Monday Update on True Love 3rd August 2020

Ambika watches Akash feeding Meethi lovingly with his own hands. Do it for the last time. She notices Akash’s phone kept on the table in front of her. she picks it up carefully. This will be of so much help. Now I will see how you are saved Meethi. you were saved by the snake but now no one would be able to save you…not even your Akash. She takes the phone with her as she leaves. Right then Meethi looks in the direction of where Ambika was. Akash notices this. She tells him she felt like she saw someone’s shadow. He tells her no one is here. They again concentrate on the food.

Mukku comes to the place where she was called for the meeting. She finds everything locked with no people nothing in sight. She looks around and calls out for Yuvaan sir. She decides to confirm the address and checks in her message box. She keeps on going further.

Vishnu is being called by his boss in his cabin. He notices a letter kept on the table addressed on his name. He thinks he will get promoted as well though maybe not the kind of money hike that Mukku got. The boss explains the economic problem this year has created for them. it has become tough to get donation. Vishnu nods. I too never worked for money. I have just got attached with the kids here. He talks about his promotion. It isn’t possible that every time we get a salary raise. His boss clears his misconception. We have got an order from the head office to cut off 40% of our staff. Unfortunately, we will have to relieve you too. This shocks Vishnu.

Mukku accidentally collides with a bucket and mop which ends up scaring her for a moment but then she regains her composure. She again starts to look around and goes around. she again comes back to the same number 605. This place looks like some maze. It is 805 in the message and I have reached 605. It wont be far. But I don’t like this place. I should go from here. She hears footsteps and stands still in shock. She turns around to see but cannot see anyone. She asks out loud if its you sir but doesn’t get a reply. A shadow appears and she runs from there.

That man follows her. mukku reaches a dead end. She walks ahead gathering all her courage. A hand appears and pats her on her shoulder. She drops her purse with a start, turns around in shock and notices Yuvi. She hugs him scared. Yuvi has a smirk on his face. Mukku realises it and breaks the hug. He asks her if she is ok. Mukku shares she felt someone was following her. yuvi thinks in his mind, it wasn’t anyone else but me Mukku Nukku. Today I scared you and have brought you closer to myself. We have made a new start today.

Vishnu’s boss gives him his termination letter. Vishnu looks at it in a shocked / speechless way. He requests him to check once again. I work so dedicatedly and at all the hours when I am needed. His boss appreciates him as well. I have requested the head office for you for an extension of a month. I hope you will find a better job in that much time. He wishes him all the best and also apologizes for all this. Vishnu keeps looking at the letter, picks it and leaves from there. He wonders what to tell to Mukku.

Rathore’s car is stuck in traffic. He gets down to know what’s the problem. An inspector tells him there is some technical problem…the weather is also not good so all the traffic is being diverted. Rathore tells him he needs to go to Princeton hospital urgently. He advices him to go to some other hospital as there is problem on the way to that hospital. Rathore asks him if he can walk till there but is told about the landslide because of which this diversion has been created. I will advise you to return from here. The driver also agrees with the inspector. We will be able to go tomorrow only. Rathore gets thinking. This city is again trying to make me lose but it doesn’t know that yesterday’s Raghu is today’s Raghuvendra Pratap Rathore. However thick this fog of lie is, I wont go from here without knowing the truth.

Yuvi apologizes to Mukku. I messaged you the wrong address by mistake. She is surprised. The meeting isn’t here? He denies. it is in another block nearby. I was checking my sent messages but realised I made a mistake while typing so I left the meeting midway to come here. She is all the more surprised. He comments he doesn’t want to lose her…then corrects himself…I mean an employee like you! You will resign in anger. This 2-4 crores deal is nothing for me in front of my employees. I value and respect good people. So you forgave me right? She asks him not to embarrass her by saying this. You dint do it intentionally. Yuvi takes it as a yes from her that she is coming tonight. We have to go for a dinner with the client. Everyone is coming so you too will have to join us.

She apologizes to him for she wont be able to join him. I have recently got married. This is the only time when I and my husband are together so I wont be able to join you. He asks her to come for 2-3 hours. He offers to drop her home but she politely declines. She agrees to come in the evening for a while. I don’t like it that I am enjoying outside while my husband is alone at home. He asks her if she loves her husband a lot. She smiles cutely as she nods her head. She takes his leave. As he watches her go, he wonders how long you will be able to love your husband. My game has already begun. Now you wouldn’t be able to stay far from me for long.

Akash is looking for his phone as he wants to talk to Maiyya. Meethi gives him her phone to talk to. He recalls her might have forgotten his phone in Sankrant’s room. He goes to get it. Ambika notices Akash coming out of his room and goes out making an excuse to Sankrant about going to the reception. Akash notices her and calls out for her. she smirks as her plan is working perfectly. He asks her where she is going like this. She calls him aside. Don’t say it out loud or your brother will come to know of the surprise that I have planned for him. I ordered some flowers from a nearby shop and was going to get them only. He tells her it is quite late plus the weather outside is too bad. Hotel people have also asked people not to go out of their rooms because of the weather. She agrees to come back in 5 minutes and I will take a car. He offers to go and get them. she fakes reluctance. He agrees to go. I will also get flowers for Meethi. she tells him it was the first shop of the market. He asks her not to tell anything to Meethi and leaves.

Akash is looking for his driver. He finds him eating dinner. The driver advises him not to go out in this weather. Akash assures him nothing will happen to his car. I will be back in 10 minutes. the driver agrees and also tells him to drive a little slowly. Akash agrees. He leaves in the car. Ambika comes out of her hiding place and looks at the place where the car was parked. the brake oil will be over in a while…how will you come back in 10 minutes now!! CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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