Tuesday Update on Young Love 1st December 2020


Tuesday Update on Young Love 1st December 2020

Nandini telling Mr. Shekhawat that she needs to talk to him. He says what is the matter. Premal’s dad marriage is going to complete and you haven’t fulfilled the demands till now. He says car and diamond is not shown till now. He asks them not to blame him for the happenings. Premal finds the ring and says it is a diamond ring. Everyone smiles. Premal’s dad is relieved and happy. Nandini says we remembers the condition of marriage, and asks him to remember as well. She says we hope Premal takes care of Sudha and love her all life. She says car will come and Sudha will go from here in new car.

Shankar asks where is the car? We couldn’t see. Nandini calls someone and tells phone is engaged. Premal’s dad asks everyone top it. He tells that he needs a car and says if we don’t get car then marriage will stopped. He says doli will go in new car else.. Nani says if Nandini halts my Sudha’s marriage then I will not leave her. Premal’s dad asks Premal to get up. Premal says marriage have happened, car will come and asks him to wait. Nandini looks on.

Premal’s dad scolds him and asks him to get up. Premal gets up. Sudha nods no. Nandini asks Premal’s dad not to forget that marriage is a sacred ritual and big day for the bride. She asks him not to spoil the day. Premal’s dad says you are insulting me, and says he has right on her son. Nandini says he is your son and should take care of you. Premal’s dad says you are backing off from your promise. Nandini says we want you to respect us. Premal’s dad refuses to agree to the marriage even if he gets the car. Premal’s friend tells him that car has arrived and is wonderful. Premal asks his dad to leave anger. Shankar asks Premal’s dad not to leave without Sudha. Premal’s dad asks Shekhawat to do the vidaai ritual. Nandini tells Shankar, you might be upset that marriage is not broken. Shankar looks at Anandi’s pic and says Nandini is your reflection maa, sadly I couldn’t become like her.

Nandini hugs Sudha and asks her not to bear if anyone insults her. She says give respect and take respect. I know you don’t love me, but I love you very much. Just call me whenever you need me, I will be there. She asks her to take care of baby and herself. Sudha asks her to take care and their parents. Nandini hopes Sudha’s bidaai happens without any hurdles. Premal’s dad receives courier on Sudha’s name from Suryodaya hospital. He checks the courier. Sudha throws the rice as a part of bidaai rituals. An emotional song plays…………..

Nani tells bidaai time is here and asks Sudha to give three bangles to her. Sudha gives her bangles. She says whoever wears this bangles and if the size fits in her hand then she will marry soon. Jamuna asks her to call Nandini first. Nani tells Jamuna that bangle will break if Nandini wears it and insults her. Jamuna gets angry. Nani asks her to try. Jamuna takes bangle from her hand and says she can do anything for Nandini. She asks Nandini to forward her hand. Nandini hides her hand. Jamuna asks her to give her hand. Nandini nods no.

Jamuna takes her hand and asks Nandini to trust her. She makes Nandini wear the bangle and it fits perfectly. Everyone smile as they see Nandini wearing it. Shankar gets teary eyes and wipes his tears. Jamuna tells it is Shekhawat’s ancestral ritual and it is not meaningless. She says next marriage will be yours and you will wear bangles which I got for you. She asks Premal’s mum to take care of her daughter and forgive her if she do any mistake. Premal’s dad enters and says there will be no bidaai. Everyone is shocked and stunned. He tells Mr. Shekhawat that now he understood why did you agreed so soon, as you want to hide your daughter’s mistake. He shows the sonography report and says your daughter is pregnant as written in the report clearly. Everyone is shocked. Mr. Shekhawat is very much shocked. Premal’s dad says one daughter is balika vadhu and other is pregnant before marriage.

Premal’s mum asks Jamuna to keep her daughter in her house itself and asks Premal to come. Sudha falls on her feet and asks her to take her with her. Premal’s dad asks her to stop her drama. Mr. Shekhawat takes out his pagdi and is about to keep on his feet, but Nandini stops him. She makes Sudha gets up. Sudha hugs her mum and cries. Nandini tells Premal will not go, if you all want to go then you can go. Premal’s dad says who are you to stop Premal and says he is our son? Nandini says he is the father of Sudha’s unborn child. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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