Monday Update on True Love 2nd March 2020


Monday Update on True Love 2nd March 2020

Rathore saying I am not saying we all should forgive him. I am just saying he should be given a small chance to win over his love and do his penance. Tappu shouts in denial. We cant give him another chance (somebody remind her what all she did and what if no one had given her that one chance to change!). After knowing everything you still want to give him another chance? You want to help him then please do but don’t expect anything from me. I wont be able to trust him again. Damini sits dejected. Tappu comes to her. She sends off Ammo with Mukku. Rathore sighs (desperate ? ).

Tappu turns her face away from Rathore. If you will take that Akash’s side then I wont talk to you. He tells her he isn’t taking any sides. I dint come here to talk about anyone else but came to talk especially to you. You remember what day it is? She rues how she can remember anything except that her daughter is in trouble. He says today is the day when you had come to me with a question at my home. Will you marry me, remember? She has the flashback of how she had come at that rainy night asking him if he would accept her. he continues, I gave you the answer then and there only and married you. I had given you a ring at that time which I don’t know I cant see anymore on your hand. Yesterday you left angrily which I dint like so I couldn’t quite control myself from getting this. He shows her a box and opens it to reveal the ring inside.

She looks at it emotionally. He asks if he can put it on for her. She puts her hand in his and he makes her wear it. You are looking so beautiful yet only smiling so little? She gets back on her rant (sorry for the word but it is best suited from my POV). Why are you supporting him (Akash)? Why don’t you understand? He cuts her off. We are done with that discussion. Do you remember what all I did? I entered your home faking to be a painter; brought baraat (wedding procession) to your home; I used to call up and knew about your every movement including your doctor’s appointments.

He too is trying to do the same. She says there is a difference between him and you (agreed but one chance must be given to all…without partiality ? ). He says might be but one chance must be given. Look at me I am still standing here near you after signing the divorce papers (bravo…point to be noted my lord ? ). Before Tappu can say anything, Mukku comes there. She thinks of making coffee when she notices Tappu taking her hand back from Rathore’s thereby noticing the ring too. I never saw it before. Tappu tells her papa brought this as a gift for me (my mum still addresses my dad as papa ? <3). Mukku gets happy for her mom. It is very beautiful. Tappu again repeats…I am saying again that you are wrong. She realises Mukku is there too so stops.

She excuses herself from there. Mukku teases her dad. You never brought it for me. I too want it. Rathore very sweetly tells her (I love their bonding <3) for your mother, it was only 1 ring but will get the whole jewellery shop for you. But if you want to demand this cutely then go ask the person whom you dream about and for whom you have that special smile on your face. She looks away. I told you there is no one special and if there would be, you would be the first person to know it. I promise. He nods. Ok, promise me that he would take care of you I take care of your mother ( ? ). Now go make me some coffee. She goes smiling while Rathore rues you wont understand….you wont understand at all (I know…sob ? ).

Ekadish is pacing in her room when Agarth comes in asking about AKash. She tells him she has good news for him. He is coming back with Meethi. He gets very happy. When and did he say anything about Kanha or Surabhi? She tells him to listen first. It is true that my son I coming but Meethi’s coming depends on God’s wish. If she doesn’t want to come then what can we do (its bad to paly with someone’s emotions..but who am I telling :/ ). God only wanted Surabhi not to have the marital bliss in her life. What can we do? Her brother doesn’t believe it. I have seen Akash’s kundali several times. The stars indicate a union for sure. She tells him to look at Surabhi’s kundali too to know about her stars. He shares how he is unable to understand the games of fate these days. He leaves from there. She sits on her armchair speaking to herself. These aren’t the games played by fate but by me. you made my son a pawn to get your daughter’s happiness. I am doubly sure that Meethi will never come back here nor Surabhi will ever go there.

Meethi is standing by the window staring blankly at Akash. He is looking downwards. Rathore comes and knocks but she doesn’t respond so he calls out her name jerking her back to reality. He too comes by the window side. What are you doing here? Saw Akash? She declines. If one stubborn person wants to stand outside the gates of this house then he can but I cant stop standing here because of him. I like being here. He nods back. You should do what you like. It is important to do what you want / like instead of following someone else. You should be the one to decide what your heart wants. She tells him that her heart wants him (Akash) to go from here. He asks her to touch her heart and say it. Frustrated, she asks him why he has sympathy for that guy.

