check for her husband and friend. Mamma and Dida reach there. Mauli cries hugging Mamma. On the other side, Kunal was worried for his family and there was no network. There were announcement for the people not to panic, mobile networks won’t work here so they should use pay phones. Mauli was tensed that there is even a huge line for pay phone.

Mamma assures no one can part them. There, Kunal had gone towards a pay phone. Mauli gets a call from Kunal. He assures they are fine, and Mauli must take Mamma and Dida to hotel. Dida takes the call, she cries on phone apologetic to bring everyone in the family here. Kunal forbids Dida to get emotional, her mannat would fulfil one day for sure. After the call, Nandini says mannat must not be left undone. She will go to temple anyway, it’s the rule of mannat that there are obstacles. Kunal says its for the first time Dida agreed to celebrate his father’s birthday happily, else she always cursed mamma for his death. Nandini vows to go for Dida as the temple lay on their side.

Nandini looks above spotting the temple high on mountains. She takes the aarti plate. Kunal follows her on the stairs looking for network and hopes Mauli and everyone reach the hotel safely. Kunal buys a water bottle for Nandini. They hear someone discuss around that one has to go to temple thirsty. Kunal warns Nandini not to think about it, Nandini says she can’t cheat on God. Kunal stops Nandini halfway to agree and not step up, he can’t put her life in danger because of Dida. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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