Monday Update on True Love 30th November 2020


Monday Update on True Love 30th November 2020

Ambika comes before Sankrant. She sits down next to him even though he tells her that he doesn’t want to talk to her. she acts all sweet and begs for his forgiveness. Please don’t drink as you had stopped drinking. He warns her not to think anything. We don’t share anything anymore. You have no right to say anything to me. get out of here. She sits there only and watches him gulp down almost half of the bottle. I had really loved you but you cheated me in return. I haven’t forgotten it. He passes out on the table itself.

Maiyya calls out for Sankrant. Akash offers to go and check when Malvika shows them a liquor bottle that she has found in Sankrant’s room. They all are shocked. Maiyya is worried if he has started drinking again.

Sankrant wakes up and finds himself sleeping next to Ambika. He is shocked and retreats thinking how he got here. He is not able to remember anything. He wears his clothes and runs out from there. Ambika opens her eyes and smirks. This night will cost you very badly.

Sankrant is not in his room plus it smells of alcohol. Meethi is not able to contact him. Akash says his phone is in the room only. Gomti tells them to go and report in the police station. Maiyya wonders what has prompted him to start drinking again. just then the door bell rings. Sankrant comes in. They all ask him where he was as everyone has been worried for him. akash reminds him that they have to go to meet Nasik client tomorrow morning. Sankrant says he knows his responsibility well. Akash is upset with him but Meethi tells him to go to his room. Sankrant leaves. Meethi calms Akash. We will talk to him tomorrow.

Maiyya is still at a loss as to what has happened to her son that he has started drinking again. Malvika suggests that Sankrant is feeling lonely. Maiyya speaks ill against Ambika yet again. I am ready to get him married again but who will give their daughter to a drunkard. Meethi can see the positive changes in Sankrant. Mauli ji is right. He can change for good if he gets a good life partner. Maiyya is scared if they get another Ambika but Meethi is sure that not everyone is like her. Maiyya asks her if she has someone in her mind. Meethi takes Kajri’s name. Akash too agrees with her. they both are lonely. If they both get married then their emptiness will go away. We should get them married very soon. maiyya is at a loss of words.

Meethi asks for Kajri’s uncle’s number. Maiyya wonders what to do as they both wont forgive her if they get to know the truth. Malvika smiles as she knows the situation well. Meethi asks for the number. Akash doubts if she did something with Kajri. Malvika lies that Maiyya is actually worried. Kajri went on her own. She has not given any contact number or address. How would your Maiyya know about her whereabouts? She actually tried to stop her a lot but in vain. Meethi is not ready to believe it. Akash wants to know what prompted her to go. maiyya confesses that she threw Kajri out of the house. She had drunk bhang and was saying ill against me and everyone. I threw her out as I was angry. Forgive me bahu. I made a mistake.

Meethi gets angry. You will keep doing mistakes and then expect me to forgive you every single time? Why dint you forgive Kajri didi in that case? She too made a mistake. I am sorry but I cannot forgive you for every single thing. she turns to Malvika. You are here as a guest. I respect it that Maiyya brought you here and have allowed you to live here but don’t try to lie in this house. I wont tolerate any lies regarding any of my family members. Stay away from my family matters from next time. Malvika nods though she is angry. Maiyya agrees that she made a mistake as she got angry. She is not to be blamed. Meethi wonders where Kajri didi would be right now. we have to find her anyhow. She will have to come for Sankrant. Akash is sure they will find her somehow. Malvika thinks of finding a way to stop Meethi or she will ruin her plan.

Kajri recalls how Maiyya beat her and threw her out of the house. She is at Damini’s basti. She is sad that she has no clue where to go. I cannot go back to Aatishgarh too. Anjum Nani is sure Meethi will come to help Kajri.

Nani is holding Ishaan. Vishnu remarks that his nose is just like hers. Door bell rings. It is Meethi. nani is as usual not happy to see her there. Meethi tells her about Kajri didi. I cannot find her anywhere. She goes to see Ishaan but Nani moves him aside. People say that those who do not have their own kids have evil eyes. Meethi is hurt. Mukta tells her to stop taunting Meethi. This baby is Meethi’s too. Nani blames Meethi for everything including Vishnu’s condition.

Mukta knows that Nani knows the truth really well. All this happened because of that Yuvi. Nani connects Yuvi with Meethi as he is her brother. Plus Vishnu had gone to that brothel to save Kajri who was finally found at Meethi’s Anjum Nani’s place. Meethi gets alert. She calms Mukta too. Nani has helped me indirectly. Anni says sometimes elder people’s anger turns into a blessing. She thanks Nani (who is confused ). She goes from there. Mukta offers to drop her but Meethi has a condition that she will have to take the fare from her. mukta agrees. Nani wonders how she blessed that Makkhi. She has lost her mind by eating Pakistani food.

Meethi and Mukta reach Anjum Nani’s place but by then Kajri has left for Banaras. She left some ten minutes back. Mukta suggests checking at all the bus stops and railway station. Meethi tells Anjum Nani to stop Kajri didi in case she calls her. tell her not to go anywhere without meeting me. she leaves with Mukta.

Malvika agrees with Ambika that Meethi is indeed very stubborn. Ambika knows she has a very sharp mind. Now the whole family is with her. she has ruined our entire plan. Malvika is happy with her for affecting Sankrant so badly yester night. Ambika knows he is angry with her. malvika tells her that he dint eat anything in the morning. I know what I have to do next. I will execute it at the right time and ruin Ekadish Chatterjee’s plan. Ambika is not able to stay in this middle class home. Malvika reminds her why she has to stay here. Ambika is worried what if Meethi finds Kajri but Malvika is sure it is impossible to find Kajri without any contact number or address.

Meethi finds Kajri at the bus stop. Just then her phone rings. She picks up Akash’s call but by then Kajri is gone. He agrees to come over but she assures him that she and Mukta will find her. don’t worry about me. Mukta calls out for Meethi. she points out at the bus in which Kajri is sitting. Mukta and Meethi stop the bus somehow. Kajri is in tears to see them while Meethi smiles as she has found her Kajri didi finally.  CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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