Monday Update on True Love 7th September 2020


Monday Update on True Love 7th September 2020

Ambika tells her father that Akash must have tried to tell the truth to Meethi but our people are all around. He would only be able to say that much which I have asked him to. He loves her very much so he will do anything for her. Chaubey asks her if she will be able to it. Ambika is sure about it. What I like should be mine anyhow! This is the mantra of my life. Come what may Akash will be mine now. He doesn’t have any other choice now. Chaubey wishes her luck.

Someone knocks the door. They both wonder who it could be. If it is Akash then I wont let him come inside. Chaubey is taken aback to see Rathore at his door step at this hour. He starts acting again. I know you must have come here to talk about Ambika’s last rites. I cannot imagine she has gone so far from us. I am not in the correct state of mind right now. You should go now I will talk to you tomorrow on phone. Ambika comes to listen to what’s happening. Rathore opens the door before Chaubey can close it. You think I am mentally fit? I have left from here twice as I understood what you are going through. You have lost a daughter. Don’t you think I too have lost mine? For you she was like a daughter yet she was my daughter. Ambika is shocked to hear this and so is Chaubey. A chant plays. First I lost Malvika and then her last memento. I couldn’t even tell her I am her father.

Chaubey tries to send him off but this irritates Rathore all the more. Do you have any idea what I am feeling? The last look of Malvika surrounded with flames is haunting me since last 20 years. I haven’t been able to forget it for 20 years and now the same has happened with her daughter. She left me just like that. I don’t believe in these rituals but the painful way she has gone is just horrific! If I have to do this for her peaceful departure then I will do it. You were her uncle and you raised her that’s why I am asking you. You tell me if you will do it or else I will do it. Ambika is in pain as she overhears the entire convo. Chaubey folds his hands seeking apology. I understand what you are going through but please go for now. We will talk tomorrow. He closes the door on Rathore’s face. He consoles himself saying Chaubey too is her father after all. He leaves from there.

Ambika comes and looks at Chuabey. He calls Rathore mad. Don’t take his words seriously. She keeps staring at him while the chant continues to play. She tells him not to lie to her as she wont be able to tolerate it. I am Raghuvendra Pratap Rathore’s daughter? She makes him face her. Answer me. I am not your daughter right? He agrees to tell her everything. It is true that you aren’t my daughter. My sister married Raghuvendra but she had many dreams inside her. She wanted to be successful but Raghu’s dreams were very small.

Their cracks grew. He dint want Malvika to enter modeling for he feared losing her. She was pregnant with you though Raghu wasn’t happy with her intentions. One day he set your mom on fire in rage. Though he hasn’t accepted his crime till date. I have brought you up like my own daughter as I dint want him around you. Now that he has come to know that you are his daughter he is after me. Ambika has tears in her eyes. But he was so nice with me in the picnic like! Chaubey cuts her. Don’t fall for his sweet words or his face. Don’t forget that you haven’t seen your mom’s face till now because of that Rathore. He has snatched your childhood from you. No dad can separate a kid from their mom before even the child is born. Ambika looks thoughtful.

Yuvi keeps looking at the blank photo frame. His technician brings CCTV footage for him. Yuvi asks him if he found anything suspicious. Did anyone come to my cabin in my absence? That guy nods. They both see the footage and realize it was Vishnu. But he is empty handed. Yuvi wants to see the footage of the corridor. In that footage, they see Vishnu taking out all the pics from his pocket and then leaving from there. Yuvi is upset. He tells his guy that no one should come to know of anything. He affirms and leaves from there. Yuvi is happy at the twist. Now the husband knows his wife’s photo is in my cabin. Mr. Kashyap now you will be having so many questions in your mind but you wont get any answers as only I know my real name and I would never let you know that I am the son of your respected Iccha ma and Meethi’s brother.

Akash is working out on the punching bag in his room when Rathore comes to see him. Does this work? Does it help in taking out all the anger from inside? I too should buy one though I would need 10-15. Rathore notices the blood on Akash’s knuckles. Why are you punishing yourself? Akash stands there all quiet. Rathore asks him to punish him if he has to. Akash pulls his hand away. What are you doing? Rathore wants to be punished for it was all his mistake. I saw their car and decided to follow them. Now I am acting stubborn to say the truth. Meethi is bearing the brunt of it there. Punish me. Instead of supporting her you are leaving her? Akash doesn’t look him in the eye as he says that it is his decision.

Rathore knows it very well how much he loves Meethi. I only fought for your love. How can you give up? The case is in court go fight. Prove everyone wrong first of all me. Everyone thinks that I am doing all this as Ambika was my daughter and she is no more now. Akash shouts back and is about to say the truth but stops. Rathore gets curious but Akash apologizes to him saying he cannot be with Meethi. It is impossible for her to be out of jail and it would be impossible for me to wait for her. It would be good for both of us if we leave one another. I will not say anything else to you nor would like to hear anything. Rathore makes Akash face him. Just then the advocate comes with divorce papers.

Meethi has signed it you can check. As per procedure it will take 6 months but now it is just a formality as it is being done on mutual consent. You both are almost divorced now. Akash thanks him. Advocate leaves. Akash is about to go too but Rathore stops him. A true lover is telling another true lover this – you love Meethi very much; you can try to be as far from her as much as you want to but you will live and die in this love only. Rathore leaves. Akash gets a call from one of Ambika’s men. Ambika is sitting holding her bridal attire while the goon asks for the signed papers. He is called to Kingsway Park at 4 pm. You only have half an hour. Akash agrees.

Akash sits down in his car to leave for the park when Mukta sits on the passenger seat. Where are you rushing to? Should I come along? He denies. It is my work and I will go alone. She asks him if he is hurrying off to meet Ambika? Akash stays quiet. Mukku says you can shush Meethi by keeping quiet. He calls it a misunderstanding. She wants to know why he is divorcing Meethi – because Ambika wants it right? I am not a kid. Even though Ambika married Sankrant yet she always wanted you. She could never forget you that’s why her sole aim is to get you. Tell me honestly what are you doing. Akash doesn’t have time to lose. She wont let him go till he tells her the truth or she will come with him. She wears the seat belt even though he tries to explain her to go. He too tightens his seat belt.

Yuvi tells his manager to find some reason by which they can throw Vishnu out. The manager is reading the contract paper. He has made no mistake ever. If we throw him out then he can sue us. Yuvi is agitated. Vishnu is a well loved person by the labours on the site. Yuvi asks him to think before he (can throw him out). Just then the manager receives a call from the site. A labour is in a serious condition after the electric problem. The ambulance and fire brigade has been called. Yuvi asks about Vishnu and is told that Vishnu only handled the situation. Yuvi calls it good news. We will go to site right now. He smirks.

Akash and Mukta reach Kingsway Park. He asks her not to get off the car till he is back as Meethi’s life can be in danger. He is about to get down when his phone rings. Akash tells Mukta that Ambika should not know she is with him. She nods and then puts the call on speaker. Ambika asks him if he has reached park. Hope you dint act foolish by telling anyone anything. Epi ends with Akash looking at Mukta while Ambika waits for her answer. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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