Monday Update on Complicated Love 7th September 2020


Monday Update on Complicated Love 7th September 2020

Nandini and Mauli come towards Rajdeep and Kunal. Rajdeep wasn’t there. Kunal and Mauli share the gifts. Mauli had bought a gym suit and a membership for them as well. She looks into her gift bag and likes the jasmine fragrance a lot. She says it’s her favorite and left her life with Nandini. She says she always missed Nandini with this fragrance. Rajdeep comes there and forcefully drags Nandini as they have a meeting and Nandini has to get ready. He grabbed Nandini’s arm tightly. Mauli tells Rajdeep to be careful with her, she advices Nandini to take her supplements in time. Nandini assures she will and leaves with Rajdeep.

In the car, Rajdeep curses Mauli and Kunal for being social workers than doctors.
There, Mauli was much relieved in the car. She tells Kunal that Nandini is pregnant, may be Rajdeep has changed and since they are planning a family means they are happy together. Kunal cheers for Nandini and promises Mauli a surprise ahead. Mauli was excited. Kunal brings Mauli to a place blind folded. She could hear the falling fountain. Kunal unties the blind fold. Mauli cheers up as it’s the same venue they had their first date six years ago. They recall all the corners. Mauli also recalled the nervousness of Kunal and the flower that he had in his pocket but never presented her with. She asks Kunal what she wore, he recalls it was a blue polka dress. Mauli complements his sharp memory, as she had no polka dress then. Kunal teases it must be his girlfriend before her. They playfully fell on a bed lying there. Mauli tells him not to stop. They get cozy with each other.

Rajdeep brings Nandini to a night club. He thinks he must speak to Nandini as she seems fearful and will destroy his business. He poses himself helpless as his business couldn’t be established. Even Kunal has rejected their proposal. They have a lot of debt over their heads and can’t even plan a family. He appears tensed and asks Nandini for help. He says Dr. Makhija is their last hope. Nandini promises to help Rajdeep as her duty. Makhija comes to them. Rajdeep introduces him to Nandini. Makhija shakes Nandini’s hand in an uncomfortable manner and offers them to go to room upstairs that he has booked.

There, Mauli laid her head over Kunal’s chest and says today’s date is more beautiful than their first one. The past six years are now connected to their lives. She promises Kunal to never let the work pressure ruin their lives; she promises to make their family life as perfect as she can. Kunal hugs her.

In the room, Rajdeep poses as if he has forgotten his cell phone on the counter. Nandini insists to come with him. Rajdeep looks towards Makhija who nods. Rajdeep politely reminds Nandini about her promise to cooperate. After Rajdeep has walked away, Makhija asks Nandini to get seated. Nandini says she was waiting for Rajdeep but Makhija clarifies to Nandini that Rajdeep won’t return. He shuts the door behind and says he left her here. Rajdeep is interested in his investment, while he has an interest in Nandini. Afterall its about business. Nandini was fearful, Makhija asks if Rajdeep hadn’t explained anything to her? He forces a drink into Nandini’s mouth, then pushes her over the bed while he takes his coat off. Nandini tries to save herself and calls Rajdeep for help.

Rajdeep was dancing with some girls. He curses Kunal for rejecting the plan and says he has other ways. He wants a lot from this city, fame, status and money.
Kunal and Mauli lay in a hug. Kunal thinks Mauli is over the burden of Nandini’s tension and is relieved after meeting her friend. Mauli thinks her life is so perfect. She wish everyone’s life is as perfect.

Makhija tells Nandini he would set up a pathology center for her husband in return to her beautiful body. Nandini has to do what he would wish for. Nandini was sure such filth can never come to her husband’s mind. She tries to save herself from molestation while the doctor had clutched her tightly. She finally hits his head with a vase. The doctor fell on the bed while Nandini rushes out of the room.
Nandini finds Rajdeep dancing with girls in the bar. She hugs him from behind and tells him what Makhija tried to do to her. She wasn’t ready to stay there anymore. Rajdeep drags her and says he had left her there with him. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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