It was only you and Mukku who had come to stop my wedding. You punished him for his misdeeds then why? He agrees saying Akash deserved it then. She questions him again. He was beaten for what he did but what did I do wrong. His mother made me dance on my mother’s death. She called Anni because of which Anni had a heart attack. She is unwell today because of her. What punishment should be given for this you tell me? He gets serious now. I dint knew about that call for no one told me. I haven’t come here to take anyone’s side. Plus it must be you who would know Akash’s Maiyya well as I met her only once. But in that meeting I understood that she dint raise a son but a soldier who has a sole aim of revenge.

But when I met him outside the hospital that day I saw change in him. and you know what I saw in your eyes – sadness! Meethi says it is better to bear true sadness than fake love. rathore asks if these are her words or someone else’s. She shares the promise she had made with her Anni. I wont let Akash come back in my life. He says it is about your life. Your decision should be based on your happiness, your future. It shouldn’t happen that you regret it later in life. I am not asking you to forgive him. if you don’t want him to come back in your life then you should think about entering a new relation like your massi (Tappu) said.

What I feel is that you cannot give the place which Akash holds in your heart to anyone else. She accepts it. But I don’t want to marry anyone else for another reason altogether. It would be my weakness to enter a new relation just for the sake of ending the old one (good one). Akash is my past and I should be such that I can fight my past on my own. He reassures her that he hadn’t come there to impose his thoughts on her. I only to came to say that the last decision should be yours as it is about your life. You shouldn’t get under any pressure. Take a decision which you will never regret in your life. It is important for your happiness. Saying so, he leaves from there.

Vishnu looks at the danglers in his hand. Mukku comes and he quickly hides them. She tells him to show what he is hiding. He does and she appreciates them. He puts them on in her ear and goes closer to say – don’t lose them. She is all shy. I wont as it is the first memento of our love. he is about to touch her cheek when she disappears….puff DREAM ( ? ). He looks at the danglers and pats himself sweetly (cute <3).

Mukku is outside in the lawn waiting for Vishnu’s call. Rohini comes there to tell her about a call waiting for her. Thinking about Vishnu, she leaves from there. Meanwhile, Mukku’s phone rings (poor Vishnu doesn’t know who is about to pick the call ? ). Straight away he tells he has a gift for her. rohini gets super happy. He realises it is someone else and fumbles that the gift is for Meethi. It is a book (liar! ? ). Rohini demands for a gift for herself as well. He agrees to get a bag for her but she disconnects before he can ask anything about Mukku. She comes back just then. Rohini shares about the gift and goes from there. Mukku gets upset. What if its not my birthday he could at least get a small gift for me too. Miser! ( ? )

Tappu tries feeding medicines to Damini but she declines. Meethi comes and listens the convo from outside (eavesdropping isn’t gud ). That person has ruined our lives. I cannot forget that I have his blood inside my veins. Why did anyone not stop him? You should have let me die. Tappu tries to calm her. I know it is wrong but it is important to keep Meethi away from that Akash so that he doesn’t take her back along with him to Aatishgarh. Damini is very hyper. Till he is outside nothing can be alright. He came in Meethi’s room yesterday night. Tappu and Meethi are shocked while Damini narrates the whole incident in mute.
Meethi says how you dare come to my room Akash!

Meethi comes out to talk to Akash. She cant find him anywhere so enquires the corn vendor about him. akash has come back by then but signals him not to tell anything. The corn seller feigns ignorance. He will be coming soon. He offers her corn but she declines. He praises Akash. Looks like he loves you a lot. She turns to leave calling Akash a fraud when she stops short of bumping into him. He smiles. You were looking for me? I was here only. Shall we? She tells him to stop talking nonsense.

Why did you come in my room yesterday like a thief? He very sweetly says I just wanted to see my wife’s face once so came. I was about to leave when Anni came there. She thanks God for saving her or he would have killed her as his Maiyya’s revenge hasn’t been fulfilled yet. He tells her if he wished to do it then he would have kidnapped her long back but he dint. She lists out all the crimes – kidnapping, theft, murder, etc. – only these have been taught to you in Aatishgarh. He says I have one more quality – of mending broken relations (while showing the mangalsutra to her).

I thought to give it back to you but then thought that the happiness would double when you yourself will come to me asking for it. She asks him not to dream. It wont happen ever. Neither will I accept you nor will you come along with me inside this home. He gets interested in the challenge. She firmly tells him to be it. You will not be able to come inside by hiding or by force. She is about to leave when he blocks her way – I can! And it will happen today only before sunset and it will be you who will take me inside along with you. She warns him about police if he tries to force her into something. He stays put with his words. She suggests him to continue day dreaming for she doesn’t care. It is your life. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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