Tuesday Update on Young Love 3rd March 2020


Tuesday Update on Young Love 3rd March 2020

Harki waking up Nimboli in the morning. She asks her to do work. Nimboli asks her to let her sleep for some more time. Harki pushes her from the bed, making her fall down. She asks her to come out and clean the house. Nimboli looks on.

Ganga brings tea for Dadisaa. She says she is going to hospital to check night duty staff and says people are not trustable. She says Dr. Saheb is always busy, so she has to take care of the hospital. Dadisaa asks her to eat something in the hospital. She leaves and thinks she can’t tell the reason behind her working hard. She tells about her failing relation with Jagya.

Nimboli sweeps the place with the broom. Harki asks her to wash the clothes and wonders where is she? She finds her sleeping and wakes up. Nimboli sits to wash the clothes. Kundan eyes her lustly and thinks of his friend’s words again. He thinks about getting close to Nimboli. Harki comes and sees Kundan staring at her. She asks do you need something. Kundan asks her to send tea.

Pooja waits for Mannu and thinks she will be late. He comes on his cycle. Pooja starts walking on the road and asks him to give her lift. Mannu refuses. She tries to sit on his cycle forcibly and slips with him. She laughs. Mannu leaves on his cycle.

Nimboli thinks to pluck fruit for her and Bapusaa. She gets the fruit. She then climbs on a big tree to get another fruit. Anandi talks to her students. Kavita tells about the canteen problem. Anandi asks Dadisaa to solve the problem. Dadisaa tells that this small issues do come in our life frequently. She solves their problem. Nimboli plucks the fruits. Dadisaa gives list to Anandi. Nimboli falls down from the tree and shouts Maa. Anandi gets hurt and senses that her Nandini is in danger. She prays to Devimaa. Nimboli assures herself that she didn’t get hurt. She wonders why she calls her mum, when she is in pain. She then thinks Maasaa doesn’t love her. She wonders where is my mum? And thinks to find out.

Nimboli doing the kitchen work and stares at Harki’s food plate while she is eating non stop. Harki scolds her for staring her plate. Nimboli says she is staring at the cold leftover tea which is on the stove and asks for it. Harki refuses to give her anything to eat. Nimboli feels pain and asks Harki to make turmeric lep for her wound. Harki refuses and asks how dare you to asks me. She asks her to go and do the work. Nimboli shows her leg. Harki says it is not yet broken and asks her to wash the clothes. Nimboli gets up with injured leg and goes to wash the clothes.

Sarita asks Pooja, why you came late. Pooja tells her that she met Mannu on the way, but he didn’t give her lift. Sarita says he might be late to school. Pooja asks her about the aloo zeera dish which she is making. Sarita says she is making for Anandi and Dadisaa as they like it. Pooja asks her to give it in tiffin for Mannu. Sarita agrees and asks her to get ready.

Disa calls Nimboli and says I heard your conversation with Harki. She asks her to eat something silently. Nimboli says her stomach is full. She says she just acted to be hungry infront of Maasaa and laughs. She tells that she had plucked the fruit. She takes out from the box and shows to Disa. They sit down. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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