Tuesday Update on Young Love 4th August 2020


Tuesday Update on Young Love 4th August 2020

Anandi coming back home. Shivam asks if she bring Nandini home. Anandi apologies and says no. Shivam gets sad and goes. Anandi tells Dadisaa that don’t know why God is doing this with her, she says she lost Nandini again. Dadisaa asks her to sit down infront of God and asks God to give answer to Anandi’s question. She tells God that Anandi has done so much for this house and villagers. She says Anandi saved many girls from child marriages, and you have keeping her daughter away from her. She tells the God to see her stubborness, and says she will not light the lamp of the temple until Anandi unites with her daughter.

Disa tells Geeta that Akhiraj got Nimboli married her son, but then got his son married someone else. She says the house was not safe for Nimboli, so they eloped from there. She asks about her husband and kids. Geeta says her husband is fine and will return after two days. She says her kids are happy. She asks what you will do now. Disa says I will work hard and give good life to Nimboli. Geeta asks her to stay in her village. She says it is morning, and we shall sleep for some time. Disa says we will start a new life here, and says this is devimaa’s wish. Next morning, Disa asks about Nimboli. Geeta says she is in kitchen and wants to work with me in kitchen. Disa goes to take bath.

At juvenile home, Inspector asks everyone to be there outside within 5 mins. One boy says Kundan is not waking up. He wakes up Kundan and tells about the case hearing today. Geeta’s husband comes home and calls Geeta. He peeps in bathroom and sees Disa taking bath. Disa sees him eyeing her and shouts. Nimboli comes there and scolds him for looking inside the bathroom. Geeta tells her husband that she asked Mangla to stay in their house. Her husband says she can stay here till she wants. Disa and Nimboli come there. Geeta says her husband brought bangles for her and mistaken her to be in bathroom. Her husband apologizes to Disa and tells Nimboli didn’t let him clarify. Geeta asks if he will stay for 2 days or more. He says he will stay for more days.

Geeta’s husband thinks he can’t go leaving special guest at home. At juvenile court, Kundan is brought for his case hearing. Harki sits tensedly. She sees constable bringing Kundan in jeep and runs to see him. She gets emotional seeing Kundan’s condition. Kundan asks the constable to let him meet his mum once. Harki says she wants to hug her son once and pleads infront of constable. When constable refuses, Harki emotionally blackmails them.

The constable looks on. Just then Anandi comes in her car with Dr. Anant. She recalls Jagya’s words, Urmila and Harki’s words. She recalls her conversation with Kundan. Kundan gets angry seeing her. Constables take Kundan inside Juvenile court. Harki falls on Anandi’s feet, and says I beg infront of you. Please forgive my son and understand a mum’s plea. Anandi says she is a mum too and understand her pain. She says Kundan will get punishment, so that he realizes his mistake and repents for his doings. She hopes Harki feels proud of her son some day. Harki cries.

The Lawyer tells that Kundan is charged for trying to rape his underage wife. He tells his father Akhiraj framed teacher Kishore and trapped him. Harki says it is a lie. Constable says he heard Kundan accepting to his crime, when Anandi came to meet him in Juvenile home. He says Kundan accepted to be eyeing Nimboli and tried to molest her before also. Judge asks Kundan to tell the truth. Kundan says he is innocent and is being framed. Judge suggests him to accept the truth, and says he will change or better in juvenile home if he accepts, else he will become a big criminal. Kundan says he didn’t do any crime. Judge tells that there is no doubt that Kundan is guilty and gives him punishment to stay in Juvenile for 15 days. He says Kundan will be counselled in Juvenile home, and asks his family to pay 15000 Rs. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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